Chapter 18 AC and Chapter 98 SW

Managed to squeeze out these two chapters for the week so far.

Not sure if we’re gonna be able to complete the rest, but as announced before we’ll make up for any lost chapters next week!

AC is here

SW is here

hey guys

sorry about TLing the wrong chapter. I believe I have TL’d chapter 99 instead of 98. Please do not read 99 if you don’t want spoilers! 98 Will be done asap (I assume its just the fight against the 3 bosses) and after that is the big 100! :- )

We found the problem, the raws that we have been translating off has a mistake in it, chapter 98 seems to be chapter 99 and the page for chapter 99 is empty. Going to look for a new set of raws so we can fix this. Sorry!


  1. I think for SW you might be missing a part between 97 and 98 and that’s where the undead stone came from. Cause end of 97 was middle of boss fight with no mention of loot drops then start of 98 was him slotting a stone we have no info bout. That’s the only thing I can think of cause I have no memory of him picking up an undead stone before and it does seem to be missing something between 97 and 98.

  2. the current chapter 98 is chapter 99, chapter 98 is the fight where he gets it. this is based from checking the raw using bing translate though

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