Murdering Heaven Edge: Chapter 51

I translated a chapter on the plane today, but I just now got home to upload it. I tried to do something a little different with the translation style. I removed a bit of the author’s writing tempo, and I tried to keep the same meaning while making it easier to read. This author tends to write in very long sentences. When I include all the details it can be a little harder to read. There was a complaint about it, so I’m going to give it a try this way.

Let me know if you guys like this style a little more or less. It really isn’t more work to do it this way. They are simply two different ways to translate. One feels more Chinese, and the other feels more like a native English text. Just ignore this if you can’t tell any difference between the two styles haha.

[Chapter 51]|[Adfly Chapter 51]


  1. Thanks for the chapter 🙂

    It’s necessary to change somethings in tl as we are used to English style. Some Xianxia authors keeps on describing things in one long paragraph. I’ll be like,”what in the world I’ve been reading” and have to reread it just to make some sense.

    Love your translation style ^^

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