1. Hi, we’re really sorry about that, but it’s a bit of a ‘necessary evil’.
      The reason goes like this: We do links for the next chapter/s ahead of time, so that we won’t risk forgetting to go back to previous chapters to fix up links. Having a link there but nothing to actually link to just (annoyingly) directs readers to whatever is available (God and Devil World).

      Example: Let’s say we’re dealing with Chapter 130. We do not put a link for Chapter 131. However, when Chapter 131 is published, we forget to go back and actually put in a link for Chapter 131 on the Chapter 130 page. Now, this might not seem like much of a problem, but if it builds up:
      1. It costs us a lot of time to go through each chapter to check, as well as fix up (costing us time to translate and edit)
      2. It makes it very frustrating for readers who are going through chapters using next/prev buttons

      Hope you guys understand! 🙂

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