Shura’s Wrath Chapter 148

Great news guys. We have gotten permission to post chapters 1-88 onto our site. You can expect these to go up along with our standard releases over the coming weeks 🙂

Additionally next week we are going to be doing a valentine mass release special !! Next week we will be uploading 6 WHOLE CHAPTERS! So stay tuned and check up to see when 1-88 and these new 6 chapters come out, but for now, enjoy chapter 148 “)

Check out the newest chapter of Shura’s Wrath HERE

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EDIT: GUYS THE LINK IS FIXED, link was wrong but couldnt change because the site went down from everyone coming on and couldnt access it :L. Sorry guys, we getting an upgraded server soon 🙂


    1. It will have an additional $20-$50 to their cost site if they add another hosting server. or could be more if they change to a better one..

      Just be patient the error will go away within a couple of hours, but it will potentially ruin the site.

      on the brighter side, you will know if there’s a new Shura’s Wrath chapter when this happen.. XD

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