Murdering Heaven Edge: Chapter 71

MHE chapter 71 is out, click here to read. [Chapter 71]|[Adfly Chapter 71]


I just wanted to say yesterday was a bad day. For some reason Shura’s Wrath kept linking two god and devil world chapter 148. This cause people to mass spam the link and crash the server. To put it in perspective, a new chapter of Shura’s wrath gets about 7-8k views over the period of a week. God and Devil World chapter 148 got 8k views within thirty minutes.

I don’t know the reason this happens. I’m sorry that it keeps happening. My only hope is that this will stop after chapter 150 because god and devil world only goes up to chapter 150 on the site. The server has been upgraded. We were running off of 2×3.0 GHZ CPU Cores 3GB RAM last month, and now we have upgraded to one with 3 x 3.0 GHz CPU Cores 8GB RAM. If the problems of site crashing keep persisting every week, then I will look into finding another hosting service for us.

Also, I don’t know why some people received porn from adfly links. It is against their terms of service. They also aren’t supposed to have ads with viruses or malware. Please let me know if this is a persistent problem. I will take down all the adfly links if it keeps happening. There should not be porn advertisements of any kind on the site ever.

Here are the terms of service for the advertisers on adfly:


General Rules – The following are not allowed on advertisements displayed on our network:

  1. Popups / Popunders or any windows automatically.
  2. Malware, spyware, exploits, viruses or any malicious code changes the visitors computer in any way.
  3. Cookie stuffing.
  4. Adult content or adult themed website, this is at the discretion of
  5. Any form of frame breaking scripts – our header must remain intact.
  6. Anything related to illegal activity.
  7. A competitors service or anything that may ‘trick’ the visitor.
  8. We reserve the right to decline any advertisement on, with a full refund.

You can also read the full terms of service here.


    1. Is that from clicking an adfly link or just normal browsing? There shouldn’t be any popups that appear while browsing the site. At most, adfly will take you to an advertisement for 5 seconds, you hit the skip button at the top right, and then it takes you to the desired webpage.

        1. I see this happening now. It looks like the phenomenon only exists with the chapters for the Halcyon Translations team. I tried a couple of the MHE links, but nothing like what you describe happens. It is only happening for the Shura’s Wrath chapters.

          Adfly has a couple options for advertisement types. I will have to ask them what kind they are using because it looks like that is causing the issue. Hopefully that is the problem and it can be resolved.

  1. I disabled my adblock on this website to use adfly links to support the translators but I kept being redirected to some page that wanted to install malware on my computer. This has happened to me 2 or 3 times in the past week so you should definitely check with adfly about this problem.

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