Regarding the Adfly links + a bit more

Hey guys,

Its Niku here and first off I would like to apologize for the trouble with our links (linking to GDW etc) and our adfly with pop-up adverts and the pornographic ads. We have tried again and again to fix the GDW links but it seems to just keep linking back. However, it should fix itself after chapter 150 like Delivery Man has said. I’m not totally sure why pop-up ads are displaying as it says we don’t have them enabled. To ensure something that this doesn’t happen again, we have changed our settings to what I think is the standard one.

Adfly account settings

We used to have the mobile ads, skip ad adverts and stop adblock users turned on but it has now been turned off.

I couldn’t find the pop advert option and I have checked the graph and it says that we have not used any pop adverts (refer to the image).

Hopefully, there are no longer any problems. Sorry about all the trouble and I am grateful for each and every click on not just our adfly links but our normal links as well.

If there are any more troubles regarding adfly or anything, please post it as soon as it happens so we can fix it ASAP!

On another note, we were thinking of POTENTIALLY starting up a forum or chatbox on the site. We could even set up a discord server in which readers could ask us questions if they have any and if the site goes down maybe we can drop the chapter in a word doc there. Please comment your thoughts on this and would you like to see this feature and would you use it.




  1. No need for a forum. Especially when you are currently having server issues. Might as well have the servers fully dedicated to the reading potential of where you post your releases. Unless you want to use a free hosting forum or something. Then sure. But I think a chatbox is the way to go.

    And I’m sure that has many competitors out there that may be even better to use.
    But how come you guys don’t have ads on the site? That way, it could help pay for better hosting servers – and a better wordpress theme. No offense.

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