1. How to make a shitty navigation system:

    Step 1: Make it so clicking on the name of a series brings you to a synopsis of the series, you should never put the chapters on the same page. That would be too convenient for readers.

    Step 2: Force readers to click on a little tiny arrow to actually find the TOC. There’s no way someone could possibly miss such a small arrow.

    Step 3: Don’t bother putting up next chapter or previous chapter links on chapters. Readers can always refer to step 2 and use the TOC.

    1. The website format is going to be changing in the coming months. This is just a temporary layout. Please exercise some patience. The website isn’t even 6th months old, and we are still going through growing pains.

      That being said, I’ve updated all the chapters to have a previous and next page. The table of contents should be updated as well.

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