1. I just read all the chapters on Youjinsite, and I must admit, I quite enjoyed it. Although Shura’s Wrath and Virtual World: Conquer the World were written by the same author, it feels much more light hearted.

          I’d be happy to take it up as a second side project,but I would only be able to do maybe 1-2 chapters per week. What do you think?

          1. If there is a team working on it wouldn’t it be better for you to do Spirit Blade Mountain
            I think a lot of people are interested by the novel I’m one of those people ๐Ÿ™‚

          2. Spirit Blade Mountain uses quite advanced Chinese, and is very hard to translate. Just doing one chapter per week of it is already quite tiring, so I don’t think I could increase it. However, Virtual World does not have very long chapters, and the Chinese is much more simple.

            I personally love Spirit Blade Mountain, but I just feel that having different projects to work on will motivate me so I don’t get ‘burnt out’ by any single series. I promise Spirit Blade Mountain won’t suffer if I do take Virtual World up!!

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