Donation Chapter 171 + Announcement

A very big thank you to Gary Cosby for his donation! Here is another bonus chapter for the week!

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Phew, It’s been a pretty crazy week, we’ve released 9 chapters and four of these were from donations! Thanks for all the support that you’ve given us so far, we really appreciate the donations, adfly clicks and even the words of thanks on each chapter. Unfortunately the two main translators for SW, Mr. Voltaire and I, are getting more and more busy especially since both of us work almost 20 hours a week and are also studying at university. While we don’t want to reduce the number of chapters we release each week, we would also like to lighten our burden. So what we’ve decided to do, is to increase the donation per chapter to $65. I understand that this may seem like a big jump, but we will still continue to release 4 chapters a week, so don’t worry about losing the regular chapters. We also are not planning on raising it again. To all the donors so far, thank you so much for your support, I’m so grateful for even the smallest donations. Thanks again everyone for all the support and understanding!


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