1. Urban Beast Hunt Unit: UBHU
    Actually probably better as UBH or CBH with squad after it… Putting the noun in the acronym leads to redundancy, and three letter acronyms work well. Analogous to FBI unit.

  2. I’ve been wondering why the translator hasn’t bothered to put in the titles for each chapters? it’s only a few words…ie Chapter:
    1. Great Changes to the World 11. Ye Xin Xia
    2. Is This Class for Real? 12. Lightning Elemental Force, Lightning Strike
    3. Opening Ceremony 13. A Taste of Magic
    4. Magic Element Awakening 14. Heaven Defying Cultivation Speed
    5. Gifted with Dual Elements (I) 15. Talking About Magic Beasts
    6. Gifted with Dual Elements (II) 16. The New Teacher, the Beautiful Tang Yue
    7. The “Charming” and Superficial Youth 17. The Beauty Tang Yue of the Fire Element System
    8. Totally Unable to Stop 18. Team Mates Are Very Important
    9. The Seventh Star 19. Wind Elemental Force, Wind Path
    10. Release! Thunder Seal 20. Elemental Magic Device

  3. Do you want me to spoil the story on the chapter title? Because alot of chinese novels does that on the title, I skip reading the chapter title all the time >.>

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