1. Damn, whenever i stop at a cliffhanger, i try to forget the entire thing till i encounter the next release. But this… This is just bullying the weak. *sobs*

  2. to all those above… have you realized that the site is experiencing problems? they actualy started as this post was done… it means that the site has become unstable (not the owner fault but most likely the host fault…) most likely they POSTED the ch and the correct link but due to problems the post was either cancelled or the site reverted to a previous verson where the post wasn’t present yet… just wait a bit… I’m sure they will post the ch again as soon as the site stabilize/the problems are solved 😉

  3. Yeah this happens a lot when the host gets buggy and then the site on it suffer. Well thanks for the chapter. Once your able to put it back, hopefully the site won’t bug out again.

  4. i think this is the host server fault. somethimes when i open this webstie there will be a problem. there are several possible source of it : 1. the server got software/hardware problem 2. the server internet connection problem (hack, ddos, isp) 3. the server engine(plugin crash, broken html code, bug) 4. the admin does something wrong in the setting 5. the translator forgot to post the chapter then the server for somereason crash 6. all or some of this happened in the same time.
    i suggest to try to identify and eliminate the problem as soon as possible, because there will always a possiblity that all of the data gone/corrupted. (several weeks ago i watch a youtube video about this topic. so i am a bit concerned about it) i hope that everything will be fine.

  5. i am glad that you translate this chapters for us. if i had money to spare i d share with with you guys just to get more chapters but i know you guys have lives too.

  6. Could you guys just join Wuxiaworld.com ?
    They have more loyal donators and they won’t have this server link problems.
    They even have more translators that may give you a helping hand.
    Please consider having a joint-group connection with Wuxiaworld so that you could be able to increase your production rate.

    1. We’ve asked Wuxiaworld about joining them, but they declined, saying that they only want Wuxia and Xianxia novels. Maybe, just maybe, if enough readers petition them, they might reconsider 🙂

    1. Please remove the comment don’t spoil it. I was reading the comments and when I saw the spoiler warning I already saw the spoiler
      I wouldn’t want anyone else to get spoiled.

      1. Actually, I was going to add this on, but oh well. I was kidding, and making an educated guess. Seems that would b the kinda thing this author would do, make her a childhood friend

  7. Did this guy go to sleep after he was done TLing? (this stuff happens sometimes)

    I’m not blaming anyone on particular(maybe luck) but i’m pissed off *sigh*

  8. This is delivery man on my phone account. There is nothing wrong with the website or host. They accidentally published the page as private, so only the mods could see it.

    It’s been fixed.

    1. Could you guys trying joining your translation efforts with other groups that willing to work with you guys? WuxiaWorld for example? I’m sure you’d get even more donation contributions. Plus, less complaints on server issues since chapters can be released on both sites.

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