Some (potentially) unfortunate news

Hey everyone, as most of you may know, a few months ago WhatTranslate and I decided to raise the number of Shura’s Wrath chapters per week to 4 per week with both of us working on it.

With WhatTranslate becoming busier and busier with his studies, it looks like it’ll just be me for a few weeks. I will do my best to continue pushing out 4 chapters per week by myself, but please understand if, after a while, I decide to cut down to 2 chapters per week (during this hectic period) just to keep myself alive and sane.

Thank you all for supporting us all this time, and hope you guys continue to enjoy our translations 🙂

TL;DR: Might be cutting down to 2 chapters per week for SW (at least until we’re not so busy); I don’t want to die

~Mr Voltaire

(Spirit Blade Mountain will continue with 1 chapter per week (because I have friends who really like it and want to continue translating it), but Virtual World will be on break for a few weeks)


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