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Chapter 212


Me: It’s been pretty fun translating these chapters for you, but I have decided that my uni commitments are too heavy for me to continue translating. So, for now, I will be going on break for translating. Thanks for everything guys!


Hey everyone,
Because some very hectic assignments and exams are coming up, I regret to say that I’ll have to drop Shura’s Wrath down to 2 chapters per week. Virtual World will be on break until I’m on holidays (mid-June), but Spirit Blade Mountain will continue with 1 chapter per week (as there are others translators translating it).

However, in order to make up for this, we’ll be dropping donations down to $40/chapter during our 1.5month holidays from mid-June to the end of July 🙂


  1. Yeah RL, gets precedent over translating for us. Hope things go great and you guys can eventually translate more again. Thanks for all the hard work you put in to SW.

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