Murdering Heaven Edge: Chapter 132 + Announcement

I realized something while translating this last chapter. I told you guys before that I wasn’t quite sure what the Vermilion Bird Association Big Six or Azure Dragon Big Six was. It became very apparent while translating this chapter that these were referencing to a location and not an organization.

I did some browsing through Chinese forums, and I was able to find out that ‘big six’ is actually a new stylish way to write the word ‘continent’ in Chinese. Apparently web novel authors have started using it because it sounds cool. It completely threw me off-guard because the author originally wrote out the word continent normally up until these recent chapters. I hope you understand my mistake, and I’m sorry for the confusion caused when translating it. I’ll be fixing all of the previous translations as well.

tldr: Azure Dragon Big Six = Azure Dragon continent; Vermilion Bird Big Six = Vermilion Bird continent


[Chapter 132]


  1. Previously it was like there were 2 organizations with the same name… Thanks for the clarification.

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