Quanzhi Fashi chaptaz

Woohoo, what an epic finish at the manila major. Two major titles, and I won the bet =D

Get to da chaptaz!!!

[Chapter 93]     [Chapter 93 Adfly]

[Chapter 94]     [Chapter 94 Adfly]

[Chapter 95]     [Chapter 95 Adfly]

[Chapter 96]     [Chapter 96 Adfly]


I will not lie to you, although I did not say it because it spoils the story before the chapters with this red alert invasion. But this arc is real start to the epic story that the author aims to write, after the end of the prologue part (In my opinion, after introducing characters and their motivation, establishing rules and the world’s logic albeit a little shaky)

so sit back and relax, as I continue to translate this magical adventure!

also Mo Fan ain’t got no time for a harem or coitus or efforts to repopulate the world in his quest for power!  (apocalyptic world problems >.>)


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