woooo chapter 226 SW!

Chapter 226


Shura’s Wrath
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A note from Mr Voltaire: Hey everyone, please bear with us through this ‘little Demon Queen’ arc. It’ll get better in a few chapters, I promise! I’ve read the whole novel, and I can guarantee that this is the lowest point in the entire novel. It’s completely uphill from here 🙂

Also, with regards to the aliens and supernatural stuff: please don’t think of Shura’s Wrath as sort of novel that’s completely based on reality- I would say it’s loosely based on reality, but is in actuality much more fantasy. If you keep that in mind when reading, the plot becomes very interesting later on 🙂


  1. Still, the FUDGE with this plot ? I sincerely thought that it will follow shadow world “behind the curtain”, similar one with heavy stroke of realism touch on its plot and characters humanization. I expect there will be refinement in its story’s law, unless the development will mova to that like ‘losely unappealing’ fantasy, such as that of Zhan Long 🙁

  2. Great story so far! Looking forward to it!

    We were given hints about this when he went to”heaven” and was cured of his disease and made much, much stronger than the average human.

    People need to chill.

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