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Chapter 241



Thanks everyone who has whitelisted us on their adblock, your support for us is greatly appreciated and we hope to bring you more chapters!! Here’s one for the 1 thousand people who have decided to whitelist us!!

Note from Mr Voltaire: Hey everyone, sorry we’ve been going pretty slow with the chapter releases- uni has started again, and we’ve been getting pretty busy. That being said, we’ll definitely commit to our 2 chapters per week, and if possible, we’ll release a third chapter per week if possible (as well as another bonus chapter at 1,200 adblock deactivations). 

For those who are wondering, the story starts to become more interesting around 243 and starts to become epic around 256- please bear with us until then!

Finally, if you have any urgent comments/feedback/question, the best way to contact us is through sending us a message on our facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/halcyontranslations) 🙂

Shura’s Wrath
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