Q: How can I support?

A: You can support by doing any of the following:

  1. Donating: Donations are optional, but give us the motivation to put off some other things in order to translate more. Every $50 of donations we will release a bonus chapter 🙂
  2. Adfly Links: In the ‘Chapters’ page, as well as on the prev/next buttons for each chapter for some series, there are Adfly links. Clicking on the link will direct you to a 5 second adverisement, after which you can proceed to the chapter. We will release a bonus chapter every $100 from Adfly!
  3. Disabling your Adblock: Ad revenue makes up a significant portion of our revenue each month. The ads are non-intrusive and do not affect the reading experience at all, but do help us immensely!
  4. Liking our page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/halcyontranslations/ 
  5. Leaving us 5 stars (Novelupdates) or 10 stars (Mangaupdates) helps other people find our novels, which in turn helps us out a lot. Please remember to only leave a 5 star or 10 star rating if you really enjoy the series! 🙂


Q: Why do some of the ‘next’ links on chapter pages get directed to a different series (e.g. God and Devil World)?

A: This is a bit of a ‘necessary evil’.

We do links for the next chapter/s ahead of time, so that we won’t risk forgetting to go back to previous chapters to fix up links. Having a link there but nothing to actually link to just (annoyingly) directs readers to whatever is available (God and Devil World), but will work properly once the next chapter is actually released.

Example: Let’s say we’re dealing with Chapter 130. We do not put a link for Chapter 131. However, when Chapter 131 is published, we forget to go back and actually put in a link for Chapter 131 on the Chapter 130 page. Now, this might not seem like much of a problem, but if it builds up:
1. It costs us a lot of time to go through each chapter to check, as well as fix up (costing us time to translate and edit)
2. It makes it very frustrating for readers who are going through chapters using next/prev buttons


Q: How often does each series update?

A: This varies for each series:

  1. Murdering Heaven Edge: Delivery Man typically releases around 6 chapters per week, but it can range from about 4-10 per week.
  2. Shura’s Wrath: There will be at least 4 new chapters of Shura’s Wrath per week, with mass releases now and then.
  3. Spirit Blade Mountain: As Spirit Blade Mountain is still a side project, we cannot guarantee a chapter every week, but will aim to do 1-2 (realistically, 1 per week).


Q: What should I do if something is not working on the site (e.g. links, pages, etc)?

A: Either:

  1. Drop us a message on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/halcyontranslations/);
  2. Or leave us a comment telling us what is wrong on which page 🙂


  1. What is your opinion about posting this Web novel on other websites like wattpad.com. There is no money involved and the chapters would be posted sometime after it is posted here…. I am a huge fan and there are many more who love it there… All credit has been given to author and translator and also I am urging them to visit the site and donate if they liked it….. Murdering heaven edge has about 8000 reads. If there is a problem would you please mail me and I will take it down… Sorry for doing it without permission…. Hope you will allow me to continue….
    Thank You

  2. Hey!

    Leo here, do you have any openings or novels that you still need translators for? I’ve worked on several translations, my main and ongoing being Swallowed Star. You can check out the swallowed star translations here. I took over from volume 6 on. Do let me know by contacting my email.


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