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If you make a donation, please let us know what name you would like us to put for your sponsor name (or if you’d like to remain anonymous) 🙂

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Shura’s Wrath
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Adfly: 66$ / 100$
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Lootcrate ( 3/4
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ANNOUNCEMENT: Bonus Chapters with Lootcrate!
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Spirit Blade Mountain: 15$/65$
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If you would like to donate for Spirit Blade Mountain, please donate to: 🙂

Virtual World: Conquer the World: 0$/65$
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Hey guys donations are OPTIONAL.
They are used as motivation for us and to support us. We are currently aiming to do 4 chapters per week for for Shura’s Wrath for our regular release, and at least 1 per week for Spirit Blade Mountain.
Every time we reach the goal of 50$ , another chapter of the donator’s choice will be done.

The donation/sponsored chapters will be done asap, unless we are busy with exams/assignment. In that case, we will notify you.

Delivery Man has told me that he is currently NOT accepting donations for Murdering Heaven Edge. These donations will go towards Shura’s Wrath or Spirit Blade Mountain.

NOTE: As of now, the progress bar for Shura’s Wrath works but donations for Spirit Blade Mountain will continue to be updated manually.



    1. Ahh sorry about that- QZFS hasn’t joined us for very long, and no one pointed this out to us yet. We’ll be putting up a separate bar for QZFS, thanks for letting us know 🙂

      1. If you want to step up a little, you can get people to “donate” by having them complete a survey, and you get paid $1 for each survey submitted. Just upload an empty textfile to a PPD website and give the link to people to download, as an alternative to donating.

        I’m not keen on donating but I don’t mind doing a survey once a week.

        Ref Link:
        PPD is a website like mediafire, but instead of offering free downloads it’s paid downloads for the uploader.

        1. Thanks very much for your suggestion 🙂 We’ll definitely look into it.

          Just wondering, are the surveys the type where you just complete a few questions (for free), or is it one of those that require a phone number and you need to pay SMS charges?

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