Summon a Special Skeleton – Level 3 Skill Book. Description: Consume 10 MP, summon a special skeleton from the world of the dead to fight for you. Special skeleton initial class 1, six initial properties of 10, 10, 10, 10/10, 10, 180/180. Cooldown is 10 days. (This skill is what created White Bones)

Eyes of Perception – Can discern the information of monsters up to 5 level.

Small Fireball – Level 1 Skill: Can release a small fireball to attack the enemy. This skill was a demon profession that a mage practice, before upgrading the skill to level 2, can only release the skill once every, Sell for 100 Life Coins!

Overwhelming Power – Level 1 Skill: After using this ability, within 30 seconds, +10 Power. Using this skill will consume 5 Stamina points. No cool down.

Shadow Steps – Level 2 Skill: After activating Shadow Steps, within 30 seconds, Agility +30. Using this skill will consume 15 Stamina points. No cool down.

Minor Injury Healing – Level 1 Skill: Using this skill can cured the patients who suffered minor injuries. Each time using will consume 4 SP.

Body Enhancement – Level 3 Skill: This skill is a passive skill. After learning this skill, the user will permanently gain 5 Strength points and 3 Vitality points. After transferring to Warrior job class, the user will gain 5 Strength points and 3 Vitality points.

Weapon Enhancement – Level 3 Skill: Consuming 2 MP and 2 Stamina points to strengthen the weapon, making it sharper. In the weapon’s strengthen state, 1 MP and 1 Stamina point are consumed every 10 seconds. The weapon enhancement effect depends on the user’s body. When the user has 10 times the physical fitness of ordinary people, with this skill, the user can attack with even a blade of grass.

Devil Flame – Degree 3 Skill: Activating the skill will consume 5 SP and 5 MP. After the skill is activated, 2 SP and 2 MP will be consumed every 10 seconds. The Devil Flame’s power is dependent on the user’s Spirit, Stamina, Strength, and Vitality.

Plant Manipulation – Degree 3 Skill: Activating the skill will consume 3 SP and 3 MP. After the skill is activated, 1 SP and 1 MP will be consumed every second. The power of manipulation is dependent on the user Spirit and Stamina.

Firearms Control – Degree 2 Skill: This skill is passive. After learning the skill, You at the very minimum will attain firearms skill comparable to a rigorously trained soldier. If you are already extremely skilled at handling firearms, after studying the skill, it is able to make your weapons control increase to a new height.


Dark Knight Job Skills:

Art of Fear. Level 2 Skill: Active skill, activating the skill, will make biological creatures lose 5 points of Spirit and put fear in their heart, shaking their will to fight. People with low Spirit are more susceptible. This skill can be used with a single target within a distance of 200 meters, but within 20 square meters, will affect all targets. Consumed 3 MP each time.”

Night Enhancement. Level 2 Skill: Passive skill, after learning the skill, user will have night vision, and sees farther than the daytime. At night, your senses will be greatly enhanced, and more sensitive to premonition of danger


  1. Eyes of Perception, wouldnt that be up to 5 levels above your lvl? standard in other novels/game settings as well as hinted at since he can see the levels of a lot of his enemies.

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