岳重-Yue Zhong
The main character of the story, a student at Yun Hua University. Master of White Bones

白骨-White Bones
A Special Skeleton summoned from a level 3 skill. Helps Yue fight, and is one of his main offensive power. Is not limited by Yue’s level.

王双-Wang Shuang
3rd year students that was saved by Yue from atop a tree. Yue’s team member.

陈刚-Chen Gang
3rd year students that was saved by Yue from atop a tree. Acts as the ‘leader’ of the three that were saved from the tree.

孙宇-Sun Yu
3rd year students that was saved by Yue from atop a tree. Rich and spoiled.

纪清舞-Ji Qing Wu
Most beautiful girl at Yun Hua University. Well versed in swordsmanship. Currently a companion of Yue.

陈瑶-Chen Yao
Best friend with Ji Qing Wu. Also very beautiful and was given the ‘fireball’ skill by Yue Zhong

张璇-Zhang Xuan
One of Chen Yao’s roommates. Baby-faced and timid. This was the girl who fell and hurt her foot when escaping.

蔡晓-Cai Xiao
One of Chen Yao’s roommates. A short haired beauty.

王芳-Wang Fang
One of Chen Yao’s roommates. Selfish and dislikes Chen Yao. Ignored Zhang Xuan when she fell.

陈青-Chen Qing
Found in a supermarket when searching for Chi Yang. She led Yue Zhong to Chi Yang in exchange for taking her with him.

池阳-Chi Yang
Yue’s best friend. One of the team’s fighting force.

张欣–Zhang Xin/Jeung Yan
Loves Chi Yang. Has been staying with him since the start of the Z-age.

路雯-Lu Wen
Yue’s tutoring student. A girl that he saved from an apartment building. Has the ‘Minor Injury Healing’ skill.

苏茹雪-Su Ru Xue
Female police officer that was in the firearms storage rooms.

陈英-Chen Ying
One of Zhang Li’s roommates. Was later saved by Yue Zhong. Passed away before Yue Zhong could save her.

张丽-Zhang Li
Knew Yue Zhong before the apocalypse and was the one who introduced him to his job as a tutor. Was later saved from her dorm room by Yue Zhong.

林琪-Lin Qi
Nicknamed Kik/Qi Qi. One of Zhang Li’s roommates. Was later saved by Yue Zhong.

袁盈-Yuan Ying
One of Zhang Li’s roommates. Was later saved by Yue Zhong. A proud beauty.

张心–Zhang Xin/Jeung Sam
A pretty, petite and spoiled girl. Was saved by Yue Zhong but didn’t agree with him and had a small argument. Yet still chose to stay with Yue Zhong. Instead of leaving with Zhao Zhen.

赵真-Zhao Zhen
The President of the student council. Save by Yue from the Financial Office.

李曼妮-Li Manni
Was saved from the Financial office. She left Yue Zhong’s party and went with Zhao Zhen’s group. But reunited with Yue and the others at Always Bright Village.

Zhao Li
A mother who was living in the same apartment complex as Chen Yao. Joins Yue and his group to go to the survivor camp. Wealthy and attractive.

Tiger Wang(Wang Guang Hu)
Fierce looking middle aged man. Leader of Always Bright Village and it’s militant forces. Was an ex-gang leader who seized some power after the apocalypse.

Chen Si
One of Tiger’s men under his direct command. Has a large scar on his face. Cousin to

Chen Yan.

Zhang Xiang
One of the leaders of Always Bright Village. Fierce looking with a beard. Second strongest under Tiger’s control. Had a spar with Chi Yang. Ambitious and power hungry.

Lei Chen(Lei Zhen)
One of the leaders of Always Bright Village. Tall and looks like a martial artist. Strongest man under Tiger’s control. Greatly trusted by Tiger and has been with him since before the Z-age.

Chen Yan
One of the leaders of Always Bright Village. Cousin to Chen Si. A nice looking person with glasses.

Wang Lan
One of Tiger’s women. Was given to Yue Zhong in order to win him over. A pretty lady who used to be an office worker.

Guo Yu
A very beautiful 13 year old girl. Given to Yue Zhong in return for clearing out some mutated monsters.

Da Gouzi
A 30+ year old man found at Always Bright Village. Yue Zhong saves his wife and then takes him as a subordinate.

Ah Ying(Ah Yingzi?)

Da Gouzi’s wife.

Li Xuan
A beautiful woman over 30 years old. Has an 11 or 12 year old daughter.

Xu Wei
A gunman at Always Bright Village. Tried to solicit sex from Li Xuan and her daughter.

Xiao Ming
A gunman at Always Bright Village. Young and still has some conscience regarding compassion.

Chen Yuan
A gunman of Always Bright Village. One of Tiger’s direct subordinates but worked for

Zhang Xiang.

Liu Yan
One of Tiger’s gunmen. Follows Yue Zhong and was given a command position after Yue Zhong took control.

Lei Yuqing
One of Tiger’s women. Was previously a celebrity before the apocalypse. Very attractive.

Chen Da Lei
A car mechanic before the apocalypse. Recruited by Yue Zhong from Always Bright Village.

Zhu Di
Previously a high fashion clothes designer. Now a survivor in Always Bright Village. Beautiful and was previously one of Zhang Xiang’s women.

Lin Jun
A small man who was recruited from Always Bright Village. Used to be a locksmith and is a local to the area around the Long Hai survivor camp.

Wang Hai
A survivor from Long Hai. He was saved from death by Yue Zhong while he was searching for resources.

Chen Jianfeng
The mayor of Long Hai city. He was the one brought the situation under control and created the survivor camp.

Lei Cheng
A battalion commander who helped clear Long Hai of zombies with his soldiers.

Chen Zhiguang
The man responsible for receiving survivors at Long Hai City survivor camp. Tries to get friendly with Yue Zhong after finding out he’s an evolver.

Hou Jinbiao
An arrogant young man who works for Zhang Yun a powerful evolver.

Zhang Yun
Also known as ‘Ice King’. One of the four big evolvers of Long Hai survivor camp.

Zhao Xiong
Close friend and subordinate of Ice King Zhang Yun.


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