Chapter 141

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Chapter 141: Meet Again

There were six maids standing around the table wearing black and white lacy uniforms. They were young and old, but the one common factor is they were all beautiful.

Zhang Jingqiao’s sister Zhang Jingwei also stood there.

Zhang Jingwei saw her sister at the table and her eyes appeared shocked: “Jingqiao! How is she at the table?”

“That is Zhang Jingqiao. How is she at the table?”

This six maids saw Zhang Jingqiao at the table. Their eyes flashed with shock and suspicion.

“Fox!” Lu Wen looked at Zhang Jingqiao at the table, and her little mouth snapped in a low voice.

Guo Yu looked at Zhang Jingqiao, and her eyes flashed strangely. She was always closely watched by Lu Wen. She rarely had an opportunity alone with Yue Zhong. She never thought another sister would leap ahead of her into Yue Zhong’s bed. Guo Yu didn’t say anything although she felt strange in her heart.

“Brother Yue, Can I have another portion of milk and bread?” Zhang Jingqiao tactfully asked Yue Zhong after breakfast.

Zhang Jingqiao could only use her own distributed goods if she was a real preliminary team member. Ordinary preliminary team members would have to go search or trade for milk and bread. Or they could get some as a reward for searching when searching for goods and materials.

Yue Zhong didn’t care and said: “As you wish! If you want to eat something make someone prepare it for you.”

Yue Zhong naturally couldn’t be mean to his women. Those goods and materials were taken from back in Lei Jiang City. He didn’t place them in his eye back then, let alone the present.

Yue Zhong left the table with Guo Yu an Lu Wen after breakfast. He did target practice, a long run, and took a squadron to clear out zombies every day. He was a busy mess. Because it had been too busy, he didn’t have time to eat the sweet fruit Guo Yu,

“Sister, eat!” Zhang Jingqiao quickly made people bring some milk and bread. She smiled and handed it to Zhang Jingwei. From a child until now, this is the first time he had taken care of her older sister.

“Thank you!” Zhang Jingwei hesitated a moment then took the milk and bread. She really couldn’t resist the temptation of the milk and bread.

Goods and materials were strained with Xue Kaishan. Zhang Jingwei and the other women could only eat rice until they were half satisfied. Only Xue Kaishan and his best buddies could eat and drink things like milk and bread. They could eat their fill as well as a little vegetables and fish after becoming Yue Zhong’s maids. But they didn’t have milk and bread.

Zhang Jingwei saw Yue Zhong an Guo Yu eat and drink milk and bread, and she really wanted it.

The remaining several maids watched Zhang Jingwei eat and drink, and their eyes were written with envy. They hadn’t eaten those things in a long time.

Zhang Jingqiao bathed in the envious eyes of the other women, unspeakably comfortable. She was essentially a little vain, and a rebellious girl. Her nature wasn’t bad apart from this.

The woman with shoulder length hair that Yue Zhong discovered in Poplar Tree Village looked at Zhang Jingqiao jealously: “What magic! One day I will trump you.”

The nurse watched Zhang Jingwei eat the bread without blinking.



A jeeped zoomed along the road towards Stone Horse Village.

“Who are you! Quick stop the vehicle, otherwise we will shoot!” The two guards at the village entrance shouted after seeing the Jeep.

Two type 89, 12.7mm heavy machine gun was mounted at the gate. These two heavy machine guns could easily tear apart the jeep.

The Jeep quickly stopped. Kong Tao stepped out of the vehicle: “Don’t open fire! We are envoys from Long Hai City survivor base. We have words to speak with Captain Yue!”

Chen Yao, Ji Qingwu, and Cai Xiao all walked out of the vehicle.

A gate guard saw Ji Qingwu an immediately stepped forward smiling: “Captain Ji, I was originally one of yours. Please enter.”

Ji Qingwu saw that team member. He beautiful eyebrow raised. She was a little startled, but then she said: “You are Li Wancai!”

The man name Li Wancai was an ordinary troop under Ji Qingwu. After participating in various kinds of battle and training with Yue Zhong over several days, he had developed a sense of sturdiness and self-confidence. Ji Qingwu didn’t see many elites with these kinds of qualities during her time in Long Hai City survivor base.

Li Wancai smiled at Ji Qingwu: “Captain Ji, ah, no. Now I should call you miss Ji Qingwu. Miss Ji Qingwu, your timing is unfortunate. Captain Yue already took people out to clear zombies and search for supplies. I’ll go inform section chief Li Manni to receive you!”

Li Wancai immediately turned and entered the base after speaking.

“Secretary Li? Li Manni unexpectedly became section chief?” Chen Yao, Zhang Li, Wang Fang, and Cai Xiao all heard this information and couldn’t believe it. Li Manni’s status was below theirs at that time, but she has unexpectedly become a section chief of Stone Horse Village. Furthermore, they could only hide in the specialty region house at Long Hai City. They had to be careful every time they left.

Soon after four women, Li Manni, Zhang Xuan, Yuan Ying, and Zhang Xin all came out of the village.

“Yao Yao, I missed you!” Zhang Xuan’s eyes lit up as soon as she saw Chen Yao. She ran over and gave her a hug. Zhang Xuan and Chen Yao were extremely close in the dorms.

Chen Yao clapped Zhang Xuan’s back and asked: “I’ve missed you Xuan Xuan. How have you been here? Has Yue Zhong bullied you?”

Zhang Xuan shook her head. She grabbed Chen Yao’s hand and talked without getting to the point: “No. He is always busy. I rarely see him. But, Yao Yao I’ll tell you. I am now the education section chief. I’m in charge of children studies. Those little monsters don’t wish to study one bit. They are like flying chickens and running dogs all day in the school.”

Yuan Ying looked at Wang Fang, her face carrying a smile: “Wang Fang, how are you all doing in Long Hai City survivor base?”

The women who stayed with Yue Zhong all looked at Wang Fang to see how she would respond. They wanted to know how the government run Long Hai City survivor base was.

Wang Fang hesitated, silent a moment. She saw the four women wearing the latest fashion, and her face turned red. She knew they were much better off than her from their nice complexions. This made the vain girl extremely suffer, and she didn’t want to speak.

Cai Xiao’s eyes flashed with honesty, and she told the current situation: “We aren’t well there! Law and order isn’t too good. We can only stay in the building every day. We can’t go anywhere. We can only eat our fill every day that’s it.”

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