Chapter 144

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Chapter 144: Japanese

Those survivors all became well behaved after Yue Zhong taught them a lesson. They formed orderly lines and reported their names, abilities, and previous occupations. Then, they awaited Chen Shitou’s choice.

These survivors didn’t have any particular skills, but there were several strong men. Enough for Chen Shitou to choose.

Yue Zhong saw that there weren’t any problems here. He finally brought four close combat unit members wearing mutated river snake armor over to Kong Tao’s party.

“Let’s go!”

Yue Zhong and Kong Tao’s group went towards the specialty region.

Yue Zhong maintained an alert status along the way, on guard in case the Ice King launched a sneak attack. But he never sensed any danger. Obviously the Ice King didn’t dispatch any experts to assassinate him.

“Save me! Save me!!” A mournful cry came out from a house as Yue Zhong’s group passed by. Then a woman in tattered clothes rushed out of the room in desperation.

Two short, shirtless men also rushed out of the room, and they snatched the woman.

The woman begged the surrounding people: “Save me! They want to rape me. They are Japanese. They want to rape me. Save me, I’m begging you!!”

“Truly evil. These Japanese come and harm women. Fuck, does the government take care of anything?”

“Take care of what. They are specialty region nobles, privileged figures, who dares do anything, who would willingly do something?”

The surrounding survivors heard the woman’s cries, but they didn’t dare do anything. Instead they one by one withdrew, afraid they would invite disaster on themselves. Several hot blooded young survivors wanted to go forward and stop the savage act of the two Japanese. Their blood became cold after hearing the two words ‘Specialty Region’.

Ordinary survivors will face severe punishment if caught stealing, robbing, and raping in Long Hai City survivor base. They can even be shot on sight. Only certain people can punish those of the privileged class in the specialty region.

These ordinary survivors will suffer many losses for arguing with specialty region people even if there is a reason. Their hot blood cooled down.

The two short Japanese men stared at the surrounding survivors. They recklessly shouted: “What are you looking at! Looking to get beaten?”

Yue Zhong looked at these two arrogant Japanese men. An obscure flame rose in his heart, and he coldly stared at the two Japanese men.

Kong Tao saw the two Japanese men, then he immediately said to Yue Zhong: “Let’s go Yue Zhong.”

Kong Tao had already grown accustomed to the unaccustomed.  Several sons of high officials liked to play a game of snatching women. They liked to see the good family women cry before them and they liked to see their powerless expressions. This was an enjoyment they couldn’t obtain before Z-Age.

Before Z-Age, because of internet and media supervision, the sons and daughters of high officials didn’t dare do these kinds of things in broad daylight. But after Z-Age they lost supervision. The uncertain future and terror made them even more wanton and sick than before Z-Age.

There are very few sons and daughters of high level officials with good hearts like Chen Yao and Ji Qingwu. But compared to them, those sons and daughters of high level officials that recklessly abused their own power to serve their self desires were much more prominent.

Yue Zhong sarcastically said to Chen Yao: “This Long Hai City survivor base is a truly good base. Nobody cares about raping women after entering the specialty region. It is truly a good base. No one dares to be this unrestrained in Stone Horse Village.”

Chen Yao’s face burst green and white after hearing Yue Zhong’s words. Even though she is Chen Jianfeng’s niece, she doesn’t have any authority. She doesn’t have the authority to do anything about this type of situation.

One of the short Japanese men saw Chen Yao and Ji Qingwu standing beside Yue Zhong. His eyes lit up, and he said to the other Japanese man: “What pretty little women! San Jingxiong! Let’s grab them and take them inside. Chief Gui Tianshe will certainly be happy.”

San Jingxiong strode towards Yue Zhong and arrogantly said: “I’ll give you four packages of instant noodles to give these two women to us. Don’t like the price, and you won’t get a single package of instant noodles.”

Kong Tao saw San Jing’s plans for Chen Yao and Ji Qingwu. He frowned and moved forward to obstruct: “Mr. San Jingxiong, these two are specialty region people. Please take notice of their status.”

San Jingxiong’s brows wrinkled as he stared at Kong Tao: “Who are you?”

Kong Tao said: “I am the Long Hai City office director Kong Tao.”

San Jinxiong looked Kong Tao over. He saw Kong Tao’s princely appearance, then he finally turned to the other Japanese person: “Zhen Tian, they are specialty region people.”

San Jingxiong knew the degree of seriousness. With their status, they could play with women outside specialty region without any serious penalty. But they could not casually grab a woman from the specialty region. Their Japanese status wasn’t as high as theirs.

San Jingxiong and Zhen Tian grabbed the woman and took her back inside.

“Let’s go!” Kong Tao smiled and said to Yue Zhong. Kong Tao saw that those two Japanese men no longer continued to seek trouble. His heart relaxed. It could have an influence on his leadership if he quarreled with these Japanese men. Kong Tao also didn’t wish to argue with the Japanese men. Also, the important thing was that the several Japanese people in the base had strong support.

Yue Zhong calmly watched the development of the situation. He saw two policemen watching from far away, then immediately turn to leave. He looked at the pale-faced Chen Yao and Ji Qingwu, then he ridiculed them: “Chen Yao, this is the base you want me to seek shelter in? I want to know, is this not China after all? Japanese devils ride above our heads and take a dump, and no one does anything. This type of place. Even if you kill me I won’t go over.”

Finished speaking, Yue Zhong turned to the team members at his side and coldly said: “Rescue her! Break their arms!”

Two direct subordinates standing next to Yue Zhong immediately shot forward. Two kicks landed on the backs of those Japanese men, knocking them to the floor. Then they snapped the arms of the two men with a twist.

“Ah!! Idiots!! You are all uncivilized!! You dare injure international friends. I want to file a complaint against your leader.”

“Idiots!! Ah!! It hurts!! I should kill you. You will pay for your actions!!”

San Jinxiong and Zhen Tian screamed out in pain and made threats at the same time.

Yue Zhong coldly looked at the two men and commanded: “Truly big mouths! Make them shut up their dog mouths!”

Two subordinate members moved forward. They ruthlessly slapped San Jingxiong and Zhen Tian across the mouths. They sent several teeth flying, and blood spewed out. Their faces both began to swell.

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    1. If you haven’t noticed. Most Chinese don’t like the Japanese. Mostly because of the events of WW2. So, expect quite a few scenes like these to play out in the future.

    2. The story shows Chinese men acting just as bad or worse, what is racist here? Just the fact that they mentioned the race of the two men makes it racist? I guess some of the characters may be racist but I don’t think the story itself was.

      1. It’s not necessarily the story that is racist, but certainly the MC is. Everyone knows about the attrocities that Japanese soldiers committed in China in WWII, but then is not now. Now the Japanese are one of the most civilized people on the planet, and make offence against practically no one, except for those who hate them for being powerful and allies of the US and would rather swallow their country up and turn it into a subordinate ghetto. The protagonist still immediately seems to hate them more for being Japanese than being rapist thugs, exactly the same as the sons of the communist party members in the special region and several gangsters and thugs he has met outside Long Hai.

        1. You seem quite ignorant of the true face of Japan. Certainly a 1st world country, one which aims to keep their face, but they’re just as brutal as they were in WW2. You’ve never been a foreigner that has to deal with them. They only want your money, you’d best not try to act like you belong there.

          The Japanese are an extremely racist people. They refuse to acknowledge their own atrocities as well. Today they seek to fully re-arm themselves and wage war once again. Your opinion of them is laughable.

          1. Are Japanese really as racist as you said?I havent gone to Japan but whenever i read their novel, all i see is them being fair (they accept that China is a strong and leading country and dont mind using their culture to enrich their novel) and hope for better future even though they know it is impossible.Yes, sometime it is kind of cheesy and too dreamy but at least it make reader feel warm. And Chinese novel,let alone using other culture or people to enrich their novel, finding the novel do not insult other culture and people is already hard enough.And what are their content? Most of time they just make other country as evil as possible so that they have good excuse to ‘unite’ the world. Not to mention they treat woman as nothing but breeding machine (this very novel show that, woman should be able to fight too and if needed to be ,rebel against those scumbag that treat them like that , not degenerate themselve like that).The racist in this chapter is also forced: if they can treat their own kind like cattle, do you think that they will care about foreigner?Especially when international relationship is useless due to zombie running around.
            My country once was occupied by Japan but compared to the number of time my country was invaded by China, it is too insignificant to the point of not worth mentioning.And the atrocity China did to us is about 10 time more than what Japanese did to us.And if China understand the grief of being invaded so much, why the hell are they waging war now to the South-East Asia when, unlike the WW1 and WW2 when Colonialism was widely supported, right now people prefer globalization where the country can control each other using economy to control other country?I think China is the warmonger not Japanese.
            Yup they wish to re-arm themselve but tell me which country in the world dont want to have military force? Not having military force = you word are meaningless and not worth listening in negotiation table.Japanese is evil in WW2 simply because they lost. You should know that there is no right or wrong. evil or justice in all those WW, only country’s benefit is prioritized.

          2. Chinese american here whose gone to Japan.

            I can assure you that japan is probably one of the most racist countries in the entire Asian continent. There are still bars and restaurants that prohibit you from entering if you don’t look Japanese even if you are a japanese national. To be fair, most of these shops seem to be run by the yakuza, but still government doesn’t seem to care. And don’t even get me started on their views on black people or interracial relationships even between chinese/ japanese. China isn’t too far off either, and it is run by a communist regime. But Japan’s societal ethics are still several levels worse than the U.S.A and definitely worse than China’s at least regarding race relations. Of course, I might be a bit biased. However, I still love their anime and games.

    3. Simply because he equate japanese doing anything by stepping on chinas head. Heck about 50% of chinese men in this story is rapist and our mc is even more of a pedophile than regular japanese mc so they are not that different.

  1. Ah. When you said you dropped this because he was racist, I thought the character himself seemed REALLY racist but its more like the author just forced the racism in rather than the his character being racist

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