Here is a list of jobs that are currently available, most are regular but some jobs that are “secret or hidden” will be indicated with an *. All jobs have a special skill(s) that come with accepting the job.



Beast tamer

Blacksmith – Able to create things out of raw materials, can create magical equipment.

Dark Knight* – (batman anyone?:P) The current profession of Yue Zhong. Not much is known about the job other than it requires a ruthless heart, it controls the violent power of darkness.

Doctor – can create medicine to fight Z-infection(only recently infected people, cannot cure someone/animal/thing who has turned into a zombie already) as well as other drugs. Can also compound new drugs. Can use conventional methods to treat wounds but at a slower rate of healing and less effective than a priest class.



Mage – Think of an RPG game, magic caster.

Maintenance worker – Can repair a variety of mechanical and electronical equipment and vehicles.

Soldier – A more specialized weapons expert, can wield close combat weapons but not as well as the warrior class.




Warrior – Specialized in combat with martial art weapons

Weapons Manufacturer – Can use materials found from monsters to create weapons in the God and Devil World system.


Job skills

Dark Knight

  • Art of Fear (Lv.2 skill) – Biological creatures lose 5 points of Spirit and have an unshakable fear instilled in their hearts, causing their will to fight to dramatically lessen. The lower the targets spirit is, the more susceptible they are. Single targets can be targeted up to 200 meters, an “area of effect” can be used 20 square meters around the caster. 3mp is used to cast.
  • Night Enhancement (Lv. 2 skill) – A passive skill (requires no mp, always on) Active solely at night. Increased night vision (better than in daytime) and also heightens perceptiveness of danger.


  • Common Medical Skill


  • General Firearms control

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