Imitation Tang Sword –Standard non-magical but incredibly sharp sword

Stinger Pistol – Degree 3 treasure, Upgradeable type of highly destructive pistol, each upgrade increases the caliber of bullet. Uses special Stinger bullets(which have an explosive tip), as the level of the weapon increases, the gun will regenerate bullets at a higher rate.

Green Devil Spear – Degree 3 treasure, can cut through gold and jade.

Novice Staff – The weapon given by the Overlord (God) when the crisis first started; dull, requires a lot of strength and stamina to kill regular zombies.

Type 79 – A sub-machine gun

Type 81 – A type of rifle

Type 54 – A pistol

Thorn Ring – Degree 3 treasure, After equipping this item, +6 Spirit. Supplementary Skill: Thorn. Skill Description: The user can raise a 3 meters high thorn from the ground to attack the enemy. Limited to within 50 meters of the user. Cooldown Time: 24 hours. Can be equipped by anyone.

Mutated Bull Horn – material used to make weapons

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