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[Chapter 30]|[Adfly Chapter 30]

[Chapter 31]|[Adfly Chapter 31]

[Chapter 32]|[Adfly Chapter 32]

[Chapter 33]|[Adfly Chapter 33]

[Chapter 34]|[Adfly Chapter 34]

[Chapter 35]|[Adfly Chapter 35]

[Chapter 36]|[Adfly Chapter 36]

[Chapter 37]|[Adfly Chapter 37]

[Chapter 38]|[Adfly Chapter 38]

[Chapter 39]|[Adfly Chapter 39]

[Chapter 40]|[Adfly Chapter 40]

[Chapter 41]|[Adfly Chapter 41]

[Chapter 42]|[Adfly Chapter 42]

[Chapter 43]|[Adfly Chapter 43]

[Chapter 44]|[Adfly Chapter 44]

[Chapter 45]|[Adfly Chapter 45]

[Chapter 46]|[Adfly Chapter 46]

[Chapter 47]|[Adfly Chapter 47]

[Chapter 48]|[Adfly Chapter 48]

[Chapter 49]|[Adfly Chapter 49]

[Chapter 50]|[Adfly Chapter 50]

[Chapter 51]|[Adfly Chapter 51]

[Chapter 52]|[Adfly Chapter 52]

[Chapter 53]|[Adfly Chapter 53]

[Chapter 54]|[Adfly Chapter 54]

[Chapter 55]|[Adfly Chapter 55]

[Chapter 56]|[Adfly Chapter 56]

[Chapter 57]|[Adfly Chapter 57]

[Chapter 58]|[Adfly Chapter 58]

[Chapter 59]|[Adfly Chapter 59]

[Chapter 60]|[Adfly Chapter 60]

[Chapter 61]|[Adfly Chapter 61]

[Chapter 62]|[Adfly Chapter 62]

|[Chapter 63]|[Adfly Chapter 63]

[Chapter 64]|[Adfly Chapter 64]

[Chapter 65]|[Adfly Chapter 65]

[Chapter 66]|[Adfly Chapter 66]

[Chapter 67]|[Adfly Chapter 67]

[Chapter 68]|[Adfly Chapter 68]

[Chapter 69]|[Adfly Chapter 69]

[Chapter 70]|[Adfly Chapter 70]

[Chapter 71]|[Adfly Chapter 71]

[Chapter 72]|[Adfly Chapter 72]

[Chapter 73]|[Adfly Chapter 73]

[Chapter 74]|[Adfly Chapter 74]

[Chapter 75]|[Adfly Chapter 75]

[Chapter 76]|[Adfly Chapter 76]

[Chapter 77]|[Adfly Chapter 77]

[Chapter 78]|[Adfly Chapter 78]

[Chapter 79]|[Adfly Chapter 79]

[Chapter 80]|[Adfly Chapter 80]

[Chapter 81]|[Adfly Chapter 81]

[Chapter 82]|[Adfly Chapter 82]

[Chapter 83]|[Adfly Chapter 83]

[Chapter 84]|[Adfly Chapter 84]

[Chapter 85]|[Adfly Chapter 85]

[Chapter 86]|[Adfly Chapter 86]

[Chapter 87]|[Adfly Chapter 87]

[Chapter 88]|[Adfly Chapter 88]

[Chapter 89]|[Adfly Chapter 89]

[Chapter 90]|[Adfly Chapter 90]

[Chapter 91]|[Adfly Chapter 91]

[Chapter 92]|[Adfly Chapter 92]

[Chapter 93]|[Adfly Chapter 93]

[Chapter 94]|[Adfly Chapter 94]

[Chapter 95]|[Adfly Chapter 95]

[Chapter 96]|[Adfly Chapter 96]

[Chapter 97]|[Adfly Chapter 97]

[Chapter 98]|[Adfly Chapter 98]

[Chapter 99]|[Adfly Chapter 99]

[Chapter 100]|[Adfly Chapter 100]

[Chapter 101]|[Adfly Chapter 101]

[Chapter 102]|[Adfly Chapter 102]

[Chapter 103]|[Adfly Chapter 103]

[Chapter 104]|[Adfly Chapter 104]

[Chapter 105]|[Adfly Chapter 105]

[Chapter 106]|[Adfly Chapter 106]

[Chapter 107]|[Adfly Chapter 107]

[Chapter 108]|[Adfly Chapter 108]

[Chapter 109]|[Adfly Chapter 109]

[Chapter 110]|[Adfly Chapter 110]

[Chapter 111]|[Adfly Chapter 111]

[Chapter 112]|[Adfly Chapter 112]

[Chapter 113]|[Adfly Chapter 113]

[Chapter 114]|[Adfly Chapter 114]

[Chapter 115]|[Adfly Chapter 115]

[Chapter 116]|[Adfly Chapter 116]

[Chapter 117]|[Adfly Chapter 117]

[Chapter 118]|[Adfly Chapter 118]

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[Chapter 161]|


  1. Can you pls go back to Starting from Zero. The other translator just left the project.
    Anyway Murdering Heaven Edge is a really good novel so far. Mad Props to you translating this. Big thanks to you 🙂 🙂

    1. I am only one man with a full time job MapleKaiser. Only one man. When I look in the mirror I do not see Mount Tai. I only see someone who can translate two stories at a time. I will possibly pick it up or another game novel after I finish God and Devil World.

      1. Sry Delivery Man, wasn’t think about your how u got a full time job and RL,
        Other than that thanks for all the hard work. Can’t say that line enough for all of us who have been lurkers here. 🙂

  2. Great story, thanks for translating this, btw i think you should post in aho updates for more readers~. Anyways thanks for translation once again!

  3. I feel that if the website’s design was changed this would be a really popular place! Its just the font and the design that’s driving many away. The side links would be so much better on top and maybe a background pic and better fonts and colors would make people adore this site because your novels and translation speed are OK.

  4. so is this dropped or something?? its been a while without any updates, ! sorry if i didn’t notice any of NOTICE for this long time closed off.

    1. There was an announcement on 1st August – which I also forgot by now and had to look up. In short: the translator proposed to his girlfriend, the wedding will be in December, so he is busy with getting those things done, and he had to move as well. He is not dropping it, at least he did not plan to. We will probably see in January or so.

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