MHE Chapter 114

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Chapter 114: Betrayal

Miao Yiniang coldly stared at the two men wearing black cloaks: “What Misty Palace? I don’t understand what you’re saying?”

The man who just spoke disdainfully laughed: “Okay, Miao Yiniang, we already know who you are, and have enough proof to show you are from the Misty Palace. Do you think we’re bored? And we just came to seek trouble?”

A trace of rage flashed across Miao Yiniang’s eyes: “Do you have a grudge with the Misty Palace?”

“No grudge.” The man said.

“Do you have a grudge with me?” Miao Yiniang asked.

The man sneered: “Okay, stop with the useless words. We have no grudge with the Misty Place, and have no grudge or hatred with you. We only want the heritage of the Misty Palace. You could say we are robbers, and have come to rob!”

“Heavens……you actually dare say such shameless words so logically.” Chu Yan said from the side. She was definitely not a coward, and became very angry upon seeing Miao Yiniang being bullied. She couldn’t help but add an insult.

“This has nothing to do with you little girl. You had best scram!” The man coldly said.

The other man wearing a cloak didn’t speak the whole time, and just calmly stood there.

Chu Mo looked at the two, and was a little startled on the inside. The Vermilion Bird continent was quite a distance away, and they must have made a long and arduous journey. How did these men come seeking here? And it looks like they were in Yellow Flame City for more than a few days. They probably investigated all kinds of information on Miao Yiniang.

“How did you find me?” Miao Yiniang looked at the two men: “My current appearance is completely different from back then, and this place is extremely far away from the  Vermilion Bird continent……”

The man who spoke simply smiled: “There is nothing truly difficult in the world. There is only determination. You twelve sisters separated and escaped with twelve storage rings. It all seemed very secretive. Nobody should be able to find you all right? But you forgot one thing, that is……somebody selling you out!”

Miao Yiniang’s pupils slightly shrank, and she mumbled: “Sell out? There’s no one left in the Misty Palace. Who could sell us out?”

The man chuckled: “Of course it’s one of your twelve sisters!”

“Not possible!” Miao Yiniang furiously looked at the man: “You lie!”

The man curled his lips and said: “What’s the point in lying to you? There’s no one even looking for you these days. The four continents are vast and split into the Azure Dragon, Vermilion Bird, White Tiger, and Black Turtle continents, and finding all of you seems like finding a needle in the ocean. However, that’s not the case! You are all little darlings of the sects. Once you enter the secular world……nine times out of ten you choose a top level city!”

Miao Yiniang’s complexion slightly changed because of what the man said.

In that time, the twelve sisters didn’t know where they each were going, but they made a pact. They would each settle in the top cities of each country. When they met later, they would use a code word for identification.

The man simply smiled: “This is the first mistake all of you made. The second mistake is that you are all female sect disciples, and all proud women. In your eyes, women should be this outstanding, but you all forgot one thing. In this world……the status of women isn’t as high as you think!”

The man shrugged his shoulders and laughed: “Look, first you chose big cities, then became outstanding women in the cities……having these two conditions, doesn’t it become easy to find all of you?”

Chu Mo was secretly alarmed. He didn’t know if the man is too clever, or if everyone came to this conclusion.

If everyone could come to this conclusion……then that was too terrifying. He feared the fate of Miao Yiniang’s sisters……was anything but good.

“Of course, I must admit, you are the most clever of your sisters, and the most low-key! We have been searching for you for several years. Not to mention that we searched Yellow Flame City several times. We even investigated you after you took over the Gluttonous Ogre.” The man sighed: “It’s a pity we couldn’t completely confirm your identity at that time. You never showed any wild schemes or attempts at power.”

Chu Mo heart slightly trembled. He clearly understood where the problem came from.

‘It must be because I made Yiniang in charge of establishing my power. This made the men sense something……’ Chu Mo blamed himself on the inside.

Sure enough, the man continued speaking: “However, your most recent actions made us certain. You……are one of the twelve disciples that fled the Misty Palace!”

Miao Yiniang’s eyes flickered, and she apathetically spoke: “I must admit, your observation skill is extremely powerful, and you have quite an accurate ability to judge. But what does this have to do with my sister’s betrayal? I won’t allow you to slander my sisters.”

The man laughed a moment, and then he said: “Really? Slander? Do you know what brought us to the final determination?”

Miao Yiniang didn’t speak. She only coldly stared at the man who spoke half-truths.

The always silent man at the side finally lowered his hood, revealing an ordinary looking male’s face. Then the man raised his hand, and began softly tearing at his face……an elaborate skin-tight mask was ripped away, revealing a beautiful woman’s face.

This man……was actually a woman!

Miao Yiniang stared dumbstruck at the woman, and her expression filled with disbelief.

The woman wearing the cloak casually tossed the mask to the side, and simply said: “Little sister Yiniang, don’t you recognize me?”

“You, you are Sun Yifei. Big sister Yifei?” Miao Yiniang’s eyes completely filled with disbelief while looking at the woman: “You, how could you? Were you working with them? This……this isn’t true!”

Miao Yiniang couldn’t help but slightly falter. Seeing her senior sister after all these years should be a happy moment, but she never expected her senior sister’s betrayal. And she also brought a foe to grab her……this was simply an enormous blow to Miao Yiniang.

Miao Yiniang could recognize her right away.  Sun Yifei used to be the most talented disciple of the whole Misty Palace!

Sun Yifei was already at the Yuan closure when the Misty Palace collapsed, and the twelve disciples went their separate ways. Now after all these years, she could only have gotten stronger.

“Betray?” I didn’t betray.” Sun Yifei simply looked at Miao Yiniang and spoke: “The older generation spoke to us back then. They said to not seek revenge, and only let the heritage continue on, even if we have endless achievements…….in fact these words are telling us to live well, and I live very well.”

The man reached out at this time, and he rested a hand on Sun Yifei’s waist. He laughed and said: “Yes ah, to live……the most important thing is happiness!”

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    1. Can’t really judge. On the brink of death/torture and you get the option to live… Weak willied girl is more like it.

      1. Lol, I know that, it’s just that’s what she was degraded to. Even selling out her own sister instead of lying about it to protect her. Clearly not a good person.

  1. [Yifei used to BE the most talented] ~missing be.

    The story and the logic and people’s interactions were all good till this moment… But, WHY THE FUCK DID THIS VILLAN COME TO DISRUPT THE PACE WITH HIS BLABBERING MOUTH…

    Thanks for the chapter translation.

  2. I hope its not another “I have fallen for this man, even though everyone knows he is a evil asshole who doesn’t really give two shits about me, but I love him anyways” type of thing.
    I’m getting tired of how common this trope is, and hope they do something different… like just making her plain evil. I would like that more than a contrived love story.
    Please don’t do that, and make Chu Mo just slaughter them. This side story isn’t really that interesting anyways.

    1. With how “strength is right” is in this world, I’d even accept it if she had to join him or die, but yeah “I love bad boys” seem to be getting too common these days as a plotline. Or even her being seduced even before the sect collapsed to show it was a long term scheme to get her on the enemy’s side.

      And hey, it’s a xianxia tradition, the evil guy must have a chance to monologue first! (Come to think of it, it does not seem limited to xianxia.) If he does not, the word count drops to half and the author must come up with more stuff to meet his word limit and people won’t hate the guy as much! Can you imagine:

      “Hand over y…gak!!…*dies*”?

      100 chapters would drop to 20 in no time. 🙂

  3. what observation skills? What a shitty logic. They could just arbitrarily suspect anyone that they’re from the whatever sect? Its funny that they haven’t offended a huge figure yet by this random accusation. What a load of BS this chapter is.

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