MHE Chapter 127

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Chapter 127: Destiny Shapes Us

“Yes?” Miao Yiniang was immediately startled.

Chu Yan and Chu Mo also stared blankly.

Chu Mo pulled out a pill at this time, swallowed it, and quietly began to exercise his cultivation. He then somewhat strangely looked at Sun Yifei. Because at this moment, Su Yifei seemed to change into a completely different person.

“Why would I enter the Vermilion Bird Association? Why would I walk together with my enemies?” Sun Yifei Mumbled: “Sorry, I deceived you before. Actually, there are several people in the Vermilion Bird Association that betrayed us in the past. But you questioned me intensely……. for the sake of my honor, I could only lie to you. Because I don’t wish…….I really don’t wish……to be a traitor to the sect, and an evil person that sells out my sisters. Even if……that is the truth.”

Tears flowed down Sun Yifei’s face and dripped below. She took a deep breath: “Although I am sorry to the sect and to you, I do not dare ask for forgiveness. However, I wish to say that this wasn’t my original intent.”

A grieved light flashed in Miao Yiniang’s beautiful eyes. She looked at Sun Yifei, but didn’t speak.

Sun Yifei gave a self-depreciating smile, ignoring the tears flowing down her face: “I know that no matter what I say now, I cannot make up for my mistakes. But……I still think, you need to know the truth. I don’t wish……I really don’t wish for the truth to be buried under the hypocrisy of this world. I want to let you know.”

Miao Yiniang still didn’t speak, and only silently watched Sun Yifei.

“They say the teleport spell used on us twelve by the senior generation, it was one left behind by an immortal. We could only use it, but not grasp the true meaning. Because of this, none of us knew where we were headed. That feeling of waiting for destiny’s choice, little sister, you know it the best.” Sun Yifei said.

Miao Yiniang silently nodded.

Sun Yifei softly said: “My whole heart believed back then, that I would be completely removed from the Vermilion Bird continent, far away from that dangerous place. Therefore, when I came out of the teleportation spell, I was in a hurry to figure out where I was.”

Miao Yiniang thought about herself back then, then softly said: “I was the same.”

“But you were luckier than me!” Sun Yifei expressed this sentiment once again. She looked at Miao Yiniang: “You came to the Azure Dragon continent, and you met good people. But as for me……I couldn’t depart the Vermilion Bird continent, and was merely transported to a place thousands of miles away. That’s where I met Hua Nan.”

As she spoke, Sun Yifei looked at the already stiff one-armed man in her embrace: “He was extremely good to me, practically obedient. I discovered later on that he guessed my identity the first time we met. His sect elders also participated in the siege on Misty Palace, but at that time, he didn’t have the qualifications to participate in the battle.”

Sun Yifei smiled. Her gentle and soft vision fell upon Hua Nan’s face: “He guessed my identity, but he never asked. He never mentioned the words Misty Palace. That was the happiest moment in my life. Only it’s a pity……it didn’t last long.”

Sun Yifei’s pupils revealed an extremely terrified color. She recollected as she spoke: “The senior generation of his sect quickly returned. They were the ones that participated in destroying Misty Palace. The matter of twelve disciples escaping the destruction was completely revealed. The entire Vermilion Bird continent offered an insane reward. I could feel Hua Nan’s heart grow heavy at that time. It struggled and turned in knots.”

Sun Yifei laughed: “You know my temperament. Misty Palace disciples aren’t that timid. I liked Hua Nan, and didn’t want to make things difficult for him. I had to choose between sect loyalty, and honesty to the one I loved. I chose the latter in the end. I told him that I was one of the twelve disciples. I told him to hand me over!”

Miao Yiniang sighed: “He didn’t agree right?”

“Of course. If he agreed at that time, how could this have happened. He probably wouldn’t have died.” Sun Yifei’s expression became extremely mournful. She said: “He smiled at that time, and said he already knew a long time ago. But he liked me, so he pretended not to know. I asked him what to do now? He said we should elope!”

Sun Yifei bitterly smiled: “The world looked very big. We thought there would be a place for us to seek shelter, but there was nothing! We didn’t flee for long before his sect elders started to spread a search. One of his friends sold him out. Fortunately, he has a powerful father in the sect that holds a high status. He found us before the hunters……”

Miao Yiniang looked at Sun Yifei, then she softly sighed: “His father brought you into the Vermilion Bird Association?”

Sun Yifei nodded: “Yes ah, only the Vermilion Bird Association could protect us at that time. Because the Vermilion Bird Association was a huge monster to that sect, they didn’t have the qualifications or power to contend. I had no choice at that time. It was either death, or join with them, and enter the Vermilion Bird Association.”

Sun Yifei looked at Miao Yiniang: “I didn’t want to die, so……I could only compromise. However, the Vermilion Bird Association wasn’t that easy to enter. Even though I was willing to hand over my piece of the heritage, I still had to see if the leaders wished to take me. After all, the Vermilion Bird Association has several of our sect’s enemies.”

Miao Yiniang nodded: “Yes ah, if they took you in, there are those who would be restless.”

“Right, Hua Nan’s father pulled all his strings at that time, practically drawing on all the social relationships gathered up over the years. He exhausted every option. That’s how we finally entered the Vermilion Bird Association.” Sun Yifei softly sighed: “At that time, I already……thoroughly fell into enemy territory! The man I loved acted recklessly for me. How could I not be moved? Therefore, even if I had to lay down my life for him, I wouldn’t hesitate.”

Sun Yifei said so much in one breath, it seemed as if her whole being was burdened. She held the man in her arms. The insides of her lifeless pupils still yet held the slightest bit of spirit: “Hua Nan Should have promoted to a silver rank deacon a long time ago due to his strength, but there were some hidden Vermilion Bird Association members in his old sect that objected, so he was never promoted. This time we would have gotten your heritage, and the business of Gluttonous Ogre. The two of us could have finally promoted to silver rank deacons……I’m sorry, little sister, please forgive my selfishness. I already know that I’m not fit to call you sister. But please don’t argue with a person who is about to die, okay?

“There’s no need……” Miao Yiniang looked at Sun Yifei. She finally sighed a breath: “I never said you must die. Go. The Black Tortoise continent and White Tiger continent are both good. In short, leave this place. The farther away the better. All of the grudges later on, they won’t have anything to do with you.”

Sun Yifei looked stunned at Miao Yiniang for a long time. Then she looked at the reactionless Chu Yan and Chu Mo. She finally shook her head, bitterly smiled, and softly said: “I spoke the truth, you are still that proud and kind little girl. Your greatest fortune is that your life is good. Because of your fate, you are able to stick to your original heart. Not like me……I’m not that lucky.”

“Hua Nan loved me madly, but he……didn’t heavily value my opinion. He was very stubborn. In fact, we had a chance to completely hide away over the past couple of years. It’s a pity……forget it, let’s not talk about this. I have one last thing to remind all of you. You all killed a Vermilion Bird Association gold rank elder. They certainly won’t take this lying down. The Azure Dragon Court is here, so the Vermilion Bird Association may or may not be too excessive, but they will think of every possible way to assassinate all of you. Also, be careful of Hua Nan’s father. If he knew his son died here, he would certainly go insane.”

Sun Yifei grabbed a ring as she spoke. She tossed it to Miao Yiniang, then said in a gentle voice: “This is my portion of the heritage. The one I gave away back then……was a copy! I was able to secretly change some of the parts. Ha ha, they still haven’t found out after all these years. This was the sole time that I didn’t let the masters down. Good disciple sister, I ask one last thing of you. Bury us together……thank you!”

“Don’t die elder sister……” Miao Yiniang took the ring. She couldn’t hold back the tears, and blurted out a cry to her senior sister disciple.

“Good little sister, I’m sorry! It’s my fault. This is the punishment I deserve! Hua Nan……wait for me. I’m coming to find you!” Sun Yifei’s eyes suddenly became large. Soon after, blood began to flow out her mouth. She was already at her last breath, and her body went limp……collapsing onto Hua Nan’s corpse.

“Elder sister……” Tears blurred up Miao Yiniang’s eyes. A thousand feelings bubbled up in her heart. It was truly complicated, and hard to say wheter it was love or hate. Still, her heart was extremely pained. Miao Yiniang broke down into tears, crying like a little child.

Chu Mo and Chu Yan were both completely silent.

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  1. That was a good chapter. No killing (only suicide) or cultivation more on luck i guess. Seems like a matter of perception where the eldest sister wasn’t horrible just trying to survive with her husband.

    Miao Yiniang basically has MC luck i guess if the Chu Mo wasn’t around. The Demon lord could have been the MC in his own story.

  2. I tried to sympathize with the bitch but it is too hard. First, she sold out her sister’s location; second, she’s okay to kill her; third, she willingly give her sect’s heritage, and lastly, she literally slept with the enemy. If you’re loyal to your sect, you should at least fought until the end. The drama just complicated things, which I think no one sympathizes with her.

  3. That attempt at making me feel bad for Hua Nan and Sun Yifei failed pretty hard, I even found it funny. So I am supposed to feel bad about a girl who sell and try to kill the sisters and people she grew up with for a man who works for the organization who killed every people she knew, including sisters and masters ? Really, the only reason author tried this move is to let MC get his hands on the heritage, straight up. Whatever, as long we don’t see her again, that’s good. I also wonder who are the other traitor since she said she wasn’t the only one.

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