MHE Chapter 133

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Chapter 133: Grant a Marriage

Grant a marriage!

The emperor’s second degree was actually to grant a marriage, and make her marry the crown prince Xia Ying!

Miao Yiniang was the person who knew most about the grudge between Xia Ying and Chu Mo, despite whatever she wanted. The emperor’s motives were enough to make her feel astonished: “The peach tree hasn’t even been planted, and you’re already plucking it?”

Chu Mo was also extremely furious, and he also felt extreme disappointment towards the emperor.

In the two times Chu Mo met the emperor, he always felt the ruler was an extremely open-minded person. The scope of vision between the emperor and the princes was the gap between heaven and earth.

Like how the emperor clearly knew about Chu Mo and the crown prince’s grudges, but he still favored Chu Mo. He even dared place Chu Mo in important positions. This was the bearing and vision of a ruler, as well as strong self-confidence!

But what was the meaning of this decree?

The wording of the decree wasn’t harsh, but there was no consulting!

It said Miao Yiniang was a former Vermilion Bird Continent high level disciple. She was of noble birth, good character, and excellent temperament……although the sect collapsed, but she possessed firm will, and determined self-improvement. Such an outstanding woman completely matched the future ruler of Da Xia, the current crown prince!

The two marrying would be beneficial for the Misty Palace Royal Academy’s future.

The decree also mentioned, once the secular world sect was established, not only will it attract the attention of current enemies, but it will also be coveted by countless Azure Dragon continent sects. In order to guarantee the unfolding of the Misty Palace Royal Academy doesn’t suffer any influence, the two sides ought to establish an even closer relationship.

Now when facing any difficulties in the future, the Da Xia royal family will have even more reason to protect the Misty Palace Royal Academy and Miao Yiniang.

By only looking at the decree, and not knowing the people involved, one would certainly think the emperor was too brilliant, and Miao Yiniang was also qualified.

She was a sect disciple without a home to return to. By marrying his majesty the crown prince, she will become a princess! She can’t fly up and become a phoenix, but at the very least……this was enough to show the royal family’s sincerity and importance attached.

Yes, a person who doesn’t understand the grudge between Chu Mo and the crown prince would certainly think this way.

But the people with a common understanding of the events were all astonished.

“What spell is the emperor under? He actually put out such a stupid decree?” The always joking Xu Fufu carried an ice-cold expression at this time. His eyes flickered with a furious light: “Does he want to make this thing die in the womb?”

Chu Mo quickly cooled down after his fury. He sat there, appearing bitter, and painfully said: “This matter……blame me!”

“How could I blame you?” Miao Yiniang looked at Chu Mo: “The ones to blame……are all of us. Our experience still wasn’t enough.”

“No, it’s not like that.” Chu Mo somewhat bitterly spoke: “I thought of the threats from the Vermilion Bird continent sects, Vermilion Bird Association, and even……the Azure Dragon continent sects. I thought of them all. Moreover, I thought of ways to respond. But…….I overlooked the emperor’s view towards this matter, and his appetite.”

Chu Mo sighed. He looked to Miao Yiniang and Xu Fufu: “Before, I believed without a doubt. I only needed to add the royal family name to the sect, and grant the emperor the position of leader. Then later on, continuously train high-level talent for the emperor. The emperor would certainly be moved, and finally agree. However, I underestimated the appeal of the Misty Palace heritage to the secular world people. I forgot the emperor is a man of the mortal world. He isn’t a god! Faced with the heritage of a top grade sect, merely being the spiritual leader couldn’t fill his appetite. His thinking…….was to take this heritage and power, and fully make it become the royal family’s power!”

Miao Yiniang silently nodded: “I never dared to expose this portion of the heritage after all these years. It was exactly because of this reason.”

Chu Mo looked at Miao Yiniang: “Why didn’t you stop me?”

Miao Yiniang bitterly smiled: “My existence is no longer a secret. This heritage would be exposed to the people sooner or later. We actually had no other choice. I think……the emperor should take a little. Don’t we have nothing to fear under this decree?”

Chu Mo was silent a moment, then nodded: “Right, otherwise, the emperor would have consulted with me first.”

Xu Fufu raged from the side: “What to do now? Do we never respond? It would be too funny if we did that!”

Miao Yiniang quietly said: “Actually, this is no laughing matter for the emperor. In his opinion, the only think that can give me shelter now……is Da Xia’s royal family. Without this, everyone would relentlessly scrape at me…….and swallow until there was nothing left. This is his way of giving me a dignified way out. Heh, by becoming the crown prince’s wife, he’s actually exalting me.”

Chu Mo looked livid. This loss was actually a little too much for him to swallow. And now that the news was already out, there was practically no escape.

If you ride a tiger, it’s hard to get off!

The emperor was also certain that they wouldn’t revolt.

Would they really crash into the royal palace, and cause a scene with the emperor? There was no other possibility apart from completely breaking off relations with the emperor.

After all, a ruler absolutely cannot suffer such a threat.

“We will stealthily take out the crown prince!” Xu Fufu’s pupils were clear and cold. He looked at the two and said: “When the crown prince dies, this decree will fall through!”

“Nonsense.” Chu Mo stared at Xu Fufu: “Even if we can kill the crown prince without the gods or demons knowing, wouldn’t the emperor set up another one? Can we stealthily kill everything? Besides, if we act against the crown prince now, do you think the emperor wouldn’t know who did it?”

“Then what’s to be done? Are you really going to watch big sister Yiniang marry that bastard?” Xu Fufu soared up from his seat, and furiously stared at Chu Mo: “Don’t you know Yiniang’s feelings for you? You’ve been hesitating back and forth, are you a man or not?”

“If I’m not a man then what are you? Go back and ask your grandfather. What’s his good solution? What are you yelling with me for?” Chu Mo was also furious. He said to Xu Fufu: “Did I say that I wanted big sister to marry the crown prince?”

“Your current reaction and expression gives me that feeling. Hesitating! You’re making me lose hope!” Xu Fufu looked furious as he spoke. He directly turned and left, slamming the door on the way out.


The heavy wooden door made an enormous noise.

Chu Mo and Miao Yiniang looked at each other in dismay.

Miao Yiniang smiled in spite of herself, and he hugged at Chu Mo: “You two……really haven’t fought like this after all these years?”

“I’m pissed!” Chu Mo let out a long breath: “He has a dog temper!”

“You have a dog temper.” Miao Yiniang rolled her eyes at Chu Mo: “Do you dare say, you haven’t thought about killing the crown prince? Didn’t you deliberately make him storm off?”

Chu Mo rolled his eyes, but he didn’t deny. He simply said: “2Fu and I aren’t the same in the end. I can do things that he can’t!”

“You also can’t!” Miao Yiniang leaned into the chair, revealing her perfect figure. Her gorgeous eyes gazed at Chu Mo: “Actually, the matter hasn’t reached the most horrible part. Am I right?”

Chu Mo nodded: “Of course, let’s say we don’t agree, or even if we do agree, isn’t a bride theft still possible?”


Miao Yiniang almost sprayed saliva. She looked at Chu Mo and said: “Snatching a royal family marriage……you dare think, but, if you dare do it, you’ll probably be the first in history.”

Just as Chu Mo was about to speak, a knock suddenly came from outside. Miao Yiniang’s trusted maid said from outside: “Little sister, noble son Chu, a maiden outside named Chen Xingxue wishes to see you. She says that she is noble son Chu Mo’s friend.”

Miao Yiniang and Chu Mo looked at each other.

Chu Mo wrinkled his brow: “Princess? Why has she come?”

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