MHE Chapter 134

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Chapter 134: Lonely City One Sword, Foreign Heaven Flying Immortal

The last time Chu Mo saw the princess was at the new year’s banquet.

At that time, Chen Xingxue said that she would come to find him, but there was never any activity afterwards. Chu Mo didn’t put much thought into it. According to him, the princess not coming to find him was a good thing.

Now she suddenly came for a visit at such a sensitive time, moreover…….she came to a place like Gluttonous Ogre, and directly sought Chu Mo. She obviously knew Chu Mo was here.

Miao Yiniang stood up, and softly said: “Since the princess has come to find you, it’s best I go. I will step away for a moment.”

Chu Mo waved his hand: “Don’t, she certainly didn’t come at this time to only see me. Let’s all meet together.”

As he spoke, Chu Mo made the outside maid bring Chen Xingxue over.

Very quickly, a knock appeared at the door. The maid brought in a girl that was covered in a heavy veil. The maid withdrew and closed the door after letting the girl enter.

The young maiden finally pulled back her veil at this time, revealing the delicate face of a bright-eyed girl.

First she looked at Miao Yiniang, and the girl slightly curtsied: “You are big sister Miao Yiniang right? I am Chen Xingxue.”

Chu Mo slightly squinted. He noticed Chen Xingxue addressed herself as a young girl……and she also first sent respects. This was enough to show that she didn’t take herself for a princess. Otherwise, she would have waited for Miao Yiniang to bow down first.

Miao Yiniang was slightly shocked. She immediately bowed, then smiled and said: “Your highness is too polite. We’ve never met before, please forgive me your highness.”

Chen Xingxue’s face turned slightly red: “Big sister must not be so polite to me, and don’t take me for a princess. If big sister doesn’t oppose, please call me little sister. It would make me very happy.”

Chen Xingxue looked at Chu Mo as she spoke, then softly said: “I came to give you two an apology!”

“Apologize? What are you talking about little sister?” Miao Yiniang walked over and pulled Chen Xingxue to a seat. Then she personally poured Chen Xingxue a cup of tea.

Chen Xingxue held the cup with both hands. She looked timid, and blinked once at Chu Mo. She said: “You see, noble son Chu doesn’t look happy at all. I know the reason why. I came here exactly because of this reason.”

Chu Mo looked over at Chen Xingxue, and simply said: “This matter has nothing to do with you princess. You really didn’t need to come to apologize.” Chu Mo’s attitude was a little cold, but it was for Chen Xingxue’s own good. He didn’t want this princess to be dragged into it at all.

Chen Xingxue carefully glanced at Chu Mo, and quietly said: “This matter is originally my father’s mistake. He shouldn’t have done it. Noble son has done a great kindness to me, and I also know that noble son isn’t the type to carry wild schemes.”

Chu Mo was slightly stunned, and he immediately spoke with a bitter smile: “But your father doesn’t necessarily think that way.”

Chen Xingxue slightly shook her head: “Actually father……also trusts noble son, only……only……”

“Only as a ruler, the habit is to place everything in their control. Isn’t that right?” Miao Yiniang quietly said.

“Yes, just like that, but I think father doesn’t need to do this.” Chen Xingxue looked at Miao Yiniang, and seriously spoke: “I have a way to resolve this matter.”

“Yes?” Miao Yiniang looked at Chen Xingxue.

Chen Xingxue softly spoke: “My master’s sect is one hidden from the world. It’s one of those that doesn’t officially exist. The sect disciples don’t even walk the world. Moreover, they won’t care about big sister Yiniang’s Misty Palace heritage. My master……is that sect’s leader. He is very good to me. I can bring big sister into my sect. Like this, the matter should be resolved.”

Chu Mo shook his head: “You really haven’t resolved the problem like this.”

Miao Yiniang also spoke: “The news has already been released. The royal family cannot lose the trust of the people. Therefore, the Misty Palace Royal Academy must be founded.”

Chen Xingxue looked at Miao Yiniang, and quietly spoke: “Big sister and noble son are truly good people. You’re still considering the royal family reputation at this time. We can actually do it like this. Big sister will leave her heritage with noble son Chu. She can leave with me after the academy is founded.”

“What about your father?” Chu Mo looked at Chen Xingxue, and plainly spoke: “Don’t tell me the decree will expire?”

Chen Xingxue nodded in all seriousness: “So long as big sister comes with me to the sect, father’s decree will lose validity.”

At this time, Miao Yiniang asked Chen Xingxue: “I still don’t even know little sister’s sect?”

Chen Xingxue quietly said: “Flying Immortal.”

Chu Mo never heard of this name, so he reacted very normal.

But Miao Yiniang was suddenly transfixed. Her delicate face revealed a shocked color, and she looked at Chen Xingxue: “That Flying Immortal?”

Chen Xingxue nodded: “This world only should only have one Flying Immortal.”

“Heavens……” Miao Yiniang couldn’t help but gasp. Then she mumbled: “No wonder……you’re so confident. This self-confidence……comes from……the Flying Immortal. Also, only this sect could say it doesn’t care about the Misty Palace heritage.”

Chu Mo confusingly looked Miao Yiniang. He didn’t understand why she was showing such an expression.

Miao Yiniang gave Chu Mo an explanation: “There are numerous sects of all sizes on our four continents, no less than several hundred. But there are very few top grade sects. The Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, and Black Tortoise continents only have about one top grade sect each. Such as the Azure Dragon continent’s Immortal Sky, such as…….Vermilion Bird Continent’s former Misty Palace.”

Miao Yiniang’s expression became a little dark: “Only the Misty Palace is already gone, but on the four continents, there are actually even more amazing existences than these top grade sects!”

“Even more amazing?” Chu Mo knew this world held a few hidden sects, but he always believed sects like the Immortal Sky were the strongest ones.

“Of course.” Miao Yiniang softly said to Chen Xingxue: “Lonely City One Sword, Foreign Heaven Flying Immortal!”

Chen Xingxue revealed a slight smile, and then nodded. Miao Yiniang knew about Flying Immortal, which let Xingxue not waste many words.

“Lonely City One Sword, Foreign Heaven Flying Immortal? These are two sects?” Chu Mo asked.

“No, these are four sects!” Miao Yiniang slightly smiled: “Lonely City is a sect; One Sword is a sect; Foreign Heaven and Flying Immortal are also two sects. I only heard of these four sects back in the day. Very rarely do people meet the disciples of these four sects, because these disciples practically never appear in the secular world.”

Miao Yiniang said to Chen Xingxue: “I never thought, little sister Xingxue……is actually a Flying Immortal disciple. It’s truly unforeseen. However……only a Flying Immortal disciple would be like you……completely lacking in combat ability, but amazing in all other aspects.”

Chen Xingxue’s cute face turned slightly red, and she quietly said: “I’m not so outstanding, my mother was the Flying Immortal member.”

Chu Mo looked at Chen Xingxue: “The emperor mentioned your past once……”

Chen Xingxue nodded, and softly said: “My mother went searching for a drug ingredient back then. Because the guardian had to leave temporarily, my mother encountered danger. She carelessly suffered a serious injury, and was fortunately saved by my father. Father liked my mother at first glance, and my mother…….was the same as me, completely lacking in combat ability.”

Chen Xingxue spoke to here, and her face became deep red. Her brow slightly wrinkled, as if she didn’t know what to say next.

Chu Mo seemed to somewhat understand, yet Miao Yiniang completely understood. Because there was a tangent in the topic, she said to Chen Xingxue: “A sect like Flying Immortal must have incredibly strict requirements. Am I good enough?”

Chen Xingxue’s eyes twinkled: “Even if it doesn’t work, big sister will have left with me. No one else will know right?”

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  1. Delivery Man, I read somewhere there is going to be tragedy later on. Is that accurate? I’m obviously not going to drop it. I read Xian Ni for crying out loud. I just want to be prepared, that’s all. Without any details, just a simple yes or no. Please.

  2. O crap, a sudden OP Sects have appeared. What’s next? a super secretive underground secret sects, which more OP than these OP sects, will also appear. Wow, the story is just poofing things out of nowhere.

    1. It’s as if our MC came from a secular world and doesn’t know anything, finding out everything one step at a time… Oh wait..

  3. This is fken stupid does he like not notice that he has a supreme master behind him I mean even if he doesn’t notice
    He should at least destroy the mortal emperor like wtf is in his mind oh I cant go against the emperor
    What the hell does he want to do with his life
    Get fken ntr’ed every day or something just because it’s some mortal royal family that rules your country
    Even if he killed the emperor it’s not like they can’t accept students to join in
    If some ancestor come to attack then his immortal master could just smush them

    Why take this long as conversation that is not about murdering the emperor
    It’s like ntr should befall him because he doesn’t want to do shit

  4. I may be retarded but how does joining that sect help this situation ? They need Miao and her treasure for being able to open that new royal sect. From what I understood, they are going to that sect, not giving any face to the king and let him open his royal sect by himself without any treasure nor scripture ?

    1. No, she’s supposed to leave the treasures and scriptures with the MC, so that way the sect can be founded. The plan is simply to make Miao disappear, so that way the marriage decree can’t be enforced, because, hey, how do you get her back from the strong and hidden sect that the secular world doesn’t even know about? Not to mention the person she left with is the emperor’s favourite princess.

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