MHE Chapter 146

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Chapter 146: Challenge

Wang Dafa looked ashamed: “Worthy Little brother, please forgive me. I wouldn’t have sent you an invitation card if I knew something would happen. But please don’t worry little brother. No matter what happens today, I will protect you entirely!”

Chu Mo smiled: “I said that I trust you, so I trust you. Because even without your invitation, they would still do what they want. If you really wanted to distance yourself from me, there are several other options. There was no need to do this at your house. Isn’t it unfortunate?”

The mature businessman’s eyes turned red at the unexpected words of Chu Mo. He coldly looked at elder Fu Long and the rest: “This is my house! I may not be able to stop you if you wish to act here! But if you act, I’m completely severing myself from the Azure Dragon Court! If you can bear the blame, then go ahead and act!”

“There’s no need to keep up the pretense. Don’t let us act here, then simple, let Chu Mo go. We will take action on the streets. Elder Wang, you are the god of wealth for the Azure Dragon Court. We don’t dare force you to rebel.” The ice-cold voice, filled with ridicule, once again floated through the hall.

Soon after, another person said: “Do you all understand what elder Wang means? Don’t act here. Wait until the little thing leaves his house, then act in the first moment. Ah, our elder Wang is truly a righteous man. He cannot bear seeing a friend troubled in his own home.”

Several people in the banquet hall couldn’t help but laugh. Clearly these words embodied their thoughts.

In their opinion, Wang Dafa was putting on a show!

He didn’t want these people to act in his home, and even threatened to leave the Azure Dragon Court……but in reality, who didn’t know among the crowd? Was the Azure Dragon Court that easy to leave?

Was leaving just leaving? Don’t mention a gold rank elder, even the lowest level black iron member would face matchless pressure from the Azure Dragon Court. They would be pursued until death!

Wang Dafa was seething in anger. He gnashed his teeth and growled: “Don’t believe? Remember, today you’ve forced me! Wait until the court master asks what happened. Tell him the truth if you have the courage! Let me state this clearly! If anything unforeseen happens to Chu Mo in the next three days, then I will immediately sever ties with the Azure Dragon Court! Don’t use that expression to look at me. I know what you’re thinking. You think I’m blowing smoke, I would never dare leave the Azure Dragon Court? Don’t forget that this world is called the four continents! It’s not called the Azure Dragon continent! I may not have any combat ability, but this world isn’t lacking in powerful experts! But……there is a lack of powerful businessmen.”

All of the people shivered in fear. They weren’t fools. They naturally understood what Wang Dafa meant.

Normally speaking, Azure Dragon Court Members would never dare leave.

But who is Wang Dafa? He isn’t merely a gold rank elder, but he is also a rare talented businessman!

He didn’t rely on the Azure Dragon Court to achieve his current success. He was originally very accomplished, and then he entered the Azure Dragon Court.

That was to say, the Azure Dragon Court depended on Wang Dafa much more than he depended on the Azure Dragon Court!

There were no immortals on the four continents. Everyone needed food, clothes, and shelter. Which one of the powerful cultivators on high was concerned on a daily basis? But which one……could do without?

Wang Dafa’s importance to the Azure Dragon Court was self-evident!

Wang Dafa’s words were extremely clear. This world is called the four continents, not the Azure Dragon Continent!

In addition to the Azure Dragon Court, there was the Vermilion Bird Association, the White Tiger Temple, and the Black Tortoise Palace!

As for a talent like Wang Dafa, someone worth millions and millions, which power wouldn’t fight over him?

Ignore the mocking and despising glances from Fu Long. If Wang Dafa wanted to enter Immortal Sky, he wouldn’t have any qualifications to resist. Even the Immortal Sky master would personally make a visit! And his attitude would be countless times better than Fu Long’s!

At that time, the position of Wang Dafa would be no less than Fu Long’s at the Immortal Sky!

This was the value of Wang Dafa!

Therefore, Wang Dafa dared challenge this group. Because either the fish dies or the net splits, he didn’t care about any threat.

Fu Long and the others looked ill-intentioned at Wang Dafa. Wang’s vision was equally cold, and he stared right back at the group.

Cultivators weren’t the only ones with nerves of steel.

Wang Dafa already lost hope for the Azure Dragon Court. He never thought the place that he helped for so many years would actually look at him this way.

The Azure Dragon Court wanted the Misty Palace heritage. This was nothing big. Who wouldn’t want it? Wang Dafa himself also wanted it!

But the old saying goes, ‘nobles love wealth, they only need a reason to take.’ Wang Dafa was no noble himself, but he was a businessman! Everything in the world has value in the eyes of a businessman! Anything can be discussed!

He believed, so long as he offered a price that could tempt Chu Mo, then, there may be some room to maneuver.

Even more so, there was an even simpler way. That was, send some gifted children of the family to study at the Misty Palace Royal Academy. This wouldn’t even take twenty years to accomplish. Except for a few core pieces of the Misty Palace heritage, all the rest could be obtained without staining a single blade with blood.

This was the best way!

Wang Dafa and Chu Mo didn’t really have a deep relationship. But he had a policy. No matter what, so long as there is a better way, don’t use the worst solution.

Becoming hostile with Chu Mo was the worst solution in Wang Dafa’s opinion.

But everyone in the Azure Dragon Court……they all chose the worst path.

Wang Dafa led Chu Mo outside of the banquet hall, all the way until Chu Mo arrived at the gate. He apologetically spoke: “Worthy little brother. I can only help you this much. Three days, the farther you run the better! You absolutely must not stay in Yellow Flame City. They are reckless without fear. Even if the royal family appears, it will be of no use!”

Chu Mo laughed, then said to Wang Da Fa: “Older brother had no choice this time, and had to give me an invitation. But I don’t blame you! Let these people come.”

Chu Mo seriously looked at Wang Dafa: “However, I do have a favor to ask. I don’t know if you would be interested.”

“Eh? Speak, I will do it if I can!” Wang Dafa’s expression also became serious.

Chu Mo smiled and shook his head: “Perhaps it will happen, perhaps it won’t. I will say it, please just listen older brother.”

“Yes, speak!” Wang Dafa looked at Chu Mo.

Chu Mo said: “If the Azure Dragon Court can be destroyed someday, I hope older brother will help me.”

“De…….destroyed……” Wang Dafa’s mouth violently twitched. He stared at Chu Mo like he was staring at a fool: “Are you joking little brother?”

Chu Mo chuckled: “Older brother thinks I’m joking.”

Wang Dafa Wrinkled his brow, seeming to think about the possibility of it happening. However, he immediately shook his head, and he bitterly smiled: “This isn’t possible. You don’t know the complexity of the Azure Dragon Court. They have direct or indirect relations with all the medium and large sects on the Azure Dragon continent. They will never allow any surprises for the Azure Dragon Court.”

Chu Mo nodded with a smile: “Then take me for a fool with a dream little brother.” Chu Mo faced Wang Dafa and waved as he spoke. He then departed with a relaxed expression.

Wang Dafa watched Chu Mo as he departed, and he became silent a moment. He suddenly said: “If……there really is a day, then I promise!”

Chu Mo didn’t turn his head back. He merely raised his right hand, and he lifted up a thumb.

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