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“No, I haven’t told anyone else” replied Mo Fan.

Resigned to his impending doom, if this downfall caused by his own terrible decision to find teacher Tang Yue to help him find a way out of this problem, it will be his own fault!

“Your pendant is an elemental magic tool” spoke teacher Tang Yue gently.

“Yes?” listened Mo Fan carefully.

“But this one is different from common elemental magic device we’ve seen in school, this is an evolving elemental magic tool!” said teacher with sharp eyes.


“Evolving magic tool???” Mo Fan has not even heard of this concept in this world, if someone told him that using precious stones to add attributes to the tool, he might be able to understand but this…

“This kind of elemental magic tool could become the first under heaven, not only does it provides benefits like other elemental magic tool, it also have the ability to evolve! By absorbing magic power from other magic items it will improve itself and if it manage to absorb enough magic power from other magic items it my evolve into spirit grade magic tool!” spoke Tang Yue seriously.

Mo Fan’s heart beat in excitement at this!!

An elemental magic tool that can evolve???

Even the worst and most common elemental magic tool from school could be considered a treasure, even outstanding students have to take turns using it, showing how rare and precious each of these magic tools are.

Each quality grade increase give at least twice or more of its effects, even Mu Bai said that in entire Bo city the only person he knew having a spirit grade elemental magic tool is Mu Ning Xue!

Even with a ballpark value estimation, my magic tool treasure can buy off the whole Mu family property several times over.

This little pendant is actually this kind of valuable treasure!


Mo Fan have a guess that this might something really awesome but it’s way beyond his expectations now!!!

I’m finished!

I’m so dead!!

This kind of treasure may change even the kindest most gentle man to rob and kill you in jealousy!

Looking at the news and hearsays a fight between magicians to compete for treasure is a normal thing!

I’m only an apprentice magician right now, if teacher Tang Yue have any intentions on it, tomorrow’s headline news will really be “A talented genius student from Tian Lan magic high school suicide by jumping down the roof because of too much pressure”

“Teacher, I don’t feel like I can keep this kind of precious item… I think it’s better to let teacher study it?” Mo Fan is not a fool, and quickly offered it solemnly.

Even if Tang Yue appears to be a very good teacher, human nature is very complicated and unpredictable, Mo Fan can’t be so naïve to believe that a beautiful teacher couldn’t be a bad person.

“Pfffttt~” Tang Yue heard this kind of remarks from Mo Fan and couldn’t help but be amused and laughed in such glamorous and seductive manner Mo Fan was shocked, unable to understand what makes this beautiful teacher laughed like this.

“Mo Fan, that day when you did your annual assessment, you humiliate that Mu Zhuo Yun and his clan with your mouth, I thought you might be an unyielding person, so I was considering whether to confiscate this thing of yours, after all this isn’t something an apprentice like you can manage. But I didn’t think you will be so spineless to even offer your own thing… My impression of you have changed 180 degrees ah!” smiled teacher Tang Yue while wiping her tears.

Mo Fan have an embarrassed smile.

This treasure might have been worth a fortune, but even a fortune can’t compare to his life and well being!

Mo Fan knows the consequences of cursing and humiliating Mu Zhuo Yun in public and he’s prepared.

One can not be so naïve and stupid in life, whether it’s the commoner’s society or even the magician’s society. If you’re so stupid, you won’t even know if you sell yourself voluntarily and help count the money made from selling yourself.

“Teacher, how are you going to deal with this thing?” asked Mo Fan.

Tang Yue stopped smiling and seriously said “Don’t worry, I know you’re not willing to give it away, luckily you asked me instead, if it’s any other teacher, they might have kicked you down the roof and robbed you for their own future benefits”

Mo Fan’s eyes light up, his mind relaxed as if he’s floating. It seems that this teacher Tang Yue is somewhat different from the other teachers at school but Mo Fan couldn’t put the pieces together.

“Well, first things first, never tell anyone that this is an evolving elemental magic tool. I personally don’t think you want to let anyone know anyway. Second, It’s not that I don’t have no interest on this magic tool of yours but there seems to be some sort of special connection between you and this pendant, I could sense a trace of your spirit on it but I don’t think even you can or even want  remove this connection yourself” warned Tang Yue seriously.

Wha? This thing is binded to me?

This is another unexpected thing… No wonder everytime I tried to take this pendant off there seem to be some burst of inexplicable resistance.

“Last thing, to make it evolve you will probably need a refined soul that’s used to make elemental magic tools, right now it doesn’t really matter what grade the tool and soul within, but whether it can actually evolve is another question itself. You might end up spending more than it cost to get a spirit grade elemental magic tool but getting nothing in return but this old heirloom pendant”

Mo Fan thought for a moment before asking “Teacher, what’s a refined soul?”

“A short moment after a magical beasts’ death, its soul will leave the body. The shape of the soul will be roughly similar to its living form, but if after sometime this soul lingers in its physical body, it will form a special kind of bright spiritual soul, and this essence of soul can be refined several times into a refined soul. This refined soul is the most important material to make an elemental magic tool” Tang Yue is indeed a teacher, fluently and calmly answering Mo Fan, even he almost have the urge to take notes now.

“So if I want it to evolve, the best way is to collect refined soul… Alright, so all I need to do is become stronger, kill some magical beasts and collect their souls!” said Mo Fan to motivate himself.

Teacher Tang Yue nodded and said “Yeah, but before you go out to collect, remember to tell me where you’re going to die so that I can go and dig out this evolving elemental magic tool from the beasts’ belly and take it for myself”

Mo Fan’s jaw dropped not knowing how to respond to this.

“Give me that elemental magic tool you get from the school, I will help you settle this thing. This is a personal favor for you, so you owe me one”

Tang Yue said this ambiguously and put Mo Fan in a spot not knowing whether this is a joke or for real.

“Thank you teacher! If there’s anything I can do please let me know!” said Mo Fan.

Sure enough my decision wasn’t wrong! She is helping me solve the most troublesome problem of all!

Not only I won’t be in risk of getting expelled but I’ll also get to keep this magic tool!

This is so awesome!

Even if the others get to use elemental magic tool for a month, even if that Yu Ang dude he will duel in the future gets six months, I’m getting to use it for all year round! By then my own cultivation will be leaps and bounds above them!

[Chapter 35 Adfly]|[Chapter 35]|[Table of Contents]|[Chapter 37]|[Chapter 37 Adfly]

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