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“Zhang Hou”

No too far away from where Mo Fan is standing, this monkey faced Zhang Hou looked back at Mo Fan and said “Mo Fan ge, Imma go first”

“hmmph, I hope you get water element” quipped Zhao Kun San sarcastically.

Zhang Hou bravely put his hand on the awakening stone and shortly after that a breeze blow around the awakening stone fluttering the teacher’s clothes.

“Good, wind element, good talent! Don’t be lazy and practice hard!” said Xue Mu Sheng with a satisfied voice.

Xue Mu Sheng is very happy because just from around 10 students from their class, there is already two highly gifted students, if they cultivate well, they will definitely be admitted to a good magic university.

It seems that class 8 might have the chance to be the top of the class this year.




“Poof~~~~” An orange colored flame shot up on the awakening stone.

The scene made the whole class stared at the person near the awakening stone.

“Fire… FIRE element…..!!!”

“My god, it’s a girl, who’s that girl?” (t/n: this girl is on fiarrrrrrrrrrr)

At this moment, this girl that has just awakened to her element become the focus of the class, the fire element awakening is the most flashy element to awaken, if anyone can choose fire element is everyone’s first choice element to awaken.

Unfortunately, compared to other elements the chances anyone will awaken to fire is quite low, at most each class might have 3 students with fire element, the chances of awakening fire element is less than 10%.

“Her name is Zhou Min, looks like she’s one of the teacher’s daughter” whispered some people.

“She is rather pretty, I want to make friends with her!”

“You mad ah, this Zhou Min girl seems like she’s pretty cute and quiet but she’s very fierce and violent a! Otherwise how could she awaken into fire element!”

“Make sense, make sense…”

“As expected from his daughter, Wen Hua teacher will be very pleased about this” said Xue Mu Sheng.

“Thank you teacher!”

“Next… wind element”

“Next…. Light element”
“Teacher, I’m going to the roof, no….don’t stop me!” said the student that awakened light element.

“Next…. Water element”

“Hey light element guy, I go with you to the roof T____T”



Finally after almost the whole class finished their magic awakening, Mo Fan, student number 48 , with his pounding heart is waiting to he called. Among all the students, there’s no one more nervous than Mo Fan after all he has only experience to this magic stuff for a mere three months, on another side he’s also worried that he might fail the magic awakening!

“Number 48, Mo Fan!”

“It’s your turn!!!” encouraged Zhang Hou

“Ha, stop hoping for the impossible, you’re hopeless, if you have a good luck maybe you’ll get those water element or light element, if you can’t cultivate until you reach mid level magic with it you might as well be trash, bad luck your awakening fail, ck ck ck you get kicked out of school” said Zhao Kun San sarcastically.

“Can you shut your dog mouth?” bellowed Zhang Hou angrily.

In Zhang Hou’s heart, Mo Fan is his big brother, although he did pretty bad at the magic exam he never believe that Mo Fan will awaken into anything worse than the average people.

The nine year compulsory education actually servers to build a foundation of knowledge for future magic cultivation, without it even if the magic awakening is successful, the student’s will have no idea on how to progress and stall in their magic cultivation.

Mo Fan, taking small strides move pass the lined up students.

“Tha’s him! That back door student” (t/n: school y u no has backdoor protection???)

“Who’s that? He looks quite handsome” asked a little girl dreamily.

“He’s one of those fail students, I was in the next class” said another girl with mushroom haircut and big mouth.

“Is that so… his awakening magic might be quite poor too”

“Can or cannot awaken his magic is still a problem a”

“Eeey, you light and water element students don’t be discouraged, you should be happy, look at this Mo Fan guy, he’s got single digit score in his exam, so stupid, he’s going to fail his awakening” spat Zhao Kun San to Zhang Hou with a loud mocking voice.

As they heard that, the students awakened to light element and water element had their eyes wide open and calmed down after they realize that they didn’t fail magic awakening.

“Stop being noisy!” said Xue Mu Sheng teacher as he stared at Zhao Kun San.

Mu Bai have a light sneer on his face at the thought of seeing Mo Fan make a fool of himself, this bottom feeder student, what qualification does he have to be close to Mu Ning Xue xiaojie, look at me, I’m handsome and have good magic talent, I work hard too! Mu Ning Xue should be making friends with people like me.

“hey trash, I heard you sold your house to get this chance to awaken your magic, if you fail this you should go and jump into the river and you could at least wash the shame off your family” said Mu Bai softly just so that Mo Fan can hear him as he passed through.

Mo Fan hearing this endured his impulse to curse back at Mu Bai and walked to Xue Mu Sheng waiting at the stone.

“Mo Fan, put your hand one the stone” said Xue Mu Sheng calmly.

As a teacher, Xue Mu Sheng perfectly understand the student’s circumstances…

In magic exam, this student’s score is practically the bottom of the bottom, he only got into Tian Lan magic high school because the higher up shoe him in, according to what Xue Mu Sheng know, this student’s family is of ordinary background, no special talent, terrible score on the exam, getting this kind of student thrown into his class also gives him headache, it’s going to pull down the overall assessment of the class.

Ai, nothing can be done about it, just count himself unlucky, hopefully this kid really doesn’t fail his awakening, or otherwise the class will really become the laughing stock for the whole year.

Mo Fan being extremely nervous couldn’t stop shacking his hand as he stood in front of the stone.

“Calm down! Stand still and stop shaking” warned Xue Mu Sheng.

With his left hand, Mo Fan gripped his right hand and put it onto the awakening stone.

A very cold feeling rushed through Mo Fan but he’s unsure of what’s going on, but there’s no sign of awakening any ice element.

Eh? What’s going on, why isn’t anything happening?

“Close your eyes, feel your spiritual world” instructed teacher Xue Mu Sheng.

What a problematic students, he didn’t even know the basic process.

Mo Fan hastily close his eyes.

As the person close their eyes and reach for the spiritual world that appears to be the void in their mind, as long as their mind did not wander and daydream, just like the starless night sky, the void in space, there is nothing within.

Within Mo Fan’s spiritual world, he feels nothing within it but as he feels within his spiritual world Mo Fan feels a surge of electricity rushing through from the hand that’s on the awakening stone…

The small surge of power flows through his body from the palm on the awakening stone and suddenly as if following some sort of magical passage an arc of purple lightning emerged within the void in his spiritual world, peerless, magnificent, and  soul shocking!

Chapter 04 Adfly|Chapter 04|Table of Contents|Chapter 06|Chapter 06 Adfly


  1. I was chanting ‘all of them’ the whole second half of the chapter, hoping he would awaken to all of the elements, and he goes and disappoints with a purple lightning bolt. tsk (-_-)

  2. Why do you keep add “a” at the end of a fucking sentence!?

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    1. 啊 = a or ah, is a legitimate use of chinese expression in the literature. just like how you would like to read japanese novels and the nuances of ne, yo, desu etc will change the feeling of character’s interaction, a/ah is similarly used in chinese literature or conversation to add in the feeling of surprise, approval(firm) and weakened response.

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