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The outpost is quite simple, a main road with many stalls and shops dotting along the road, making it feel no different from a town bazaar.

There are even shops selling chicken meat, magician equipment and items in a shop.

“Heyas come and look, this is a good pair of magic boots, this is a very good thing… You know the fastest magic beast around here? Yeah that Speedster beast, this pair is made from the hind legs of that magical beast, enchanted with haste magic, powered by wind stone, you can definitely outrun any one-eyed magic wolf! I know that you’re fated with this boots, come and buy it I’ll sell it to you for cheap!”

“Hey baldy, stop bullshitting it, you can call that shit a magic equipment? I can just wear a pair of Nike and run faster than that thing”

“Fuck off, two of our squad died trying to kill that Speedster beast, I happened to be assigned the hind legs, this is absolutely authentic magic item!”

Earlier, there was one stall with many colorful stones on display. These stones are very interesting, some are of fire, wind, lightning and earth and these special stones naturally form around areas with rich elemental source. Of course these stones contains magic power similar to those elemental star within a magician, although it is can’t be used for magician’s spells it can be used to provide a steady stream of magic power in many other things like magic items, tools. equipment .

Mo Fan listened attentively to all these practical knowledge the teacher lectured from time to time. There were also many cases where refined elemental stones was used as an alternative to currency instead, in some cities the usage of these stones as power source is equivalent to the use of electricity in the modern world.

Mo Fan initially thought that the mobile phones, computers and other home appliances were powered by some sort of hydroelectric or wind power station but all of them were actually powered by elemental stones!

This is unbelievable, I’ve already accept the fact that the creator of this light element magic is Edison… In addition to that, the guy who created the steam engine is also a fire magician, Watt! That guy who made it designed a steam engine powered by fire stones and ushered in the industrial revolution!

In this world without oil, hydro, wind plan, the most important resource are these elemental stones!

Where did these stones come from?

Of course from the nature!

This then setup a very vicious cycle between the humans and the magical beasts. The beasts needs the stones as their food, but for humans these stones are important source of energy.

Therefore humanity’s efforts in expedition to search and gather these stones will not only be hindered by the harsh nature but also those magical beasts! With this perpetuating cycle, magical beasts has also become hostile towards humans instinctively. Many of the items made by magic technology are simply rations to those magical beasts, not to mention humans itself are quite a delicacy for them. This war between humans and magical beasts will probably never cease.

Perhaps this is the biggest difference from Mo Fan’s original world to this magic filled world. In his world humans are the apex predator, missiles will just wipe the whole mountain clean, but in this world this kind of thermal weapon doesn’t exist. Perhaps even if there is any sort of thermal weapon, nothing can be done about the encroaching magical beasts.

The best and only guardian for humanity are the magicians… Where most humans can only live within the boundaries of a city in the protection of magicians, the status of a magician will always be above ordinary human beings, not only because of their strength but also their sacred mission as the city’s guardian!


“Boss Fan, we gotta do well in this field trip ah! I heard that the assessment for this thing is really important for our entrance exam! It accounts for 20% ah!!!” exclaimed Zhang Hou.

Mo Fan nodded in acknowledgement, thinking back to what the homeroom teacher said over and over again.

This practical experience is one of the important test subject and is administered by the military department and assessed by the chief instructor from the outpost.

Whether the instructor give you C or A grade will determine your future path whether you can get into university, college or just an ordinary magician. For institutions like Empire University where Mu Ning Xue is at, their minimum requirement is A grade practical experience assessment in order to become an eligible student candidate.

Mo Fan won’t be able to grow stronger if he’s stuck in Bo city because those higher level magic spells will only be available at those top institutions!

This assessment… I must get A or higher grade so I can be assured to get into top institutions like Empire University!

“These instructors are endorsed by the school, just chill… even at worse they’ll probably give you a C or B grade, there’s nothing to worry about” laughed that Wang Pang (All heil fatass)

“Yeah the seniors from the previous year said so too”

“Get to the square, Gather round!”

“Line up! LINE UP!”

With Luo Yun Bo shouting around, the students quickly gathered in line at the outpost’s central square. One hundred students wearing Tian Lan magic high school uniform lined up neatly, attracting idle magicians in the outpost, one of the magician  looked at the students with great interest and laugh strangely.

“Hey look new trainees are here, ahaha they got that kind of clueless rookie look” said one of the mousy looking man.

“En… this time the trainees come to this most terrifying outpost of all, How many do you think will piss their pants in fear?” said one guy who appeared to be a team captain from Hunter’s Union.

“At least 30 I guess?”

“And the other 70 pass out right away!?”

The students were lining up in the square and can clearly hear all the jokes made at their expense. Most of the gloat at the sight of these trainee students and didn’t bother to hide their derision.

One hundred students divided into five groups are standing at ease before the two instructors and the practical magic teacher.

“The drillmaster is here!”

A little while later a team of magician wearing military uniform stood in front of the students, each of them radiating with feeling of great power.

Leading the group of magicians is actually that fire magician uncle Zhang Kong. This Zhang Kong seems so casual, he looks nothing like the drillmaster at all with all his ramblings earlier!!!

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