QF 40

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“Hello, I am your drillmaster for this practical training, Zhang Kong. You kids are very lucky because you’re the first trainees to go under my training since I took this post!”

The students just stood there in silence not daring to speak at all.

Normally these students interact most with the teachers at school and learn many lessons about magical beasts in a rather safe environment, but these military magicians have went through many life and death battles against those beasts forming some sort of intimidating bloodlust, even the greenhorn students and the teachers dare not do anything rash even if the drillmaster looked like some sort of casual guy.

“No worries, since you guys are my first batch, I will give you guys a favor and help you pass through this practical exam with flying colors!”

If one gets too low or failed assessment, it will close down many possible doors for their future! But this time there’s a chance to drastically change their fate!

“I know you’re Bo city’s best apprentice magician… I also have faith that you have the ability to handle this practical assessment… so this training is veeeeerry simple” laughed the drillmaster.

Luo Yun Bo and Pan Li Jun shakes their head and frowned at this smile… Because every time they see this smile this guy must have come up with nothing good!

“I have a bounty here… Yes the difficulty of this bounty is the lowest on the list! You have 100 students for this practical training, as long as any group or any of the 100 students complete this bounty everyone’s assessment for this practical training will be A!”

Zhang Kong have just finished his announcement as the people at the square erupted in commotion. Of course the ones in the most intense uproar are the 100 students.

Regardless of how many past experiences they heard from seniors or friends from other school said, they said that as long as they stick to the rules and have an outstanding performance during the training, getting A or B isn’t very difficult!

They’ve never heard anything about this bounty thing???

This bounty thing, not only those bounty hunter teams will sign up, even those who are looking for high paying work will take it. The magicians looking for some bounty in the outpost is also in great commotion.

What the hell is going on???

Why is this training putting these student magicians through bounty work!?

This is crazy!(t/n: no this is Sparta) Not even some of their strong magicians from Hunter’s Union could complete them let alone these greenhorns who haven’t even grown some hair!

“What happens if nobody complete the bounty?” asked Xu Zhao Ting.

“Then everyone fail” replied Zhang Kong indifferently.

The teachers and students were also shocked and anxious after hearing this.

“Drillmaster, you might as well judge all of us to fail then!” complained Zhou Min.

“Yeah… what’s different from this and us failing the bounty!!”

Listening to the complaining students, the teachers Xue Mu Sheng, Tang Yue, Zhang Jian Guo, Chen Wei Liang had an embarrassed expression.

Ergh… What’s going on here? Didn’t this whole training been planned for already? Why did this drillmaster suddenly bring out something unplanned like this?

“Wrong? There’s nothing wrong about this. If you’re not happy you can go and find that Deng Kai and complain to him. I never said it will be easy to get high score from me. Since you greenies come from the best public magic high school in Bo city you kids shouldn’t be like those spoiled trash coming here for some easy peasy training right? Otherwise you can go back to doodling at school and read some more magic books instead of coming here to waste my time! There’s no need for idiots to go through this practical training!” said Zhang Kong with a vicious expression and heavy voice.

Group of trash?! These words deeply stabbed into the hearts of these students…

“Drillmaster, this kind of task is too difficult for mere trainees! As far as I know, even the easiest bounty tasks required a team of magicians trained for three to five years in the field to complete…” said Zhang Jian Guo emboldened.

“You have one hundred students, if they can’t complete the bounty I can only say they have a mediocre teacher teaching out a hundred useless students is already disappointing enough, how can they be the elite students?” replied Zhang Kong bluntly.

Zhang Jian Guo paled at the answer… This drillmaster not only arrange an impossible bounty to complete on this training but also scold the students and teachers in public.

“Of course, there’s an additional reward for the group and person that complete the bounty! I will personally give a defensive magic tool as a reward!” continued Zhang Kong.

At the mention of the reward, the magicians around the square are in another bout of excited commotion again!

“Holy cow! Defensive magic tool??” (t/n: in my efforts to give better western context, I will endeavor to use English interweb slang since many of these holy shit/epic/fml are written by the author using modern Chinese internet slang)

“Boss Zhang Kong! Give us that bounty ah! We’ll make sure to properly complete it!”

“Oooooh! We need this life saving tool too!”

“Let us compete with the students fair and square, we want that reward too!”

For quite sometime the groups of magicians around the square were clamoring for this reward.

Defensive magic tool!

This wondrous product of magic technology is connected to the magician’s mind and once activated it can quickly materialize into equipment to help the magician in combat!

Just like that bald guy from earlier, that kind of magic boots can be activated to greatly enhance movement speed if the user encounter too strong magical beast and run away! Of course if the magician is fighting, enhanced speed will also greatly a magician’s combat ability.

Defensive magic tools can usually be turned into something like shields, armor or special equipment that can be used at a critical time to resist magic or beast attacks to protect one’s life!

Although not as expensive as elemental magic tool, to magicians who often hunts in the wilds, this is like a life-saving artifact! What could be more important than one’s life?

“Damn it, this is quite the generous reward! Even a common defensive magic tool cost several hundred thousands dollars!” (t/n: yuan is the currency used in the story, but I thought it might be confusing so I’m just going to use dollars here dollars there)

“It’s no wonder those magicians went crazy over this arrangement, therewards is really too valuable!”

“The question is which of those students could complete the bounty after all!”

“You’re right, the bounty with such rewards, even some of the experienced magicians may have to risk his life”

Mo Fan is still not very familiar with all these magic tools thing… But if this tool thing is worth a lot of money then he has to win it!

Even this kind of common defensive magic tool is worth several hundred thousands! Holy crap I’ve never even seen this much money in my life!

[Chapter 39 Adfly]|[Chapter 39]|[Table of Contents]|[Chapter 41]|[Chapter 41 Adfly]


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