QF 49

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The teachers, instructors and principal was shocked!

Zhang Kong have just fly into the cave, it’s impossible to kill it so quickly!

How did it suddenly die!?

“When the summon died, the summoner will receive a certain trauma to their elemental star and soul, it seems that the dark magic wolf is really dead…” said Tang Yue.

From the looks of Bai Yang, it seems that the wolf really died.

“Didn’t it chase after Mo Fan into the cave?”

“Yeah, how did it suddenly died!?”

“Maybe the cave is too dark, it ram itself on the rock and died??”

Bai Yang’s eyes turned into fury, wanting to complain. God damn you people, I’ve just lost my summon! My wolf isn’t some kind of stupid rabbit, how can it kill itself on some stupid wall! Dark magic wolf has night vision, its body sturdy and vigorous, how could it kill itself on the rocks!! Even if all those 40 students use all their magic, it will never be able to kill my wolf!!

“Let’s take a look” said teacher Tang Yue.

“Yeah let’s go”

“The support team will be here soon, let them bring the students back to the outpost”



(Inside the cave)

The drillmaster stood there unable to believe what his eyes are seeing right now. The student Mo Fan is not dead, but carrying a wound covered student.

This other thing should be the berserk dark magic wolf standing there… or to be more accurate nailed on the ground with the stalactite through its body.

There’s no sign of life on it! It’s actually dead!!!

A dark magic wolf summon is not inferior to a real magic beast, Zhang Kong’s aim in this training isn’t to let the students defeat it but only to let it pretend being a real ferocious magic beast to give these students combat experience.

But defeating a dark magic wolf!? This is an impossible task! Even a hunter squad might be annihilated, not to mention these scared to shit their pants students.

Chasing it into the cave, Zhang Kong’s hope is only for less dead students, but he can hardly believe this scene! The wolf is dead, nailed by the stalactite!

How could there be such great coincidence in this world! How could the stalactite fell down right on the wolf, not to mention the wolf’s reaction time will definitely allow it to dodge the stalactite before it reach it!

“You… did you do this?” The drillmaster Zhang Kong was stunned for a long time before he finally look at Mo Fan.

This student doesn’t look any different from others, no special feature, a neat short hair, a fairly handsome face, and a tired look, but his hands are holding onto another bloody teenager tightly, going step by step out of  the cave.

Mo Fan looked up and is incredibly amazed!

Wings! The drillmaster has wings!! This Wing of Winds looked extraordinary, he has never expect to see such magnificent pair of wings!!!

This figure suspended on the air, with wings like an angle looked so damn cool!

“How did you kill it?”

After asking this, Zhang Kong felt a little stupid for asking that question. The signs on the scene are rather apparent, this student used fire spell to blow off the stalactite, making it fall and pierce through the wolf. However despite his doubts, he is still quite surprised.

This student was calm enough to lure the wolf into the cave and then made use of the stalactite as a weapon to kill it, moreover it’s even more intriguing how this student made the wolf stood by the falling stalactite and pierced through.

All in all, it’s a hard fact to swallow considering a trainee student managing to kill a dark magic wolf that’s stronger than regular one-eyed magic wolf!!

“Drillmaster, I found this blue bracelet in the cave, did I complete the bounty task? Will I still get that magic tool?” asked Mo Fan while smiling innocently.

Zhang Kong shook his head for awhile before realizing it in shock! Holy shit! I didn’t even prepare any magic tool reward for this! The bounty task is extremely difficult because of the dark magic wolf guarding the cave, while this blue bracelet is merely a random thing he put in because he never expected them to be able to complete it.

In my estimation, half the students will fail on the way to the cave while the rest will be annihilated by this dark magic wolf here! I couldn’t even think of the student killing the guardian beast instead!! What kind of monster is this student!!!

Even the teachers and instructors might not be able to kill it, but this student did it!

As for the magic tool…How could this kind of valuable thing be given out freely! But it seems that this time, he’ll have to empty his pockets and fork it out… The student really complete the bounty task.

Mo Fan looked at this drillmaster making strange faces while he ponder things, Mo Fan himself feeling rather greedy for that magic tool.

“Ahem… first things first, let’s save the others!” said the drillmaster with an embarrassed look.

“Ooooh… Okay… I’ve just remember you said that the magic tool is worth few hundred thousands of dollars!” agreed Mo Fan.

Hearing that the instructor flapping his wings lost focus for a moment and almost hit the stalactite on the roof.

Urk… save the students first, I’ll deal with this later.


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