Somewhere near the mall area, a streak of purple light suddenly blazed, followed by a buzz of lightning and ended with a painful howl of one eye magic wolf! The some parts of the wolf had been charred after being hit by lightning, its eyes filled with anger! Unfortunately it was unable to move and could only snarl in anger and desire to shred this puny human in front of it to pieces! Finally bombarded by several magic spells, it unwillingly fall… It never had the chance to do anything when it was ambushed by the human mage.

“Fortunately I ambushed it there” said Mo Fan after releasing a deep breath looking at the dead wolf.

This is his first time fighting against a magic beast alone, if it wasn’t for the lightning spells to set up, the one-eyed magic wolf would easily dash up to him and tear him to shreds. But taking advantage of the strong paralyzing effects of lightning spell and alternating it with the explosive destruction of fire spells, this unsuspecting one-eyed magic wolf was barely handled.

Just going through this alley, the shopping mall’s plaza area would be just around the corner! Mo Fan continued his way through this relatively abandoned and safe way, getting closer to the mall.


Near the mall’s plaza, a ten story tall apartment building with terrace had two men wearing black clothes standing there seemingly not caring about the teeming magic beasts around.

“There’s a flash of purple light there! Should be a lightning mage… He’s there! it looks like he’s heading to the shopping mall” said the man with aquiline nose.

“It’s him!” said the other man with warped face, his eyes flashing with hatred.

“Do you know him?” asked the other man.

“Of course! Wait here, I’m going to kill him!!!” said the main with hatred filled tone.

“Do not waste too much time! We have our mission”

“I know! But I have to kill this man!!!” As he finished his words, the masked man in black clothes made a command, and soon a few dark grotesque quickly followed him and sped away towards the mall’s plaza.


On the other side, Mo Fan had manage to get into the plaza steps. His luck seems to be pretty good so far, although there were a few giant-eyed rats wandering around, it seems that none of them pay much attention to Mo Fan getting closer to the mall building.

The mall’s entrance had obviously been destroyed, and Mo Fan cautiously spread out some magic dusts to avoid running into magic beasts and risk alarming everything in it. He had just spread these dusts and the special powder floats like dandelion on air and slowly floats towards his right, showing that there’s a magic beast approaching towards him very fast!


A silhouette rushes towards Mo Fan with great speed, its sharp claws glides across the glass door to Mo Fan fiercely as Mo Fan hid behind the door in reflex to dodge the claws. The silhouette continued its assault on Mo Fan, obviously ignorant of the glass door and ended up hitting the glass door, shattering it to pieces…

Mo Fan quickly rolled into the mall and notice that his arm has a gushing wound from slightly below his shoulder right up to the elbow, causing him a burning pain!

What the hell is that thing!? It’s so fast!!!

Luckily I spread some of those dust earlier and notice it, otherwise that thing will rip my heart out! Mo Fan recovered and manage to turn in time to see the creature climbing out of the door it destroyed in its confusion.

Dark Grotesque!!!

Mo Fan was greatly surprised, that creature with deformed body and monkey like face with incredibly ugly look is the special creature belonging to the Devil Cult! There must be devil cultist around here!!!

“You dodge them quite well, but unfortunately you will still not live to see the sun tomorrow!” said a cold voice coming from the door slowly, somehow a figure of a person in fully wrapped in black clothes came out near the broken entrance.

“Who are you?” Mo Fan felt that this man’s voice was slightly familiar but couldn’t remember which retard it was.

“You don’t know me… hahahaha that’s fine. I’ll let you see who I am!” laughed the devil cultist as he raised his hand to slowly unravel the black clothes on his head. The man quickly took off the clothes on his head, and a pair of intimidating eyes stares onto Mo Fan.

His left cheek looks like it’s rotting as if it was splashed with acid and the eyes without eye lids on it does look a little terrifying, but his right cheek.. Yes Mo Fan had indeed seen this cheek before but it has never crossed his mind that this person is actually a part of the devil cultist!!

“Have you remember me yet??” said the man who noticed Mo Fan looking at his right cheek with a strange stiff smile.

“So it’s you… is this your new clown mask to scare kids? It kinda works out” said Mo Fan with a unforgiving cynical words while hiding the horror in his heart.

“Shut up!!” said the devil cultist with a weirdly uncoordinated twisted face, as the other half of his ugly cheek convulsed oddly and the other side looked ferocious, filled with hatred and resentment, eager to strip Mo Fan to the bones and eat him raw!

“Why don’t you want to be a young master of a big clan? You actually went and become a dog for the devil cult?” said Mo Fan sarcastically.

“This is because of you!!” said the man with a somewhat painful roar.

“Eat my fart” replied Mo Fan

“I should be the one to go into the holy spring! It should be me!! You ruined it all!!! As long as I get the holy spring water to master Salang I would become a deacon in the devil cult!! I made such elaborate plans, I paid so much for this! I wasted ten years being a fucking dog for that old bastard fox just to get his trust, playing a good son just to get this holy spring!! You destroyed my ten years plan, so I turn like this. How is it not your fault!!! Master Salang punished me and pressed half my face onto ghost acid water! Do you even know how fucking painful that is??? I’m not going to kill you, but I’ll fucking dip your whole body into ghost acid water and then I’ll turn you into the slave-like dark grotesque!” said the man with hysterical roar.

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