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TN heads up, from this chapter onwards I will be using the greetings that are frequently used and usually used in japanese novels equivalent of things like -san, -chan, -ojou sama etc as it was in the original chinese novel as express better more about the difference in deference/respect etc.


Around half of this mountain, there is a residential area built with tall fences along the road towards Mo Fan’s house.

At the side of a small ridge near the mountain, a one and half story house with cracked paint and exposed bricks stood surrounded by remains of other houses.

The other houses before are three and a half story old houses, but has been renovated and look a lot better than Mo Fan’s shabby low-rise home.

“Mo Fan ge (my big boss/big brother), you’re back ah… Imma give you the good news that will make you grin ah!” said a teenager with monkey like face jumped out with a face full of joy, as Mo Fan just got to the door of his home.

“What good news ah?” Asked Mo Fan

“Little Princess just got back, I saw her when I passed by the mountain gate, Wasai (equivalent of woohoo/wah lau), you don’t know how beautiful the little princess has become, she’s more like a little angel” said Zhang Hou excitedly.

Mo Fan looked across the streets towards the villa in the residential area. The Villa is fine enough to make the whole city green with envy, each inch of the lands within is carefully tended to look like a real natural small forest. However, this beautiful mountain villa’s garden is surrounding with tall fences.

As Mo Fan reminisce back to his childhood, he remembers no such fences and then he often lead the other kids to play nearby the villa’s hills garden.

The resident has several buildings of the finest classic European style villas, and in the eyes of these children the tall buildings looked just like a castle out of the fairy tales where inside the castle lives a beautiful princess that leaves people breathless of her beauty, and since the princess is of similar age, Mo Fan often sneaked out with her to play with other kids.

Mo Fan can’t remember when but slowly more and more fences are built around the villa and its gardens, and the adults forbid the lousy kids (Mo Fan and gang) to go anywhere near the hills. Back then where they make-believe play her as a princess, she turned into a real princess as they grow older and everyone becomes more distant and contact each other less and less.

“You know,  I heard that little princess is now the ace of the prestigious Imperial magic school, wielding unmatched ice element magic by her peers, at the tender 15 years old she is now able to cast ice magic” whispered Zhang Hou secretively.

Mo Fan stood there in shock, amaze and surprised after hearing that. If Zhang Hou told him that the little princess won an award in the Olympic event he might have believed it, but becoming a real ice magician at that age is really truly incredible!

Most people awaken to their magical element at 16 year old and learn the first basic spell.

After awakening their magic and learning the first basic spell, it doesn’t mean that you have become a real magician. You still have to go through a very long practice and cultivation, you need to buy magic book, and actively practice to be able to actually cast the magic, this little princess is so unbelievable (god horse, pit father), she’s a real magician at 15 years old!

Is this what they call the prodigy kid? The prodigy of the Magic ah!

“ Mo Fan ge, I pity you ah, you didn’t watch over the little princess properly, now people can snatch her away. Blessed with looks and smarts, ckckck, make us die die also envy ah” said Zhang hou as he raised his eyebrow provokingly.

“ You little monkey fart so much, talk cock” said Mo Fan as he ignored him.

Mo Xing at the side coughed a little as he listened to the two kids talk about this and pulled Mo Fan into home.

Even as they just got home, Mo Fan’s father is eager to go out again and told Mo Fan “I’m going out fo awhile, Xin Xia is staying at that aunt’s place today, I don’t think she’s coming back tonight”.

“Alright dad, I got it”


Mo Xing with his hurried pace left home, walking along the fence to the familiar Villa and reach the all familiar building.

As Mo Fan pondered about how the world as he knows has changed, but his situation his poor family has not change in the least, just as how their own family did not change so is the rich family staying in the villa. The almighty god make all this fuss to send me to this other world, but didn’t do anything about this small problem about my poor family.

At least the only good news right now is that my looks hasn’t change, I still got the goddamn suave and romantic looks!

Sitting at home in boredom with nothing to do, he look around to see if anything else has changed.

Mo Fan saw a few people walking down the road trail, as he looked back nearby and see his father’s old pickup truck.

Dad worked as a driver, back then he was working as the personal driver for the villa’s resident but later on he was made to do other menial work, basically helping people in the villa buy things in the city and bring them back and since then the family’s life at home has become worse.

“Jia Xing ah, your request is a little too much. I’ve never treated your family badly, that little brat son of yours made such a big problem, I still help give you some work as delivery man, if it’s any other person, I would have sooner kick him out and far away! “said a middle aged man slowly.

“Mu Er ge(boss), I promise you it will be the last time I asked for your help, this Tian Lan magic high school’s fees is a bit too expensive for us, I know that with my family’s finances I really can’t afford it” said Mo Xing humbly.

“You ah, why do you have such a good for nothing son, he couldn’t pass the exam to a magic high school, let him go and fend for himself, he’s already 16 years old. Even If I help you this time to get him into a magic high school, with his qualification, he will never make the cut, never become a real magician, it’s not easy to become a real magician, it’s not enough to rely only on raw talent, you also need to put in efforts, in addition to that those magic books, magic device, magic equipment and so on, your family can’t afford it, without all these things to support him, he won’t even be able to cast basic magic spell let alone to become a magician…” Said Mu He in such an earnest tone but if Mo Fan hears this, these are such arrogant words.

“He really wants to learn this, Mu He ge if you are willing to help me this time, then the thing that the Mu house master said about kicking us out, I will move our whole family out nowhere near Mu family home, it will certainly give the Mu house master a peach of mind, I will personally make sure that Mo Fan brat will not go anywhere near Mu Ning Xue xiao jie (is the greeting equivalent of ojou-sama of the rich family home)” exclaimed Mo Xing.

“Oh, I’ll consider it”

As he heard about this family moving away from the Mu family compound this has piqued the interest of this Mu He.


The teenager pushing his ears on the walls eavesdropping on the conversation, has a very complicated feelings in his heart.

I though the world has changed, and he hoped that many terrible relationships will also change, but just like in his original world, nothing has changed.

Just like how the rich and lofty owners of this Mu mountain village, Dad is still struggling at the bottom of the society, need to beg for help everywhere, this Mu He is the chairman of Tian Lan magic high school. In fact, as long as he give the word, he can easily be admitted into Tian Lan magic high school.

But after hearing this old father Mo Xing said that he’s willing to move out of Mu family property, with a heavy sigh he finally agreed to the request.

In the end of this conversation, this old father Mo Xing never stopped thanking this Mu He, Mu He get into his luxury car and left, kicking up the dust on this lonely old pickup truck, just like how this old forlorn Mo Xing.

What kind of dream is this?

The cruel reality crashes upon Mo fan, as he leans against the wall breathing heavily as he’s clearly aware that his family’s situation has change any one bit at all, their lowly and poor status hasn’t change at all!

In the old times, the older family in the society has power and status, there are no difference at all in the modern world, some families have more heritage, longer history and their family still occupy positions and identities with power, even if the common people are no longer called servants to the rich, they are now called workers, although they no longer need to kneel and salute but the fates of these common people are still below those of the rich, and their fates can be manipulated easily at the fingertips of these rich people.

He was born in such a lowly status, and was in servitude to this Mu family.

With a violet surge in his heart, tightly clenching his fist as he hits on the walls.

“You Mu family, bully and take advantage of me when I was young, kick me when I’m down”

“When I finally go up, I will surely pay back this humiliation ten,no hundred times!”

Chapter 01 Adfly|Chapter 01|Table of Contents|Chapter 03|Chapter 03 Adfly

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