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Mo Fan returned home, his mind filled with Mu He’s words that appears to be earnest but full of arrogance and disdain on his father and his family.

I can’t even cast elementary magic huh?

Oh just you wait!!

Mo Fan admit that at some point in time in the past, he was very close with the little princess Mu Ning, but he didn’t know that later on this brought calamity to his poor family instead.

From then on, Mo Fan understand that even in this world filled with magic, social class and strata still determine your life.

“Mo Fan, hahaha I did it! I got you in ah, I called a friend of mine, he’s one damn awesome guy ah! He’s the chairman of Tian Lan magic high school, he said he’ll make an exception for you ah! As long as you promise to cultivate magic diligently after going through magic awakening he’ll let you in ah, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity you know, you gotta work hard this time ah” said the sallow faced Mo Xing as he smiled and pat Mo Fan on his shoulder.

Mo Fan looking at his father’s face full of joy, if it was as planned Mo Fan and his father will be drinking wine to celebrate him acing the school exam, but knowing the truth about how his father helped him, Mo Fan went along with his father’s hearty laugh, unwilling to believe that his father is always only looked down by everyone.

“Really? That’s great news! As expected of my father ah! Anything also can do haha” as Mo Fan smiled and hug his father.

“Who do you think I am, you don’t know who your father ah?” said Mo Xing as his face beamed up with even brighter smile.

The father and son pair had a few drinks in the evening and while drinking Mo Xing said “Mo Fan ah, you should stay in the school’s dorm, I’m going to rent out the house so we can get more money”

Mo Fan actually know that his father is going to sell the house to Mu He, but even if this broken house is worthless the land price is still quite high.

“Ok ah, rent it out lo, I rarely come back here anyway, but what about Xin Xia….”said Mo Fan pretending to know nothing.

“Xin Xia is living with that aunt ah, but honestly I don’t think us two guys can take care of Xin Xia properly, she’s a very sensible girl, we need not worry too much” insist Mo Xing.

“Alright, remember to come see me at school ah” said Mo Fan.

“I know, I’m feeling pretty sleepy, you have to go to the library tomorrow right?” said Mo Xing as he drank the last sip of the rice wine and groggily get up.

Mo Fan turned to look at his father’s receding back and then realized something.

He’s staying in the dorm, Xin Xia is staying with that aunt, the two kids have a roof on their head but where’s the old man going to live?

In the end, Mo Fan didn’t bring this issue up to his father.

In fact, Mo Xing is willing to make this sacrifice for Mo Fan for his duty and honor as his father, he wanted his son to know that he can rest assured and focus only on cultivating magic, the other things that he can’t solve I will help you solve!

Mo Fan knowing that bringing this up to his father will only make Mo Xing feel sad and ashamed, after all which men doesn’t want their son to think that they have one damn awesome father?

Mo Fan couldn’t open his mouth and say this, other people can look down and not respect his father, but he himself must respect his father!

This little broken house, isn’t fit for humans to live in, just wait 3 years later, with his own magic power he’ll get everything that he want.

This society has respect and reverence only for magic!

And I will become the invincible indomitable master magician under the sky!


The summer vacation flies by quickly, during the whole time Mo Fan feels as if he took a dive into a sea of books.

Whatever books is there in Tian Lan magic high school, there are numerous complex books about magic theories and even scientific theories, the knowledge and wisdom all these books can offer is truly limitless.

But even with the short amount of time, Mo Fan gained tremendously from this, oh at least he’s no longer magic illiterate, he has finally mastered the basic nine year compulsory magic education. At least he’s no longer behind those other students who have been studying for 9 years and understand theories of cultivation.

First of September, the first day of school for all magic high school students is one incredibly significant day, because not only it’s the most important step of life into being a magician, it’s also the moment when they’ll finally know what magic element they’ll be awakened to!

Awakening, just as the name suggest is to awaken the potential magic that lies dormant within the body.

“hey little brat, I wish you good luck ah! Best if you awaken to fire element ah, that’s like the best element for any magic students, compared to other elements fire elements is still much more preferable for combat, oh earth element is also not bad, wind too” said the old librarian.

Mo Fan was speechless as he listened to this old librarian talked endlessly.

Honestly, Mo Fan couldn’t sleep a wink last night, this isn’t just a life changing even in his life today, it’s also a never before attempted because this magic thing did not exist in his original world.

He’s going to reach out and take this opportunity.

Mo Fan can hear his heart beating furiously.


Mo Fan is placed in class 8, student number 48.

There’s nothing he can do about it, he really got into the school through the backdoor (under table shady dealing registration) after all.

The nearer to the first number in their class means their exam score is higher in the exam, the school believes that students that have better mastery and understanding of the magical knowledge and theories will practice faster and better after awakening their magic, and hopes to give encouragement to these students in this way.

Unfortunately, the number 1 of his class 8 is that old friend Mu Bai

Mu Bai is naturally part of the Mu family, even though he’s not of the main family, he still looked down on Mo Fan because in Mu estate he’s still considered as a xiao shaoye (young master) and with Mo Fan’s father being a servant in the estate, he also sees Mo Fan as a servant too.

However this chap really isn’t the same class as the little princess Mu Ning Xue, this Mu Bai kept trying to win her favor but Mu Ning Xue didn’t even care about him and ignored him.

Mu Bai scored well in the magic exam, so he should be one of the children that receives extra attention and training at the Mu family, and if he really awaken to ice element magic just like the traditional Mu family magicians, he’ll be able to enhance his cultivation speed several times, after all the Mu family has so many resources they can provide to him as compared to other ordinary household.

“Students, I welcome you to the high school, many of you must have been waiting for this exciting moment today but before that I have something to tell all of you” on the schoolyard, the school’s 1500 freshmen students were lined up spectacularly in neat squares of 20 classes.

“Students, do you know what it means to be a magician?”

“Never forget no matter what, regardless of what kind of magician you turn out to be, we magicians exist to make humanity prosper, the guardian of humanity itself is our most important mission and sacred duty, never forget that while you’re safe and sound inside the city, there are countless magic beasts lurking outside the city walls!”

As the Principal finished his long speeches, finally it has come to the part everyone wants to hear!

“Well, today you will begin to awaken magic, I hope in the future you can be the rising star the world of magic!”

As the principal Carter finished his words, the students couldn’t hold the joy in their hearts any longer!

Who doesn’t want to wield flames and destroy their enemies, who doesn’t want to wield ice and freeze their foes, who doesn’t want to wield the wind and fly around the world, who doesn’t want to wield the power of earth and resist their adversaries.

Countless stories, videos, movies talk about heroes and how they’re worshipped and revered and make them aspire to be magicians so that they can also be heroes! Today is their first step as they embark on the journey to become a magician whether they roam the world outside the city slaying magical beasts or rule the city of magic with their supreme powers.

Chapter 02 Adfly|Chapter 02|Table of Contents|Chapter 04|Chapter 04 Adfly

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