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All twenty classes will be supervised by their homeroom teacher and undergo magic awakening together.

Mo fan being the dead last in his class will be the last to go through his magic awakening.

The home room teacher in charge of Mo Fan’s class, Wu Mu Sheng has been standing in front of them and ready to supervise their magic awakening, all they have to do is to wait for their homeroom teacher to call them up, put their hands on the awakening stone and calmly induce their magic awakening.

“hey dumbass, people like you who got in through backdoor will probably fail your magic awakening, I heard that some people really couldn’t awaken their magic, trash like you shouldn’t waste the precious energy in the awakening stone” said Zhao Kun San, Mo Fan’s old classmate queuing in another line.

Mu Bai doesn’t think that Mo Fan is worthy enough to talk to him and instead have his henchman Zhao Kun San to humiliate and talk cock Mo Fan instead.

When Zhao Kun San mention about the people failing to awaken their magic, inside his mind Mo Fan is actually very worried about this problem, after all he literally cross over to another world, and if the physiology of the people in this other earth is different, then he’ll make a big joke out of himself infront of all the students.

“Mo Fan ge, just ignore this cunt (the novel went for **** so I went for random offensive 4 word thing that a 16 year old would probably say), awaken fire element and show this barking dog his place! “ said Zhang hou will is lining up in the same class with him.

Mo Fan didn’t reply this insult, if it’s any other day he would have thrown back all sorts of foul insults back to this Zhao Kun San the henchman. On one hand Mo Fan has been very nervous and reasons unknown the black pendant he has always been wearing since he was a kid is quivering.

Originally Mo Fan got this old broken black pendant from the old man guarding the rear gate back in the old school, in a hindsight Mo Fan suspected that this is the damn thing that brought him over to the other world, after all Mo Fan wore this black pendant when he took a nap in the mountain behind the school.

Since morning, this broken black pendant, ticking like a clock, quivering nonstop even until now.

“Dammit this bloody pendant, shake your ass a, you’re just a pendant!”

“Mu Bai” announced Xue Mu Sheng.

“Waaaa, that’s Mu Bai a, so cool, he’s first in class o”

“Yeaaaah, I saw him this morning before the assembly a, I kinda like him already, eh what element do you think he’ll awaken? Hopefully not those trashy element like water or light right?”

(t/n comments: random little girl you don’t disrespect Thomas Edison k, Edison will come back and rekt you with his lightbulbs k)

Mu Bai walked out the line and immediately heard some of the girls in his class chatter incessantly about him and attracted the attention of girls from other classes too. (t/n comments: somewhere while translating this chapter I’ve had the urge to just describe the important action and fill in the rest with stuffs you can imagine like girls going kya kya over bishounen… this chapter has too much ice cream cliché)

Mu Bai pretended as if he didn’t care at all and calmly walk towards the homeroom teacher with a humble and confident smile, but deep inside he’ll enjoying all the attention.

“Mu Bai, you’re from Mu family well known for their ice element magic right?” asked Xue Mu Sheng

“Yes I am”

“Great, if you awaken ice element, I believe that you will have a lot of advantage compared to others, but don’t forget to work hard in your cultivation, talent alone doesn’t determine everything” said Xue Mu Sheng.

Mu Bai nodded his head on the teacher’s words, but deep inside his hear “Sure talent along doesn’t determine everything, but without talent and sufficient resources, you will still be the bottom feeder dregs in the society!”

With the teacher’s permission, Mu Bai slowly approach the awakening stone.

The awakening stone takes on a compass shape slate that has palm pattern on it, Mu Bai approaches it with a calm façade but nervously places his hand on the stone.

Tracing his lineage to his family, it’s very likely that he will awaken the ice element, but there are also special cases where some of the family members awaken into water or light element, if he does the Mu family will probably no longer acknowledge his status in the family, after all they’re not going to waste any money just to get resources for this kind of useless element.

As he put his right hand on the stone…

The awakening stone suddenly gush out with bright radiance, and slowly but surely it turned into magic seal on Mu Bai’s right hand imprinting itself as if it was some sort of special veins on his hand.

The other classmates were on their toes as they watch Mu Bai, the first to undergo magic awakening.

Mu Bai stood over the stone without moving a muscle, and solemnly and slowly raised his head…..

~Creak, creak, creak~~~~

All of sudden a whirl of freezing air emanate around the awakening stone.

As the air surrounding it slowly become colder, the edge of the awakening stone has form a little frost!

“Ice element, it’s really ice element a!!!” cried someone who is near Mu Bai as followed by girls screaming.

Mu Bai heard the voices and opened his eyes in joy!

It’s really ice element a, it’s the trademark magic of Mu family! With this he will be regarded as the orthodox disciple of the Mu family, the day that he rise in the family is within his grasps, he can then easily crush this bottom feeder dregs Mo Fan just like crushing an ant….. No wait, now that I’m considered as an orthodox disciple, I don’t need to lower myself to this trash beggar a.

Besides I’ll have more opportunities to cultivate together with Mu Ning Xue, vision a, I must have a higher vision.

“Very good, very pure ice element, I think within your spiritual world should have formed a piece of star dust, cultivate harder, and you will be able to make it even stronger!” praised teacher Xue Mu Sheng.

Capable of freezing a part of the awakening stone as the student undergo awakening shows that this student has above average power with ice element, this is a talented student with a very promising future!

“Next, Qiu Yue Ying!”

A girl with a face full of confidence approach the stone.

“Good, earth element, it seems that the power of your stardust is pretty good, it will depend on your efforts to grow and become stronger!”

“Next, Xu Qing Lin!”

“Ice element”

This time round, Mo Fan tried to see what happen when this Xu               Qing Lin guy awaken his ice element magic but all he can see is just a light layer of frost and some fog and there weren’t any frost on the awakening stone.

It seems that even on the same ice element, Xu Qing Lin’s talent and ability is a lot lower than Mu Bai’s.

“Next, Lu Xiao Bin”

“En, water element!”

“aaa, OMG, why am I water element, I should be fire a!” as the student Lu Xiao Bin screamed so hard it can be heard over 100 meters radius.

“Do not be discouraged, whichever element you awaken to is the same, as long as you can reach mid-level magician, you will still be an outstanding magician” as Wu Mu Sheng comforts him with eyes full of sympathy.

Lu Xiao Bin can’t do anything about it and can only meekly go back to where he stood.

In fact, the element awakened to is very important, if awakened to fire element then while in elementary magician level one will get to experience more fighting, later on you won’t be lacking experience!

Water element, the first spell in the elementary level 『Water Shield』is not as strong as earth element in their defense, there are no obvious effects at least within the level of elementary magician.

Chapter 03 Adfly|Chapter 03|Table of Contents|Chapter 05|Chapter 05 Adfly


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