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Within the void in his spiritual world strands of bright light flows through, and as Mo Fan focus his awareness in it, he suddenly found that within the void a very small cluster of star.

Mo Fan feels incredibly joyful right now.

This existence of star within the spiritual world is very important for each and every magician, this star is the measure of a magician’s cultivation and power, the bigger it is the stronger the magician!

Within this star, Mo Fan can see that there’s a dim light, this cluster of star dust is small relative to the size of the spiritual world, but even if it’s extremely small according to the book regardless of how faint or how small that star is, it means you’ve successfully awaken your magic!

Hahahaha, who said I will fail awakening!

Didn’t I succeed awakening?!

He really wants turn back and look at this Mu Bai and Zhao Kun San’s distorted face.


Whatever… Let’s see what color is my star.

Red represents fire element.

Green represents wind element.

Brown represents earth element.

Blue represents water element.

Gold represents light element.

Purple represents….

Oh my god! Wtfbbqimmagrass

Mo Fan was stunned at the fact.


I actually have a purple colored star!!


“Omg! The other class had someone awaken lightning element!!!” exclaimed one of the students on the schoolyard.

“What? What! Lightning element?? I will trade several lifetimes of luck for that a!!”

“Where where! Awesome, so cool, so purple, that class 7 homeroom teacher must’ve been shocked outta his pants” (because shitting his pants right now is too terrible)

“Wuwuwu (t/n: T__T) , kill me, why am I water element, why not lightning element, nobody stop me, I’m going to the roof!”

“Don’t bother jumping, even if you jump there are light element students nearby”

“This lightning element student is going to shock the whole school a!”

Just one lightning element student is enough to cause an uproar!

If the fire element is the number one choice in everyone’s choice for their first awakening, then this lightning element is simply the most perfect element for first awakening, it’s a lot stronger and more tyrannical in combat and potential compared to fire element. Some teachers even found statistics on students with lightning elements, unless the student neglect his magic cultivation at least 50% of them successfully become a mid-level magician!

Filtering all the students taking the magic exam, only the top 40% of the students from the exam get into the magic high school and finally awaken their magic.

Out of 1500 high school freshmen, only one lightning element awakening, this goes on to show how rare this lightning element is!!


Right at this moment, the whole student body was staring straight at the boy from class 7, as he awakened that lightning element, arcs of purple lightning flashes and strikes on the awakening stone, right now this confident and proud boy has gathered the attention of everyone in schoolyard!

“Hey, why is it so noisy?” said Mo Fan as he slowly opened his eyes with a face full of joy.

However, when he opened his eyes he could see that even his homeroom teacher is giving his full attention somewhere else.

Mo Fan look around and found that everyone is looking to one side.

What’s going on?

Where are you guys lookin at?

Soon after Mo Fan found what was going on.

The student from the class next door awakened lightning element a step faster than his awakening and everyone in the whole school is focusing their attention on him!

Mo Fan with a bitter face looked at his awakened element, with similar arcs of lightning flashing across the awakening stone, he really feel like giving his teacher one tight slap. That face full of envy of next door’s student a, I awakened this damn awesome lightning element too!

Mo Fan was about to speak before the awakening stone when suddenly the from the awakening stone, pulsing through his palm, strands of bright light once again flowed into his spiritual world.

Mo Fan is surprised by this!

Isn’t the awakening over yet? Why is the awakening initiated again?

Mo Fan tried to pull his hand off the stone but the strands of hot magic power has already pulsed through his whole body through his palm.

A surge of burning power!

Mo Fan didn’t know what’s happening to him but a small part of that power urged him to once again focus his perception into his spiritual world, to focus on the second power invading into the spiritual world.

Within the void in his spiritual world, the purple colored star faintly shined with brilliance, it makes people feel eager to see it bloom even more radiance.

Just like how it feels when the lightning element awakened, within Mo Fan’s spiritual world a fiery arc of light streaked across as if it’s a burning meteor, Mo Fan was truly shocked body and soul!

“This….. This is….”

Within his spiritual world a red star appeared!!

Mo Fan was a little confused at first, and then he spiraled into joy!!

Fire element!!!

I awakened a fire element!!!

I actually have two element!!

Generally the first awakening for everyone is only one element, chances that someone awaken to lightning element is one in ten thousand, but there’s almost nobody who awaken two element almost never happened a, the chances of this happening is even lower than anyone awakening lightning element!!!


Mo Fan almost fainted on being too happy.

Just lighting element made him estatic, now with additional flame element, awakening to be a dual element is too much to make him cry.

Mo Fan’s is very very clear about this, having one more element from the start means that he’s already have more advantage compared to other people even though cultivation of magic element is independent from one to another.

Just like online games, everyone else in the server could only have one skill and cultivate it to be stronger, Mo Fan gets two skills, but the most important part is that the role of two skills can be performed by one person making his combat ability more than just 1 +1 = 2!

All those guilt at his father’s humiliation has vanished at this moment, Mo Fan clearly understand that with a good cultivation and hard work the two elements combined will make him a lot stronger than other magicians at the same level!

What Mu Family’s hundreds of years of heritage, What ice element family, none of that can match this dual element awakened magic!

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Chapter 05 Adfly|Chapter 05|Table of Contents|Chapter 07|Chapter 07 Adfly


  1. Is “Omgwtfbbq!” actually in the original text or are you just putting that in there because you don’t know what else to put in.

    1. It’s an expression in chinese where OMG and WTF is combined, and the bbq comes from the pun in the chinese sentence with grill.

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