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“Seriously, ai why isn’t this student assigned to my class, this Zhang Jian Guo teacher really picked up a good student in his class” said Xue Mu Sheng with a face full of envy.

Mu Bai at the front of the line had a surprised and gloomy look at the student but shortly after sent a condescending look at him.

Lightning department is amazing a, but if one doesn’t know how to cultivate it, it’s still pretty damn useless, so what if it’s lightning element it doesn’t mean much a, hmph just see if you dare block my way, I’ll kick you to the ground.

Oh, I almost forgot what this trash Mo Fan awakened to, it’s been quite some time he should have fail the awakening.

“Wow wow, fire element too!!”

“Amazing a, our class have another fire element student!”

“Who said he will fail awakening a, he actually get fire element, I’m going green from envy a!”

The lighting from awakening at the next class subsides gradually as the class figure out Mo Fan’s awakened element.

The girl who also awakened fire element, Zhou Min looked somewhat surprised as she looked at Mo Fan more in detail and found that Mo Fan’s awakening creates a much stronger flame compared to hers when she awakened.

“Class 8 gets another fire element a”

“Although it’s not as rare as lightning element, fire element is still powerful a!”

“Fire….Fire element…..” said Xue Mu Sheng with a sluggish face

Lightning element awakening from next class made him forgot about this problematic student, I thought his awakening fail! I couldn’t believe that he even succeed in awakening, furthermore it’s an outstanding fire element!

This…. This is like winning lottery a!!

Looking at the flame burning vigorously, the student’s magic talent also appears to be a little stronger than Zhou Min’s.

Xue Mu Sheng really did not expect that this back door student might actually help pull up the class average instead a!

“Yes yes, very good… what’s the name… Oh Mo Fan!” said Xue Mu She as his eyes squint in pleasure.

“Yes” nodded Mo Fan

Mo Fan thought that someone else saw him awakening his lightning element, but it seems that nobody noticed it because of the other class. It’s probably because this lightning element awakening next class is too shocking for the school or his own lightning element awakening is too weak to show any effect.

The strength of the effects when awakening may have some influence at the beginning of cultivation process but ultimately it’s not a crucial factor because even if the power is weak in the beginning, this power can be slowly cultivated to become even stronger.

“Fire element, en en, you must put more efforts in the future, if you have any questions come and ask teacher about it” said Xue Mu Sheng as he patted Mo Fan on the shoulder

Mo Fan’s heart was in joy.

However, Mo Fan didn’t let himself get carried away and reveal his thunder element. If it was any other teenager, they would have shown off their dual element awakening.

Mo Fan didn’t want to draw a bull’s eye on his back and draw the envy and jealousy of other people.

Mo Fan knows that this Mu family is already quite hostile towards him and his family, now that he’s awakened to two element, he’s going to lay low, he’s currently too weak and it’s not too late to rampage when he’s more power later on!

Mo Fan looked at Mu Bai and Zhao Kun San’s reactions, and sure enough those two guys’ face is twitching!

“This brat, how the poop did it happen, he didn’t fail his awakening but awakened to fire element instead!” said Mu Bai with a sincere façade but was cursing harshly.

“wtf, how is this possible, fire element….” Said Zhao Kun San the henchmen with a silly face.

“Ha ha, what did I say, mo fan ge is certainly extraordinary, fire element a, awesome! So damn awesome! This Zhao Kun San talk fart a” said Zhang Hou as he jump excitedly as the henchman’s face soured as if he smelled something foul.

Zhao Kun San have a face filled with anger as he thought about his wind element fighting against fire element, he’ll certainly suffer fighting against fire element!

Mo Fan turned around and with a handsome smile, bathing in the brilliant sun as some of the girls squeal does feel good indeed.

As Mo Fan walk past Mu Bai, he quietly give him the middle finger, this whole giving the finger took only a short 1 second just like saying hello and good bye.

Mu Bai feels his chest heaving as if he’s going to explode from this provocation.

He took a deep breath and told himself to calm down, keep his image, he can’t lower himself down to this common beggar, he’s a little master from the Mu Family, this guy is just the son of a servant.

“This waste didn’t fail his awakening, even if he’s got some advantage on his fire element awakening, this lucky bastard is still a trash…. The more irritating thing is the class next door has a lightning element student, he’s getting all the attention instead of my ice element awakening, gawd dammit!” cursed Mu Bai as he swore with a façade that looks like a prince charming.

Mo Fan returned to his position and felt that the looks that the students gave him has changed quite abit.

“Fire element, must not try to provoke this guy if possible”

“Why do you want to provoke him, I’m going to make good friends with him, I’m just some light element student, if I get bullied later I can rely on the backing of this big brother a!”

“Yes, his name is Mo Fan isn’t it?”

Mo Fan heard the other students whispering about it, but he was especially looking at Mu Bai who should also heard these things, but Mu Bai is still keeping that smile on his face.

Mo Fan knows what kind of person this Mu Bai is, all along he’s green with envy, a look at that fake smile and Mo Fan knows that Mu Bai is quite upset inside.

Just when this bastard awaken fire element you’re already green with envy ah, if you know this so-called bastard also have lightning element…. Aren’t you going to commit suicide?

Chapter 06 Adfly|Chapter 06|Table of Contents|Chapter 08|Chapter 08 Adfly


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