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Summer passed quickly as the autumn leaves fly with the wind into the schoolyard.

Somewhere in the school’s yard, the afternoon sun spilled through the gap between the dense shade of leaves shining upon the small clearing like a stage.

Time flies as an arrow, it’s been two months after Mo Fan’s magic awakening.

On the first day of the class, the teacher Xue Mu Sheng give the students the most important lesson they need to know in their first semester, and that is how to cast magic! (t/n no seriously if you go into jp it literally spells as kaiho or release, I think this author watched a lot of magical anime and kaiho kaiho much)

Casting magic can be done in very simple and easy three step process (magic anonymous ahoy)

First step, spiritual meditation.

Second step, establish control.

Third step, cast magic!

Spiritual meditation requires one to wholeheartedly concentrate.

When people close their eyes a lot of times their mind will wander to various thoughts.

However when one manage to stop their mind from wandering and distract themselves, the mind itself will be empty of thoughts.

As for magicians who have awakened their element, instead of having an empty thoughts they will instead find themselves in the space within their spiritual world.

As long as Mo Fan close his eyes and did not let his mind wander and daydream, this space where his lightning element star and fire element star will appear.

The purple colored lightning element star looking like a purple colored galaxy appears to be very beautiful, colorful and charming.

Surrounding this lightning element star, a total of seven smaller stars disorderly orbiting the star just like seven naughty children that couldn’t be obedient and energetically run around.

For any magic awakened students, as long as the star and its orbiting stars have appeared with lively and bright colors then they have completed the first step, spiritual meditation.

The first step is really very simple, and for the past two months all the students have been doing as their homework is this spiritual meditation.

Spiritual meditation starts after dinner, meditate till they’re tired and then sleep.

The next day after whole day school of lessons, they go back to their dorm and continue to meditate again until they’re tired. Rinse and repeat.


Mo Fan has been very diligent in his cultivation, for the whole two months including weekends he kept on doing spiritual meditation whenever possible. Mo Fan wanted to question the teacher many times… why did they assign this kind of simple homework for the past two months?

“Maybe I can try to establish control?” Mo Fan felt that he has been very skilled in spiritual meditation and is eager to try the second step.

The second step of magic is actually very simple too.

After engaging in spiritual meditation, one will see the star and around the star are seven other stars orbiting energetically in an irregular way.

Establishing control is to use their mind to consciously control these smaller stars, make these stars calm down, make them obediently stop at your designated spot and even make them move in a certain path.

When one successfully use their mind to control these stars to move along a correct pathway within the magician’s body only then they can finally attempt to truly cast magic!

“Run really fast, come on let daddy touch you” as Mo Fan tries to connect with the seven stars.

(t/n: seriously摸摸, rub rub? Molest? Woot?)

Using his mind to exert control over these stars, Mo fan track onto to one energetically orbiting small star and was trying to make it obediently stop moving.


The small star being indifferent to Mo Fan, ignored him and like a little lolita escaping from old uncle, escaped away from his influence even faster.

“Damn it, so uppity, fine… I’ll go try a different one” as Mo Fan tries to connect with other small star.

“Daddy’s here, come come be obedient, good girl, listen to daddy”


The second star just like the first one escaped from his control just as fast.

Mo Fan tried to establish control on other stars, all of them ended up the same, on a few of them when Mo Fan attempts to exert control over them they move even faster than before.

As the small stars continue to orbit with irregular movements, the magician will not be able to cast any magic at all!

By utilizing a certain path in the magician’s body, a magician must connect all these small stars and line them up to let all the energy in the stars to flow into the magician’s body and then finally cast magic!

Unfortunately for Mo Fan, he was unable to control any of the stars, in fact it might be better not to try at all, once these stars felt any intention to control like eating 500 jin of Xuan Mai (t/n you can google what is stride in china, it’s a brand of gum and candy) these stars ain’t bloody stopping at all!

“How do I do this… How many years and months do I need to do this before I can even cast the first magic skill- 『Lightning Strike』” Mo Fan quipped unpleasantly.

The first skill of lightning element system is 『Lightning Strike』.

Among all the skills that all other elements learn, with practice and skilled application this skill has the most outstanding combat applications.

Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to learn skills.

The small stars orbiting this lightning star moves considerably fast, to control them is not something that can be achieved in a measly one or two days.

“Even now I can’t even control any one of the seven stars… this is quite the long road”

Just like reading and studying magic, it’s not something that be achieved in one or two days!


As the weather grow colder, the female students have been wearing thick and warm clothing instead of skirts and stockings, as time flies the winter season has been slowly approaching.

“Aqiu~~~ Damn it, I should have trained in fire element in the first place, then I could pass by this whole winter comfortably” said Mo Fan as he practiced on the rooftop early in the morning.

After more than a month since practicing to establish control, Mo Fan has been able to control 4 small stars.

The process to control these small stars… is like laying blocks of domino.

In other words, you have to carefully lay down all the 4 domino blocks in one breath without letting any one of the blocks sway and afterwards make all 4 of them move together in small steps.

Once any one of them collapse, all the stacks collapse together and you have to start over!

And just like this, you have to connect with one star and with your mind exert control over it and while doing this, you have to concentrate and exert your control over other small stars. The hardest part is when the stars resist your control over it and the rebound will send you a lot of headache, but even so you can’t allow the pain to distract your concentration.

Grinding his teeth, Mo Fan attempts to control the small lightning stars to obediently hover over a certain position.

After successfully controlling the first star, Mo Fan still have to divide his attention to the second small star, doing the same thing again and firmly exert control over the second star.

If one is not careful and concentrate too much on the second star but neglect the first star, the star will resist your control and all the efforts will all come to naught.

The teachers themselves have said that the second steps is the most difficult of the whole process, where not only it’s difficult to exert control over the stars but will also deplete their spiritual force.

Just like how Mo Fan is trying to establish control every day, every time he fails the whole body feels a little bit tired, trying to do this for two hours every day leaves him mentally exhausted, dizzy, and confused.

And like this nobody can go on and try to do any spiritual meditation afterwards.

This establishing control is literally some bloody mana glutton, with my current cultivation it can last only for two hours of practicing at most!

Chapter 07 Adfly|Chapter 07|Table of Contents|Chapter 09|Chapter 09 Adfly

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