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“4th small star is now firmly in my control, I should try going on the 5th, ai, this is so difficult, I wonder if I could completely control all those 7 little bastards before the end of this semester or even put them on the proper pathway… that said, this monkey said that most people could only practice control on their star at most only one hour a day, each time even he couldn’t last any longer than 5 minutes, but I could do it for a total two hours, could this be the advantage I get from awakening two elements? Said Mo Fan to himself.

“The mana required to control the stars at the first stage should be the same, maybe I do have twice more mana than everyone else?”

Each magic student’s spiritual force is limited, to exert control would deplete their spiritual force and at their current magic cultivation level, they could only last for about an hour practicing their control.

However even with only an extra hour of advantage, coupled with Mo Fan’s diligent efforts, his progress has surpassed many of his fellow classmates, according to the hearsay of his henchman even the most outstanding student in the class Mu Bai could only control up to three small stars.

Out of the 7 small stars, Mo Fan has managed to establish control on four and he’s expecting to reach five within the week, it’s seems that awakening two elements give him extra hour to practice compared to others too!

This is the perfect scenario a!

I’m going to reach for the stars and marry that fair, rich and beautiful little princess! (t/n: bai fu mei, white, rich and beautiful)



8 am in the morning, the first class is the magical beasts, and the teacher for this class is the next door’s homeroom teacher Zhang Jian Guo.

“Mo Fan, why are you late? Can’t you be more punctual? I know your talent is a bit better than most of the students, your exam score is terrible, but you’re still not seriously studying, look at the lighting element student in my class, he’s got good talent, diligent, study seriously, he can now control four small stars, how about you? I heard you can’t even control a single fire element star, this fire element is so wasted on you! As Zhang Jian Guo reprimanded Mo Fan bluntly for being late.

Mo Fan couldn’t help but roll his eyes, every time this Zhang Jian Guo goes on scolding he’ll keep on bringing up that lightning element guy.

This Zhang Jian Guo will keep talking about this with a face full of pride and relate anything and everything to that student that awakened lightning element every day.

“That guy could only control 4 stars, I could already control up to 6 small stars!” scorned Mo Fan secretly as he leisurely walk to his seat.

“Well, open your books on magical beasts, today I will continue the lecture about magical beasts. As we all know, the magical beasts live outside of our human city and is completely hostile towards humans, in fact they even fight among themselves… so if you happen to step into the wilds what can a magician do if he met a one eyed magic wolf?” said Zhang Jian Guo as he lecture about the topic excitedly.

One-eyed magic wolf.

This is one of the magical beasts that made its nest near the human city, Mo Fan has only seen them through books and videos but those wolves seems very vicious.

Ordinary humans will not be able to do anything about such beasts, only a magician can fight against it, but of course magic students who couldn’t cast any spell can only be massacred if they meet any one-eyed magic wolf!

Zhang Jian Guo has been spending a week talking about this one-eyed magic wolf during the magical beasts class, even Mo Fan is incredibly bored listening to it over and over again.

At the moment, Mo Fan has successfully connect and control up to 6 small stars in the lightning star, as long as he concentrate properly, he can definitely organize those 6 stars to follow the orbital alignment.

The only problem is this particularly bad seventh small star, like a virgin saint guarding her chasity, go soft and you suffer, go hard and she won’t obey you, this makes Mo Fan particularly nervous and anxious!

Fuck, I’m stucked on this step a!

“Fan ge, how’s your practice on fire element star a?” asked Zhang Hou who sit behind Mo Fan.

“Still the same…” casually replied Mo Fan.

Fire element….

Just like what Zhan Jian Guo said, Mo Fan couldn’t control any one of the small stars yet.

“Can’t be right? I don’t think that’s your real cultivation level, also I heard that Mu Bai guy could already control four small stars in his ice element star, if he put more efforts during the winter holiday it’s very likely that he’ll be able to cast the first elementary ice element spell『Ice Wave』!!!” said Zhang Hou.

“I know”

“Da ge, why aren’t you worried at all? Ya know, this that villain and henchman combo is already planning something bad for you”

“its okay, let them come at me”

In Mo Fan’s mind all he can think of is to control that seventh star, everything else is not important at all.

“Anyway, you have got to be careful… this semester is going to end soon, you gotta work harder next semester a, if you can’t cast your first spell by the end of the next semester the school might find reasons to kick you out”



Soon the end of the first semester comes, Mo Fan have a vague feeling that he has manage a faint connection to that seventh small star.

“Damn it, this cultivating magic is more difficult than praying for goddess to come down, day and night connect…” complained Mo Fan as he walk out of school.

The whole semester Mo Fan hardly walk out of the school compound, 10 hours of spiritual meditation followed by 2 hours of control practice, go to class, eat, sleep every day without stopping.

Anyway, at the end of this semester all the students are going back home along with their winter homework too.

Unknowingly Mo Fan was going to get on a bus back to his old home before realizing that he didn’t have that old house anymore, he almost forgot that his father has sold off the house and he’s currently pretty much a homeless person.

His father Mo Xing is probably still doing his work driving around and is too busy to think about Mo Fan, so he decided to take a trip to see his sister Xin Xia instead.

It’s been 6 months since he last saw his sister and Mo Fan have been wondering about his sister.

“Let’s go straight to her school and pick her up”

Mo Fan went on another bus going towards his sister’s secondary school.

Sitting in the bus, Mo Fan with nothing else to do, continue to practice establishing control, trying to exert his influence on that seventh small star.

Different stars of different elements carried different nature, some are easier to connect with, Mo Fan has been spending the past few nights trying to connect with this last star and bring it under his control, but this particular star has been rather irritable, especially when it resist and break out of the control the pain from backlash and depletion of spiritual force was several times more.

This seventh star is just like his difficult aunt with her irritable temper, when it explode she’s always violent.

Fortunately, the past months effort have actually bore some progress, sometimes the seventh star will come under Mo Fan’s control for a short period of time instead of going out of control and resisting his influence every time.

Chapter 08 Adfly|Chapter 08|Table of Contents|Chapter 10|Chapter 10 Adfly


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