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“That is great, where is the boy now?”

“I don’t know, I gave him a mission to flee to the shelter” said Lin Yu Xin.

Hearing what Lin Yu Xin said about the holy spring’s not falling to the hands of those devil cults made Yang Zhuo He looked relieved, although it’s equally jarring to not know what’s happening to the holy spring on the hands of a young student.

“Yang Zhuo He, why are the devil cults trying to get the holy spring after all these years, they even had make the magic beasts attacked the city! What are they trying to do with it?”

“We don’t know why they want to destroy the city yet, but they want it so bad they’ll even massacre the whole city in bloodbath” said Yang Zhuo he with a little anger in his voice.


“The holy spring is one considered a sort of treasured advance level material, it has great temptations especially for commander class magic beasts and using that, they tempted the ash winged wolf to invade using traces of the false spring in the rain… Although a single ash winged wolf is not enough to destroy the city, they must have intended to lure several more commander class magic beasts to attack the city. And those damn magic beasts sensing the holy spring will instinctively rouse its desire to obtain this resource! Once detected above ground all the commander class magic beasts within one hundred kilometers will definitely smell this tasty holy spring bait! Bo city’s defenses is already very precarious! If those magic beasts with wisdom led its horde to invade the city… at that time this Bo city will really become hell on earth” said Yang Zhuo He in despair.

Lin Yu Xin shuddered, this devil cult is really too devious, luring a ash winged wolf and its flock isn’t enough, they wanted to lure even more commander class magic beasts and turn this whole place into a city of the dead!

“We must find the find this Mo Fan before the devil cult gets it!” said Yang Zhuo he seriously.

“I’m sorry… I did not know that the holy spring have such huge influence…”

“You made a wise choice, at least in that student’s hand the holy spring did not fall into the hands of those damn cultist” said Yang Zhuo He as he made a silent prayer in his heart, praying very solemnly that they did not find Mo Fan yet.

“Although it doesn’t look as bad right now, the devil cult will probably guessed that I gave it to Mo Fan and will send their cultists into the city to trace him!” said Lin Yu Xin calmly.

“Let’s not waste time and find Mo Fan now! If he was eaten by the beasts, at least they would deserve the holy spring more than the devil cults right?” said Lin Yu Xin grimly.

Yang Zhuo He was stunned speechless.

“What the….”




At the outskirts of Ming garden park district, Mo Fan abruptly sneezed.

Rubbing his nose, Mo Fan couldn’t figure out why he sneezed, perhaps someone is talking about him?

The emergence of this hideous spined wolf, warrior class magic beast made a serious impediment to their journey, they had to wait for the terrible creature to move far away before finally finding some courage to move on.

On their way, they encountered a one-eyed magic wolf. Xu Zhao Ting led the attack with his lightning whip as the rest immediately bombarded it with their strongest magic, and before the wolf could get any chance to run or alert others, Mo Fan’s <Lightning Wrath> slams it back to the ground, giving it no chance to do anything but to die.The rest promptly bombarded it with their magic quickly, taking care to not cause too much disturbance in the area.

A squad with two lightning mage really brights a whole different dynamics to battle, with their paralyzing attacks, even if there’s no prior preparation for battle, the sheer power of its disabling attack could substantially reduce fatal risks to a minimum.

“Almost! Almost there! This is great!! Look up! We can even see the enchanted walls right there!” said Zhang Hou excitedly.

“Stay alert! There’ still more than 600 meters away!” said Mo Fan.

The nine people squad continue moving, getting closer to a smelly moat in front of them. The moat river is not very wide, both sides of the river were planted with rows of willow trees and messy rows of cafe umbrellas dotted the riverside messily.

In the smelly moat were two giant-eyed rat but fortunately it did not stay but continue to swim further. The squad carefully crossed the bridge, although it appeared to be damaged, mages and beasts had definitely fought there as they could see fire still burning something under the bridge.

“Magic… Magic beasts!!”

Just at the middle of the bridge, they could clearly see some sort of wolf shaped creature! Although its eye is different from the one-eyed magic wolf, but this forest blue colored wolf walked on all fours, with barbed spines jutting out of the back of its head extended to its neck and shoulders, it’s significantly different from the brutal one-eyed magic wolf.

Everyone was surprised at first, but after a closer look they could see a man sitting on its back revealing a delighted smile, especially after he found out that the group are students.

“Instructor Bai? Isn’t that instructor Bai!?”

“That’s great! We even met the military here!!” said Xue Mu Shen to Mo Fan with relief.

Mo Fan glanced at the sitting instructor and his summon, it’s clearly Instructor Bai, the mage that summoned the dark magic wolf that was killed during that bounty training.

It looks similar to his previous summon… but unfortunately if measured according to its size and momentum, it must be slightly inferior compared to the previously killed wolf.

“How are you guys going through here? Is it your first time evacuating to the shelter?” asked Bai Yang as he prompted the dark magic wolf to move to them.

Wang Pang, Xu Zhao Ting and He Yu looked at Instructor Bai who is riding the dark magic wolf heroically, their face showing colors filled with worship.

A mage capable of summoning is so cool! Having a summon will let them quickly traverse through this completely paralyzed traffic through the city, a vigorous dark magic wolf could help them move around with ease too!

“It’s not Tian Lan magic high school’s first time, but there’s a big group about a kilometer behind us. We’re the vanguard group making the evacuation path to the shelter for the group behind us” said Xue Mu Shen.

“Oh, I’ll ask commander to deploy some mages to help them, you guys stay with me here and wait for reinforcement… There are some difficult to deal with magic beasts in front” said Bai Yang as he took off his white cap and reveal a gentle smile.

“Instructor Bai, you don’t know how much danger we braved on our way here… Unfortunately, Zhang Ying Lu was killed… but fortunately Mo Fan had some experience dealing with these magic beasts, or we probably won’t be able to make our way here” chatted Wang Pang animatedly.

Seeing an instructor here, they couldn’t help but be a little relieved, after all these military instructor even have a summoned magic beast, he wouldn’t even have any problem dealing with a few magic beasts!

“Oh? Mo Fan!” said Bai Yang with a significant change in expression, as his eye suddenly fell on Mo Fan.

Mo Fan was wondering in his mind, why this Bai Yang stared at his like this and Bai Yang promptly jumped down the wolf, and quickly walked to Mo Fan, his eyes looking firmly at Mo Fan and said “We’re all looking for you”

[Chapter 99] [Table of Contents] [Chapter 101]


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