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“You’re looking for me?” said Mo Fan in confusion

“Oh? You didn’t know this? This disaster was brought upon by the devil cult, not only did they lured the ash winged wolf here, but they’re also planning to use the holy spring to attract other commander class magic beasts to completely destroy Bo city!” said Bai Yang very seriously.

“This damn devil cult is no better than beasts!” said Xue Mu Sheng angrily.

“Vice-captain Lin Yu Xin entrusted the holy spring to your hands right?” said Bai Yang.

Mo Fan did not answer, but continued observing this instructor.

Bai Yang looking up and down, wanting to know if this important treasure is still safe in his hands and said “Pass the holy spring to me, I will immediately deliver it to boss Zhan Kong, this thing is too important to fall into hands of those devil cults or Bo city will be finished!”

The gaze of others fell on Mo Fan’s body for they also did not believe that such an important item was hidden on Mo Fan.

“Mo Fan, you have done well protecting the holy spring in secret,instructor Bai Yang can protect it better than us, give the responsibility to him and let’s hurry into the shelter!” said Xue Mu Sheng.

Bai Yang excitedly walked up, grabbing Mo Fan’s hands but did not find the holy spring at all as Mo Fan looked at Bai Yang and said “I put it in a very safe place, I will personally deliver it to Zhan Kong, would instructor Bai Yang lead the way!”

Bai Yang was stunned for a moment, his face grimacing as he stuttered his replies, but after a slight pause, his previously warm smile suddenly froze, as his eyes shine with brutal violence, it made his whole face appear like a twisted hideous monster and coldly said “Then you can die!”

The originally docile looking dark magic wolf suddenly rushed toward Mo Fan in big steps, and lift its sharp claws to rip Mo Fan apart! The sudden change stunned the whole crowd!!

“Mo Fan!!” exclaimed Zhou Min loudly but could only watch as the wolf’s claw comes nearer to claim Mo Fan’s life.

“Bai Yang what are you doing!!!” roared Xue Mu Sheng.

Bai Yang simply ignored the sudden outburst, looking at Mo Fan without a trace of mercy, at such distance, with this kind of attack, mere student will be torn in pieces!

“Kill him!”

The claw descended, seemingly filled with Bai Yang’s hatred and fury in it, since his previous summon was killed by Mo Fan, he finally have the chance to get revenge for it! The revenge is just a thing he did along his mission, as long as he gets the holy spring and hand it over to Deacon Hong Yi, his work in this Bo city is over….!


What…. How is this possible!?

He was expecting a pile of smashed body, but this bone shield stood just right before Mo Fan, protecting him from the wolf’s swipe and knocked both Mo Fan and the shield away instead of claiming his life!!

This bone shield was clearly a gift from Zhan Kong! But how did he have the time to prepare! This sudden attack, at this distance is definitely impossible to even cast any spell… Unless this kid doubted him from the start!!!

The bone shield that resisted the wolf’s swipe return back to Mo Fan, as he finally stopped sliding away and regain his bearings with a solemn face, but his heaving chest betrayed his anger.

“Fucking asshole!” spitted Mo Fan vengefully.

“Hahaha, I really did not see this coming! Why are you so curious to doubt me? I’m your training instructor!!” said Bai Yang with a mad laugh, that warm cheesy look on his face hide the twisted madman inside! Who would have thought that this guy is another mad devil cultist!?

This time, even Mo Fan don’t know how deep the devil cult spies had infiltrated into Bo city and its societies. His eyes glanced at the others in the squad that are still standing there, before rushing to them and shouted “Be careful! This guy summoned more than just…”

Bai Yang’s face immediately stiffened as his eyes flashed fiercely! Instantly a shadow with long and sharp sickle like limbs creeping below the bridge quickly jumped towards the nearest of the group and chopped at Zhang Hou and He Yu!!!

Bai Yang’s turncoat came too unexpected and sudden, the students doesn’t know how to react, let alone paying attention for dangerous creatures from the edge of the bridge! The ugly looking grotesque body and monkey like face, strapped in tight fitting black leather is a signature creature of those devil cultist!

Mo Fan who saw the dark grotesque sprang towards Zhang Hou had his heart jumping out! Although he wanted to cast his spell in less than a second to blast that dark grotesque into pieces, he couldn’t do so yet. Zhang Hou was a relatively simple boy and wasn’t like Mo Fan who would be wary even at Bai Yang, just like any other normal students who wouldn’t doubt their teachers! He did not have time to cast his wind spells at all and as Zhang Hou turned to see the monster, his aghast face could only see the ugly black monster springing itself to him…

He’s going to die just like that!?

Even Zhang Hou couldn’t believe his fate!

Along with his best bro all through the hellish three kilometers route, and just as they were about to reach the safety of the shelter only to die in the hands of their instructor!

Zhang Hou closed his eyes…


Hot blood were suddenly sprayed on his face, as his face and mind were filled with frustration and unwillingness. This beast is slicing my chest so fast, I even felt blood spraying in my face before feeling the pain from my torn chest??

Another second passed but Zhang Hou has yet to feel any pain and opened his eyes in confusion, the monster that was attacking him was somehow knocked off to hit a motorcycle near him…

I did not die??

Then what are those blood….?

Zhang Hou turned his head aside only to be shocked, a pale face greeted him and he couldn’t help but to hold her into his arms… The blood spraying out of her body feels warm… so warm that Zhang Hou felt as if his whole body was burning by the blood spilled on him!

[Chapter 100] [Table of Contents] [Chapter 102]


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