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“He Yu!!!!”

Zhang hou wanted to roar but a sudden surge of pain stopped him from shouting his throat out. Countless water drops scattered in front of Zhang Hou, as if He Yu’s life that seems to disappear just like how the scattered water fall on the ground.

Wind Path Wind Path Wind Path!!!

Zhang Hou crazily and quickly cast his spell under the intense pressure and as he succeed, a force of wind quickly envelope his body as he quickly grabbed the blood soaked He Yu and ran away from the monster as fast as he can, as He Yu’s blood scattered along the way…. The dark grotesque attacked like an executioner, ripping off He Yu’s arteries making it difficult to stop her from bleeding to death.

“Why did you protect me! You should protect yourself! You can’t even protect yourself yet you do this! YOU FOOL! Teacher quick save her! I beg you to save her!!! There must be a way!!”

“Bastard, fuck you bastard!! I will kill you!!!”

Zhang Hou’s scream rang into everyone’s ears harshly, just like how they didn’t expect that Bai Yang was actually a devil cultist, it never crossed their mind that the timid He Yu would sacrificed herself to protect Zhang Hou, the splashes of fresh blood everywhere pull them out of their shock!

Zhang Hou held He Yu in his arms, her eyes watching him as her cheeks grow more pale by the second. Her pair of black eyes held myriad emotions within as the last moments of her life slowly pass by, a trace of gladness maybe because she finally managed to use her water shield spell properly during the crisis just like teacher Xue said earlier, also a hint of security as she lay on the arms of this skinny boy who have always helped and accompanied her during class practice like her hero, and she finally manage to help him today! However all those e/motions were overwhelmed by the longing and unwillingness in her eyes for she has many more unfulfilled desires just like other young girls!

“Hahaha looks like you little bastards improved a little! I really thought my little pet would kill you two in a go! But since there’s one of you alive, this instructor will give you a free lesson today aight? Now understand this… Do not believe in anyone! Unfortunately for you, this lesson isn’t going to help you now… because you’re all going to die before crossing this bridge!” said Bai Yang with frenzied smile.

While he was still talking, the dark grotesque sprang towards other students, with its speed that’s nearly double that of the giant-eye rat the poor students could only see silhouette dashing towards them. This agile monstrosity could be considered an executioner for novice mages, because they could simply kill the novice mages in one hit before they even finished a spell in their panic!

“Get away from it quickly!!!” shouted Xue Mu Sheng.

The dark grotesque moved with its instinct, rushing towards the nearest student to make another bloodbath! On the other side, Mo Fan is facing off a healthy and strong dark magic wolf, still working out the pain from swiping on the bone shield, no longer rushing to attack Mo Fan but keeping its eye on Mo Fan closely.

Mo Fan’s chest heaved dramatically after hearing Zhang Hou’s piercing cry, anger simmering in his guts! Even though in He Yu’s eyes, meeting this Bai Yang instructor on their way to the shelter would have brought them safety but who would have expected him to be a human eating demon that would even swallow the bones, and now seeing his still laughing face made Mo Fan even more angry to smash his face!


The dark magic wolf opened its mouth and something appeared to churn within it as it roars louder and a buffeting wave of air suddenly shot towards Mo Fan!

Rocky sandstorm!

This is the dark magic wolf’s innate ability that allows it to attack at range without its claws and fangs. Noticing the incoming bullet, Mo Fan quickly rolled to the side to hide behind a van. A few moments later the van was filled with hundreds of fist-sized holes as it weathered the attack after shaking heavily. Mo Fan who had his back against the van suddenly had glorious purple light hinting out from his eyes, and as it becomes even more brilliant, small purple particles started streaking around Mo Fan’s whole body like meteors as the seven bright purple stars within Mo Fan connected to his runes pathway quickly and produces streaks of lightning!

Hu! Mo Fan released a long breath and turn to look straight at the dark wolf before the rocky sandstorm is even over.

“I killed something like you a year ago! I will still kill you like a dog!” said Mo Fan angrily without a trace of fear in his eyes as he held a hand up high and suddenly gripped fiercely, making the restless lightning element in the air to suddenly streak towards the dark magic wolf like a hammer falling.

The wolf tried to escape the lightning spell but unfortunately, Mo Fan has already expected that and sent <Lighting Seal> to where it might have dodged. As long as it’s hit by even one lightning seal, the rest of the lightning will be attracted to it like metal to magnet and finally it will course through its body and paralyze it!

The dense arcs of purple lightning quickly engulf the wolf, making the wolf roared dully in pain! As the wolf lost its ability to move, it could no longer close in to attack Mo Fan physically, and Mo Fan coldly sneered after seeing the lightning spell ended and his eyes shined with a red gloss, his other hand has another mass of hot burning flame!

Start with lightning! End it with fire!!

The dark magic wolf will soon enjoy the two most lethal and destructive element!

The fiery mass of flame filled with his thundering rage was shot out and the small ball of flame shot towards the mouth of the wolf that was howling in pain! The countless and tireless practice Mo Fan had the whole year has made it possible for Mo Fan to shoot the ball of flames accurately, and the small ball of fire quickly entered the wolf’s slightly opened mouth and drilled into its body!

“EXPLODE!!!” roared Mo Fan as he saw the ball of flame reached exactly where he wanted it to be, with the trigger to the small ball of flame fully within his control!

The small looking fireball that appeared as if it has no power suddenly detonated inside the wolf’s mouth creating an explosion!

[Chapter 101] [Table of Contents] [Chapter 103]


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