“That’s great Mu Bai!” said Zhao Kun San as he jumped out from a corner with an excited face.

“That’s terrifying… I feel like I’ll never believe anyone in my life… ever”

Mo Fan released a long tensed breath and looked at the Mu Bai, because if it’s not for this second generation wealthy student and his extravagantly expensive magic weapon, nobody knows how may will survive this betrayal.

“Are others alright?” asked Xue Mu Sheng.

The other students who came over from their hiding place numbered only six, but only Zhang Hou stood where he filled with distraction. Although the battle is over and He Yu’s blood has dried up, everyone looked at the dried pool of blood on the ground and once more returned to a sad and solemn countenance.

“Monkey, we have to continue moving” said Mo Fan who walked over to Zhang Hou, at loss for words to comfort him. Zhang Hou who then noticed Mo Fan seem to have his emotions broken out of the damn as his tears gush out.

“Boss Fan, I want to become stronger…..” said Zhang Hou as he desperately wiped away his gushing tears while almost shouted his swear “I must! I must become STRONGER!!!”

Zhang Hou’s unforgettable shriek echoed in his ears, shocking Mo Fan. This silly and simple brother of his… Although at this moment cried like a baby, it seems that his heart has grew much through this crucible of blood and carnage! Yes, to protect their loved ones and friends, their only choice is to become stronger!


The vanguard group vigilantly cross the bridge and traveled along, getting ever closer to the shelter’s barrier. The remaining eight of the vanguard squad finally had a tired smile at that sight, clearly seeing mages wearing Magic Association’s uniform guarding around the perimeter. This three kilometer distance path through the city is probably the longest and arduous path these students have experienced in their seventeen years of life.

“The group on our rear should be around 1,5 kilometer away from us, I hope all of them could arrive safe and sound here” said Xue Mu Sheng as he glanced to the back.

Zhou Min, Xu Zhao Ting, Wang Pang, Zhang Shu Hua nodded in agreement, feeling that they have fulfilled the duty and objectives they set out to do as the vanguard squad, after experiencing such danger and risk through the city, they sincerely hope that the large rear group could arrive safely, praying that the rear group will not be spilling blood to get to the shelter safely.

“Which one is Mo Fan?” inquired a man in military uniform  who approached the group.

“I am Mo Fan” said Mo Fan who looked up from the ground, feeling very tired.

“Come with me, the officers would like to see you” said the nondescript man.

Mo Fan nodded his head, and followed the military uniformed man to a makeshift observation tower made of gravel and stone.

The top of the tower has an open lookout without any cover, strong wind buffeting anyone who steps on top of it, stinging Mo Fan’s cheeks a little. On the edge of the tower, a man dressed in green military coat stood there at rest as he faced the buffeting wind nonchalantly.

On his right and left position stood a row of similarly dressed group of army mages in their green military coat. They stood straight at attention without being shaken or moved by the buffeting winds like statues, and Zhan Kong who stood in the middle of them appear even more awe-inspiring  compared to his brazen demeanor back during the training or their meeting at the party and duel grounds.

The ten army mages including Zhan Kong had a very strong and stoic atmosphere, all of them is probably at least an intermediate level mage! All of them had their sights directed like a sword at the source of the current disaster that’s perching on top of the silver colored building, the commander class ash-winged wolf!

“Sir, Mo Fan is here” reported the guard with a military salute before slowly withdrawing down the tower. Zhan Kong did not response nor turn around, making the entire makeshift tower at the top silent for a moment.

“I’m happy to see you alive!” Zhan Kong’s words has nothing like the sloven, nonsensical like demeanor nor tone, even his pleased feelings couldn’t be felt in his words. This Zhan Kong is probably very different from the instructor he knew from the training camp, and most likely his true persona, filled with arrogance and prestige.

“Did you know what I really want to do when I see your face?” asked Mo Fan.

“You’re free to curse me all you want, his true identity also surprised me greatly… But fortunately you were wary of him, and that saved your life” said Zhan Kong duly.

Zhan Kong has already been informed of what happened, this is really quite unexpected… If even they had not known about how Bai Yang, a devil cultist could infiltrate into their ranks in the military, why wouldn’t Mo Fan suspect any of them too?

“We did run an investigation… We interrogated that Bai Yang after that incident when I saw that odd pool of water by the cave, but couldn’t find any connection to it… Afterwards, I also asked if he took a different summoned beast for the training or contracted another beast but he answered no… Did you think that just by these irrelevant, disconnected facts you think that he is a problem?” said Zhan Kong with a laugh.

“Just a summoned beast inexplicably going berserk is already a problem, In fact… I wasn’t completely sure if he was a spy but just in case, I kept my guard up but he really showed his hands in the end” said Mo Fan.

Although Mo Fan had only a fraction of doubt about Bai Yang he didn’t show it, but if only he was convinced that this Bai Yang is a danger, he would have alerted others in the squad… The only thing he didn’t account for is the existence of those dark grotesque appearing.

“So what about the holy spring” asked Zhan Kong without going more into this spy problem, turning into the most important issue.

“I was thirsty, so I drank it” replied Mo Fan plainly.

Zhan Kong who stood straight there almost slipped his foot on the edge of the platform, losing that air of mad tyrant as he turned and stared silly at Mo Fan.

What the fuck? Did you think this is funny like the holy spring is your local farmer’s spring water to just drink when you feel thirsty? That’s a heritage worth of thousands of years in Bo city! Even more so after thousands of years purified underground, a one of a kind treasure that any mage in the country would dream to cultivate with… This kid just… just drank it like water??

“It’s not the time to joke around” said Zhan Kong seriously as he stared at Mo Fan.


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