“I’m not kidding! Do you seriously think that I could arrive safely here while carrying such a precious object? The holy spring guard that I escaped with went elsewhere to attract the invading magic beasts…. But I didn’t dare to throw this thing away and bear the consequences, the fear made me feel thirsty, so I drank it all, not even a drop left” said Mo Fan seriously.

Mo Fan then took out that special looking glass container that was once filled with the holy spring’s water, and throw it to Zhan Kong who caught it, his face filled with an myriad of expressions he had never seen before.

What the fuck… he really drank it all!?!?

Even those children coming from even more distinguished clans with real power and political might wouldn’t even have this kind of luxury to use such treasure! Zhan Kong stepped back few steps before stopping, almost at the edge of the platform.

After a long pause, Zhan Kong just calmed his emotion and helplessly said “If this was before this disaster happening, we would have executed you and put you on a stake, and treat you no different with those damn devil cultist… But even I, Mu Zhuo Yun, Yang Zhuo He, Principal Zhu and Deng Kai could only hope and expect that the holy spring to not fall into the hands of the devil cultist at best… Alas the seemingly inexhaustible holy spring water would have withered sooner or later in our generation… Whatever, what’s gone is gone… as long as we could keep Bo city safe, that will be most important issue.

“I shared the same sentiment, so I just drank it away… Regardless, even if the devil cultist caught me, even if they decided to dissect me, the only thing the will get out of me is some stinky pee” grinned Mo Fan.

“You little bastard…” said Zhan Kong with a smile as he shook his head.

Zhan Kong did not overly concern himself with the holy spring, although he wasn’t very convinced about what Mo Fan said, this soon to dry up holy spring might have brought worse disaster to Bo city, even if this kid pocketed it for himself, it could also count as a reward for him saving the city… After all, he’s but a high school mage student that has yet to graduate…. Asking a student to protect and deliver such an important thing, and even managing to see through the treachery of this Bai Yang is quite the incredible feat, if it were any other person… The holy spring water would have fallen into the hands of the devil cult.

It doesn’t matter if he drank it or kept it away… So long as the holy spring doesn’t fall into the hands of the devil cultist, Zhan Kong is now convinced that the only problem left is that commander class ash-winged wolf! It’s time to destroy this scourge!! This Zhan Kong will kill the damn wolf and offer its head to appease the souls of the brave soldiers and mages who died to protect the city!!!

“Attention!!!” shouted Zhan Kong with a roar like lightning, as he look into the eyes of the standing army mages in line.

“Kill ash-winged wolf! Die endlessly” shouted Zhang Kong vigorously, filled with murderous air (不死不休, literal trans: no rest until its death, something akin to a death charge, either I die or you die)

“Kill ash-winged wolf! Die endlessly”

“Kill ash-winged wolf! Die endlessly”


Zhan Kong’s soldiers sonorously chant their death charge along with him, making Mo Fan felt a trace of fear… After the roar dissipated in the wind, Zhan Kong took a step into the air as if he’s carelessly stepping into the air only to fall to the ground giving Mo Fan a quick shock, only to recover shortly after as a pair of wings started to appear behind him!


<Wind Wings>!!!

This is the second time Mo Fan ever see the spell, the shock in his heart continued unabated! Between the sight of the grey sky and the bloodied city on the background, the figure with wind wings on his back radiates with proud confidence.

In the face of such terrifying disaster, everyone’s strength was extremely small but this man riding the wind is an exception!

He dared to kill the ash winged wolf!

He promise to protect the city!


Hu Hu Hu Hu~~~ (sound of wings flapping in the air)

As Zhan Kong speed towards the silver building, his other nine men jumped off the platform and Mo Fan soon saw white eagles on the grey sky, the nine officers riding them to follow Zhan Kong as the guards who remained at the shelter shouted encouragements making a thundering roar of voices.

The disaster is finally getting an end!!!

The red level alert that sounded earlier in the day, has made the humans into food to be hunted, in their weakness the humans can only cower in fear, only to be harvested like livestock in a farm within the city!!

But humans have something called mages! Their strength in the city made it possible for them to resist and fight back this magic beasts invasion!



Inside the shelter, a brown tanned youth sat there weakly along with the helpless crowd of people, so ordinary yet so conflicted. However, when he looked up and saw the figure on top of the observation tower and the nine eagles trailing him, seeing the many guards within the sheltered roared with thunderous encouragements… his eyes looked to this scene as his eyes continue to open wider!

Reminded of the last moments of He Yu’s death, the look in his eyes feels like it’s burning up!! His heart thump along with the thunderous roar of the shelter, as the ten flying figure heads toward the blurry figure of the ash winged wolf, seemingly to have decided on something.

“If only you know that this weak boy you saved would become a mage strong enough to guard a city, and can rely on his own strength to save tens of thousands of girls like you… I’m sure you will be pleased in heaven!” thought the boy as he clenched his fist, already deciding where to go and what to do to achieve this in the future.


Going down from the makeshift tower, Mo Fan came across instructor Pan Li Jun who had a brooding sad face, her refine face looking somewhat haggard after seeing all the destruction and bloodbath across the city.

“A member of the patrol squad brought back some news, there were some sort of tunnels nearby the secured perimeter around the city… It seems that the beasts have been digging at it for some time” said Pan Li Jun seriously to a man wearing a turban.

“The city areas suddenly having so many demons is probably because of these tunnels dug right into the city, making a direct access directly into the city’s sewer making a direct underpass through our defense line” said the man seriously.

“Yes… It’s imperative that we find these holes and fill them up or a steady stream of these beasts will get into the city and cause more damage!”

“But we’re not clear where these magic beasts and making their entrance from!” said Pan Li Jun dejectedly.

The magic beasts invasion came too sudden, creating chaos in the whole city… To find the entrance of these tunnels in such a big city like Bo isn’t an easy thing to do!

Hearing their conversation, something in Mo Fan’s mind suddenly clicked!

The tunnels, sewers, the entrances…. which means that there has to be a beast that could actually dug these things!! The damn giant-eyed rat!!!

All year round Mo Fan and the CBH squad has hunted numerous giant-eyed rat cases in the city! Right now, he finally realized why these rats has been so rampant in the past year!! Those rats were actually the harbinger, the herald of the disaster coming to strike Bo city!!!


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