“Instructor Pan, I know where you can find out about these things” said Mo Fan as realized something after hearing their conversation.


“The CBH squad” replied Mo Fan.

Their conversation seems to have connected the dots in his mind, although this sudden invasion of magic beasts appears to have no warning or signs at all, the sudden rampant cases of giant-eyed rats is the most obvious clue!

These rats are experts in digging and making tunnels, these channels from outside of Bo city limits should be the works of these giant-eyed rats! Every CBH squad will leave a report and record the cases they handled, if we track the occurrences of these incidents, we would be able to pinpoint the locations of these tunnels to a certain extent!!

The two who were told to find the CBH squad soon came to the same conclusion! The tunnels these rats made into the city wouldn’t have been without any signs and the people who understand the problems they caused best would be the city’s CBH squad!

“I will contact the CBH squad and gather them” said the man with the turban as he nodded heavily while Pan Li Jun looked somewhat surprised and looked at Mo Fan, not expecting a student to actually gave them such an important information.

“Actually, I’m part of CBH squad… After that training mission, I realized that I’m still too weak… So I managed to join one of the CBH squad, but I don’t know where they are now” said Mo Fan trying to explain himself as the instructor’s stare becomes more intense.

“You never cease to amaze us” said Pan Li Jun with a smile.

“Instructor, how is the situation at the mountain outpost? My dad should be there”  inquired Mo Fan.

“Don’t worry, that place is even more secure than Bo city right now, your father should be fine”

“That’s good to hear! Could you do me a favor?”

“What do you need little hero?”

“The whole shelter is like a big concentration camp, there are so many people right now and I can’t find my family, could you help me find out?”

“Alright … Should not be a problem, Chen Jun Guan would need some time to find those CBH squads”

The magic beast invasion had paralyzed normal communication devices that was commonly used within the city.


Not long after, Chen Jun Guan returned with several other people, some of them whom Mo Fan is familiar with like Xiao Ke and Xu Da Huang. Xiao Ke however, was busy checking her mini-diary, checking her hunting diary entries.

“Right now we’ve confirmed several areas with cases of giant-eyed rat incidents, The first area is at the north park, that was the first sighting of those giant-eyed rats, the first wave of magic beasts should have came from that area” said Xiao Ke

“The north park area have fallen to the beasts right now” nodded Chen Jun Guan.

“Then there’s Day street, with six cases, followed by…”

“There’s no obvious burrow…” said Chen Jun Guan.

“Oh, there should be one… Ming Wen all girls middle school, there was a case of rat making a nest below the cafeteria and a missing girl there. There is quite a high concentration of magic beasts in that area, I think there’s a high chance of that place being one of the tunnel entrances” said Xiao Ke

“Oh yea, I remember that one… That was the first case we had with Fan Mo at that all girls middle school! We killed the rat and the had the police to search the tunnel underground, but we suspected that the girl should have been dragged down there and eaten…” blurted Fei Shi.

Several others were discussing about it seriously, Xiao Ke and Xu Da Huang  did not notice Mo Fan who was standing at the side, seriously thinking at something. The CBH squad already know that Fan Mo is actually Mo Fan by now and thought that he’s still at the the underground complex, cultivating in the holy spring, and totally did not expect him to be anywhere near the shelter at all.

“Hmm… There should be an entrance at middle school, have the residents around that area been evacuated yet?” asked Chen Jun Guan to a female mage at his side.

“We did not issue evacuation warning at that area yet”

Everyone was silent at those words… After some time, Xu Da Huang frowned and said “I think it’s likely that the school is one of the entrances… No wonder the students complained about construction work quake-likes disturbances, it should be the rats tunneling”

“No evacuation!??? Are you not mistaken? Are you sure there are no evacuation notice in that area!?” asked Mo Fan anxiously as his eyes firmly stare at that female mage who was about to say something.

“Mo Fan, you’re too jumpy about this”

“If there really is an entrance at that middle school, the area around it should be teeming with magic beasts, it will not be easy to evacuate civilians from that area”

Mo Fan’s heart sank…

He clearly remember Xin Xia telling him about the random quakes that happened often at the school area, it should many giant-eyed rats making a big tunnel underground!!!

If those magic beasts invaded from there, the whole school building would have been instantly demolished! Now that the entire city has fallen into crisis, who would have cared whether a middle school have evacuated or not!?

“Captain Cheng, it is imperative that we send a team to destroy those entrances” said Pan Li Jun gravely.

Now that they found these points of invasion, naturally they have to destroy these tunnels as fast as possible!

“A team doing this mission can’t be too many, although those kind of simple pest magic beasts are stupid, if a large group of people move towards the entrance, it will definitely attract attention from other magic beasts around the area and expose the team” said the female army mage.

Captain Cheng scanned the group of people and with a heavy voice said “I will lead this demolition team”

“Captain, I will join you… As a head of one of the CBH squad in the city, I am more familiar with how to fight magic beasts within the city than you” said Xu Da Huang.

Xiao Ke looked back and forth at Xu Da Huang, still deliberating her decision.

“En… since we have one person joining from the elite CBH squad, our chances of completing this mission with be much higher, but this mission is very dangerous, I hope you will seriously consider it” said Captain Cheng gravely.

Those that volunteer to join was going to prepare to move out before a man suddenly stood before them.

“Fan Mo!? No, Mo Fan!!!” said Xiao Ke and Xu Da Huang somewhat surprised.

Mo Fan looked at them both before glancing at Captain Cheng who is in charge of the mission. Pan Li Jun at the side also revealed a surprised expression before saying “Mo Fan, you don’t have to join this. You have already done well enough leading a vanguard squad to guide Tian Lan magic high school’s evacuation, and crush the purpose of those devil cult! Take a break in the shelter, we will deal with the rest”

“En… You’re already a hero of our city! If you tried too hard to take more burden on yourself… Even nine lives might not be enough!” nodded Captain Cheng.


Hero of the city??

Mo Fan doesn’t think it is important at all… If he lost her sister, then everything else doesn’t matter much!!!


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